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Harry’s Place Contributor Says Rape Isn’t That Bad

The Neoconservative Zionist website Harry’s Place whose commenters we’ve engaged in the past is taken to task by Bob Pitt of Islamophobia-Watch for hypocrisy, double standards and Islamophobia.

Sarah Brown, a regular commenter on articles here is also criticized. (h/t: Frank P.)

Harry’s Place contributor says rape isn’t that bad

by Bob Pitt

Last year we ran a piece on former English Defence League activist Andy Hughes, proprietor of the Islamic Far-Right in Britain blog, whose articles denouncing the Islamist threat to western civilisation are regularly crossposted at the notorious Islamophobic blog Harry’s Place.

We pointed out that, in addition to declaring his admiration for convicted thug Joel Titus, the ex-leader of the EDL’s youth section, Hughes had made antisemitic comments on the Expose Facebook page under the pseudonym of Arry Bo. Expressing his dislike of “Yids” who “think they are superior beings and the rest of us are scum”, Hughes wrote that this explained “why Jews have been kicked out of so many countries” .

Given HP’s readiness to denounce opponents of the state of Israel as antisemites, you might have thought they would be quick to dissociate themselves from Hughes and his vile remarks. But no. Sarah Annes Brown, who presents herself as the voice of reason at Harry’s Place (competition isn’t exactly fierce), happily accepted Hughes’ laughable explanation that in posting these antisemitic comments he was simply trying to wind people up. She attributed this to the fact that Hughes is “a bit – skittish”!

Earlier today Hughes joined a discussion at Expose, posting comments under one of his other aliases, Arry Ajalami. Although he has in the past insisted that he has broken with the EDL and rejects its current methods and ideology (which is why HP say they have no problem with publishing his articles), this didn’t prevent Hughes from posting a number of comments that show he still identifies closely with this gang of racists and fascists.

Even more disgusting, however, was Hughes’ reaction to the posting of a screenshot from the EDL LGBT Division’s Facebook page, in which one EDL supporter advocated a sexual assault on Expose admin Darcy Jones. A denunciation of “these muslim dogs and the liberal garbage who protect them”, was followed by: “Let them rape Darcy. She likes these dogs so much.”

Hughes’ response was: “Well my cousin’s mate was raped and she said it wasn’t THAT bad. She didn’t like it but said it wasn’t as bad as when she got beaten up by a gang of Muslims.” Quite rightly, the comment was almost immediately removed, but not before Expose had taken a screenshot which can be viewed here. You’ll notice, by the way, that Hughes had adopted the National Front logo as his profile picture.

During the past week Harry’s Place has been making hay over the Socialist Workers Party’s failure to deal properly with an accusation of rape against one of its leading figures. Before that, HP attacked George Galloway over his remarks trivialising the rape charges against Julian Assange. So you might think that, in all consistency, they would have to sever links with Hughes over his own reprehensible views on sexual violence and cease crossposting articles from his Islamic Far-Right in Britain blog.

But, again, this would almost certainly be a mistaken assumption. If you’re prepared to assist in the witch-hunting of Muslim organisations, then you can announce your admiration for a violent hooligan, express atrocious antisemitic views, declare your support for a street movement of anti-Muslim thugs, claim that being raped isn’t such a bad experience after all, and you’ll probably get a free pass from Harry’s Place. They’ll put it all down to your skittish personality.

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  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    however as am unemployed at the moment I am open to offers and suggestions 😉
    legal of course
    Sir David

  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    most days I have enough problems with spelling 😉 never mind writing
    Sir David

  • Seeker

    LOL ! I have to say, your comments are always worth reading. Ever think of taking up writing?

  • disqus_TugvIk0g6p

    I’m also Muslim, from a Muslim group. I’d like to know who this “Bob Pitt” is. He’s always sniffing round Islamic groups and saying he’s not Muslim but “defends us”. I think he’s not what he seems.

  • disqus_TugvIk0g6p

    Hello, what is Bob Pitt’s interest in al-Islaam?

  • My impression of Flowers was that he was an intolerant liberal. I had no prior expectations when I came across him online as I’d never heard of him before.

  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    I posted this because you said

    “I am provisionally supportive of the bill against sharia law”
    Thats a view I am endevouring to suggest you change 😉
    Sir David

  • SarahAB

    I have posted about a number of broadly legal issues I suppose, one way or another, but the only post I have ever written about Sharia, as far as I recall, was prompted by a concern about anti-Muslim bigotry in a particular column about the issue – muslim bashing if you like.

  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    Hi Sarah

    Yes there “really ” are Sharia Courts in Britain . Along with Courts run by Jews, Catholics and the Church of England .
    ( see links above ) There may be other religious bodies that have similar functions for their members
    Do you really think that women get a fair deal all the time at these other tribunals ?
    me neither.
    So whats the alturnative ? The english legal system
    Its partly in Latin , people wear funny wigs , takes forever and costs a bomb . Oh and may not be any fairer to women .
    If you want to reform the legal system go for it !
    but to single out Sharia Courts alone seems at best mistaken at worst muslim bashing .
    Sir David

  • SarahAB

    It is my understanding that the US stop sharia movement is essentially a preemptive move based on rather deluded scaremongering and associated with the fringe right.

    In the UK there really are Sharia courts and opposition to them, or concerns about aspects of them, or wishes to
    regulate them more, come from various quarters. A particular concern is that women may come under pressure from their communities to accept a ruling from
    such courts. Here are some links to demonstrate
    the nature of some of the objections, and the fact that the people making them are not extreme right wing types. The first, for example, is by Sunny Hundal.

    Here’s quite a neutral piece

    But Haitham al Haddad, cited there, has
    pretty controversial views

    I can’t see a problem (or too much of
    one) with a court that just says whether or not a marriage is legal (or dissolved) according to the rulings of a religion, and it’s tricky because Ithink there are no legal restraints on people offering to negotiate in the case of disputes – for example I know of someone who offers to mediate from a Buddhist perspective.

  • “Well, with half my family being Jewish”

    ffs not MORE of em!

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