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Beware: Human-Hating Liberals and Islamic Extremists Seek to Build Shariommunism


(h/t: JD)

Beware: Human-Hating Liberals and Islamic Extremists Seek to Build Shariommunism


The claim that progressives and radical Islamists are secretly working together would be considered laughable if it didn’t inspire violent terrorists like Norway’s Anders Breivik and emerge as a frequent talking point among rightwing activists. Christian Broadcasting Network’s sports reporter/terrorism “expert” Erick Stakelbeck hosted Jamie Glazov of the David Horowitz Freedom Center to explain the purported alliance.

According to Glazov, both liberals and Islamic extremists “share the agenda to destroy freedom, capitalism, democracy, American and Israel” in order to establish Sharia law and communism! Liberalism and Islamism, he claims, both have “a hatred for humans for who and what they are.”

“I haven’t been this scared since I was watching eleven years old watching the Exorcist,” Glazov said, “we have our first political prisoner in the United States.” He was referring to the producer of an anti-Islam film who was put back in prison for violating his probation agreement following a bank fraud conviction.

Later, Glazov explained that Islamic-aligned leftists “are in the White House” and “infiltrating the State Department” to advance their goal of “destroying this country.”


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  • Reynardine

    Ah, well, no, gun control is just what we *use*, so the ril uhMericuhns can’t nip us in the bud.

  • Kirook

    And gun control. Don’t EVER forget gun control.

  • Kirook

    “Only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. And I’m not sure about the universe.”
    –Albert Einstein

  • Kirook

    Don’t forget the secret project. A discussion can be found here:

    But do not discuss the ultimate weapon online!

    Long live the Islammunist Empire!

  • golden izanagi

    of course an army is needed and I think dr insano has a great idea for one “robotic suicide squirrels” and all we have to do is elect him president and probably buy an anti magic field generator kit from him.

  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    we need to design some stamps next .
    Oh can I be in charge of parking as I have seen the way you guys park outside the mosque
    Sir David

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