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Terrorist Anders Breivik Gushes to German ‘Nazi Killer’

They still try to tell us that White Supremacy has nothing to do with it. (h/t: CriticalDragon):

Murderer Breivik gushes to German ‘Nazi killer’

RACIST mass murderer Anders Breivik has fallen for an alleged female Nazi killer and sent her a letter praising her role in a string of assassinations.

Breivik wrote to accused far-right extremist Beate Zschaepe in Germany to congratulate her terror cell which killed nine immigrant businessmen and a policewoman in a decade-long reign of terror.

Breivik, who slaughtered nearly 80 young people in Norway last year, said she should use her upcoming trial on murder and other charges “to spread right-wing propaganda!”

He also called her a “courageous heroine of national resistance” and addressed the letter to “Dear Sister Beate”.

“Reveal your political motives to the population,” said Breivik.

Details of the correspondence are revealed in this week’s edition of Der Spiegel magazine which went on sale on today in Germany.

Zschaepe was an alleged member of the National Socialist Underground, a death squad which idolised Hitler and wanted to up a “Fourth Reich” in Germany.

The cell was hunted for many years after being suspected of the string of racially-motivated attacks.

However the reign of terror came to an end after Zschaepe’s two male co-conspirators apparently killed themselves after a botched bank job.

Zschaepe then turned herself in and was arrested and charged in connection with her role in the 10 murders.

Since the NSU’s disintegration police have gathered evidence which suggests that Zschaepe was present at most murders and probably carried out several of them.

Breivik wrote a three-sided letter to Zschaepe – gushing with admiration for the NSU’s motive.

And the Norweigian is said to be “spellbound” by the woman dubbed “The Nazi Mare” in Germany.

“You did everything to stop the multiculturalism and the Islamisation of Germany,” he wrote.

But he said that the cell, which was based in the eastern German city of Zwickau, was wrong to target immigrant businessmen.

“You should have gone for political elites instead,” he advised. “But both forms of attack would damage the multicultural experiment.”

Breivik, 32, waxed lyrical about the “mission” he sees himself and Zschaepe involved in, adding: “We are both among the first drops of rain that foretell the huge, cleansing storm about to break across Europe.

“We are martyrs of the conservative revolution and should be extremely proud of our sacrifice and our troubles.”

But his words never reached his jailbird sweetheart; the letter was seized by authorities in Germany and confiscated.

Breivik is serving a minimum 21-year sentence for killing 77 people in the bombings and shootings in Oslo and Utoya that shocked the Scandinavian country.

If Zschaepe is found guilty she faces life behind bars.

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  • Talking_fish_head

    I hope both are sterile, we don’t need the spawn of Satan on this earth

  • garison

    So all his claims that we was not a nazi were lies then?
    Well that is a surprise.

  • CriticalDragon1177

    @George Carty

    Well he apparently wouldn’t be that offended to be called a Nazi, becouse he’s basically fallen in love with one, and it looks like he did in part due to their shared hatred.

  • Garibaldi

    @George Carty,

    Thank you for that excellent citation!

  • George Carty

    Breivik only hates the Nazis because (by losing) they made life more difficult for people such as himself. (Hat tip — Leninology

    Anders Breivik is not a Nazi. His manifesto makes it clear that he would be “offended” to be called a Nazi, and that he “hates” Adolf Hitler. This is because he considers Hitler a “a traitor to the Germanic and all European tribes”, whose “crazed effort for world domination” was “reckless”. The Nazis “knew perfectly well what the consequences would be for their tribes if they lost, yet they went ahead and completed the job … And people like myself, and other cultural conservative leaders of today, are still suffering under this propaganda campaign because of that one man.” (pp 1166-7) Breivik hates the Nazis, then, primarily because the Nazis made things difficult for people like him. His objection would be moot were it possible for the Nazis to have won.

  • sir David (aged 13 3/4)

    I’m with you on this one . My bet is Mrs MacBeth aka Pam Geller, Fjordman and the head quarters of the Ayran Nation. So that saves on postage as he will only need one evolope and one stamp 😉

    Sir David

  • reymohammed

    Dragon, I followed your suggested link. They’d make ugly children, too.

  • Anon


    You know the saying, birds of a feather, flock together.

  • mindy1

    Dear god, a Neo Nazi couple??? ugh, they are made for each other, let’s hope they never meet D:

  • CriticalDragon1177


    I don’t think will have to worry about them having children and raising them to be monsters like them. Most likely the two of them will never meet face to face.

    Never the less I have to agree with you. The two of them are a match made in Hell.

  • CriticalDragon1177

    By the way, if any of you are curious as to what his new girl friend actually looks like click on the title with the origin letters under the picture and you’ll be taken back to the original story in The Sun. Scroll down a bit, and you’ll see her picture near the bottom of the article.

  • reymohammed

    Thank whatever gods there be they can’t mate and make vicious children. I am being genteel here.

  • rookie

    “But his words never reached his jailbird sweetheart; the letter was seized by authorities in Germany and confiscated.”

    She gets free copies of “Der Spiegel” in jail.

    “Details of the correspondence are revealed in this week’s edition of Der Spiegel magazine which went on sale on today in Germany.”

    She can get his message from those “details”.
    What is more important here is, WHO ELSE this psycho wrote to?

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  • CriticalDragon1177

    @Amago I remember how when I first saw this story, about how I thought about how much the people at Loon Watch needed to see this. Brevik probably doesn’t even realize how much he’s exposing the “counter jihad” for what it really is. Too Bad most anti Muslim bigots like Robert Spencer were smart enough to have to try to distanced themselves from him after his killing spree. But regardless I don’t think they’ll like this. He couldn’t be more clearly showing that he’s both an admirer of the Nazis and a an Islamophobe at the same time, unless he came out and said so.

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