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About that Muslims Harass Christian & Jewish Neighbors, Police Refuse to Help Story


About that Muslims Harass Christian & Jewish Neighbors, Police Refuse to Help Story

by Sheila Musaji

This particular strategy of the Islamophobia network is getting tiresome.

Pamela Geller posted #MyJihad in Paris: Muslims Harass, Attack Christian and Jewish Neighbors, Police Refuse to Help in which she published an email she received from an anonymous “Atlas reader” in Paris.

We are supposed to take her word for it that this individual’s statement is true.  Geller, of course, will take the word of anyone who has anything negative to say about Islam and Muslims.

What is the story that Geller must share with the world?

An anonymous reader of her site asks Pamela to help her “tell the world about what is going on here so that people will fight these horrible pigs.”  [the “pigs” she refers to are Muslims.] In her story she complains about the French “socialist government”,  altercations with Muslim neighbors, and bizarre incidents that she is aware of (like Muslims forcing a Jewish child to eat pork or they would kill her parents).

This would be laughable if it wasn’t for the fact that there are individuals who do take Geller’s postings seriously.  This is the sort of incoherent story you get from people walking the streets and talking to themselves.

Not content with putting this story out on her site, Geller also tweeted it out using the #MyJihad hashtag, as part of her ongoing effort to undermine that positive effort by Muslims to take back the term from both Muslim extremists and Islamophobes.  And, her followers followed suit, tweeting and re-tweeting this “story” using the #MyJihad hashtag.

Interestingly, the two groups who share extremists views about Islam – the Muslim extremists and the Islamophobes – both attacked the campaign.  Geller & Spencer accused the #MyJihad campaign of inspiring a Chicago bus threat.  They also began churning out articles with the hashtag #MyJihad in their titles, and then tweeting the titles of those articles and encouraging others to re-tweet, in an attempt to take over the #MyJihad hashtag by overwhelming it with hateful messages.  Many of the articles they have come up with have been, even by their standards, disgraceful.  Here are just a few of these false hate pieces from the past few days:  (Don’t worry, the links take you to responses, not the original)  #MyJihad: Egyptian Cleric Warns Christian Women: If You Don’t Wear a Veil You’ll Be Raped – #MyJihad: Muslim cleric tells converts to bury their Christian parents as if they were dead dogs – #MyJihad in Serbia: Kosovo Muslims destroy Serbian Orthodox monastery.  In addition to these new lies, they are recycling many of their old lies in tweets including the hashtag, e.g. #MyJihad 270 million victims of over a millennium of jihadi wars – #MyJihad 17,000+ “Islamic terrorist” attacks since 9/11, etc.   See the RESOURCES FOR DEALING WITH ISLAMOPHOBIA SUMMARY section below for links to responses to many of these current and previous hateful claims.

Based on Geller’s past performance it is difficult to believe that any sane person could take her rantings seriously, but they do.  I prefer to save myself the trouble and just use the Pamela Geller:  Shrieking Harpy Rant Generator to get my dose of Geller “humor” for the day.

Why does this story sound so familiar?

Geller, and her partner Robert Spencer have proven hundreds of times that they have a Tenuous Grasp of the Concept of “Truth Telling”.

One of the many previous lies they spread was very similar to this current one.  In that case Geller posted an article titled “Hate Crime” which shared an email from a reader who had supposedly been harassed by Muslims in her neighborhood and was unable to get law enforcement or elected officials to do anything about it.

In that case, the writer calling herself “Danusha (Redacted) PhD” claimed a Muslim man accosted her and “impeded” her ability to walk down the street, and that Muslims regularly mock her, and one even hit her with his SUV.

When the article was originally posted it included this introduction to the email by Geller:  “The hypocrisy loooms [sic] large. Here’s a letter I thought I should share with you. I expect the gutless congressman who witnessed his Muslim constituents dancing on 9/11/01 will do nothing but hide beneath his desk. If this continues — auxiliary law enforcement will be necessary.”

Subsequently the original email from the “victim” was removed from Geller’s site, as was Geller’s lead in to the article, and replaced with an almost incoherent rant. In that rant, Geller claimed that ” I’ve removed the letter from this post because of threats to its author. The incredible evil that is standard operating procedure for those on the left led them to try to identify the author, and effectively target her for retribution. Thus I removed the letter. Imagine: this woman lives in fear every day, and the response to this violation of her basic human rights was an attempt to out her and put her life in jeopardy. That’s what we’re dealing with.” 

An article I wrote at the time exposing this nonsense, notes that according to Charles Johnson

… the individual who wrote this letter is Danusha Goska and he links to an email sent to a site called VDARE from this person in 2008.  That email complained about “Hispanic noise pollution” in her neighborhood.  In that email she included a copy of a letter that she had sent to her local mayor and claims that her complaints have gone unanswered.  The VDare site posts a note at the bottom of this post saying Goska, a teacher and Democrat, previously wrote to us about her experience with National Public Radio. with a link to this previous letter.

That link takes you to an email she sent which included an “essay” she had sent to NPR.  At the bottom of the “essay” is this:  Goska, a writer, teacher and Ph.D. from Indiana University does “manual labor to make ends meet.” She submitted this essay to NPR (e-mail) which rejected it.

Johnson also turned up a strange film review posted by a person named Danusha Goska.

In a simple google search I turned up a number of articles including this one – Islam and Terror: Some Thoughts after 9/11 by Danusha V. Goska, PhD.

She seems, like Geller to be focused on anti-Muslim rabble rousing.  Geller, rather than explain that she had been taken in by an email from a seemingly unstable person, instead pulled the email, and substituted a rant that still managed to make it seem as if the information contained in that original email was accurate.

This pattern of making outrageous claims based on no evidence at all, and then if caught out, attempting to conceal the evidence is a pattern.

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  • Tanveer Khan

    I wanna join the trend.

    The JEWICIDAL CAIR-promoting clowns are at it again! This week they have been exposed plotting to take over America’s meatpacking industry, with the erection of a network of 13-story mega-mosques on every street corner, including driveways. The JEWICIDAL CAIR-promoting clowns may try to tell you otherwise with evidence and sources and all that jazz, but I say they’re all as bad as the TALIBAN! That’s why we need more people like Serbian war criminal Slobodan Milosevic, as if he were alive, he would find Obama’s birth certificate ONCE AND FOR ALL. I’ve got a hunch that it’ll show up on some never-before-seen Flickr account soon, maybe even in my inbox! The JEWICIDAL CAIR-promoting clowns won’t know what hit ’em!

  • Sam Seed

    If you believe Geller you really need to asses your sanity.

  • Yossarian

    This “Danusha Goska” teaches at William Paterson University. The administration should be contacted about this, as it appears her courses can become rather hateful and Islamophobic at times. I do not want a SINGLE penny of my taxes going to this woman, or that school, if it is being used to spread hate and bigotry.

  • Talking_fish_head

    Obamunist?? is that the best insult she can come up with
    a 5 year old with ADHD can come up with better ones

  • Talking_fish_head

    i can sum it up in one word

  • Razainc_aka_BigBoss

    I can think of so many satires for that

  • Josh McMillan

    I believe the story that Pamela posted on her website. No one here believes it. But just saying, that if it were true, would your opinions change in the slightest?

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  • golden izanagi

    yeah she will do that one time I commented there by showing what was said on bni when she was going crazy about the fact that cair brought up to word press that the website had an article celebrating mosque burnings and its commenters encouraging violence against muslims which can be seen here of course when I went back to it later probably an hour the comment was gone which only shows that people like geller don’t really care that they are defending genocidal idiots just as long as they can take potshots at cair.

  • Heinz Catsup

    What about as well?

  • Sam Seed

    Yes he really does speak his mind and good for him.

  • You know, I’ve actually read some conservative anti Obama blogs where the person writing the commentary actually uses the term Obamunists to describe people who support obama.

  • eslaporte

    Here mine:

    The OBAMUNISTS are at it again! This week they have been exposed plotting to take over America’s Internets, with the siren song of EVIL, socialistical, commie liberal policies like pluralism and free speech. The OBAMUNISTS may try to tell you otherwise with evidence and sources and all that jazz, but I say they’re all as bad as the TALIBAN! That’s why we need more studmuffins like Geert Wilders and Vlaams Belang, who spent his career trying to get religions he didn’t like banned, as they ban sharia law from the courts, because not only did we apparently have such a thing going in our courts on on a daily basis, but America’s courts are no place for the consideration of international laws like the Ten Commandments or the Magna Carta. The OBAMUNISTS can go back to wherever the laws they defend come from!

  • Thanks! Coughlan 616 did good job exposing her for what she really is.

  • Yes, I remember telling you guys about it, some time ago. Interestingly enough I think Sheila Musaji mentioned it on her website, but I don’t think I noticed that until after I linked to it in comment on a past Loon Watch story.

  • Sam Seed

    Just saw it, good video.

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