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UPDATE: “Petition: Remove Hate Group Leader Robert Spencer as Catholic Deacon”


*UPDATE: New Petition to Remove Hate Group Leader Rev. Deacon Robert Spencer from being a Catholic Deacon. The old petition was closed by Jenny Sessoms for some reason after 100 signatures.

Loonwatchers please sign and spread this NEW petition to remove hate group leader Robert Spencer as Catholic deacon to your friends and email lists. It has some added benefits, for one being on a more prominent petition site and calling for a higher number of signers.:

New Petition: Remove Anti-Muslim Hate Group Leader Robert Spencer as Catholic Deacon

Robert Bruce Spencer, an ordained Catholic deacon at Our Lady of the Cedars Catholic Church in Manchester, New Hampshire is classified by the Southern Poverty Law Center and other civil rights organiations as a “hate group leader.”

His writing, which targets Muslims and the religion of Islam, was cited extensively by the Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik, who digested Spencer’s views on Islam and slaughtered 77 people, mostly youth.

Robert Spencer is one of the individuals behind the inflammatory anti-Muslim metro and bus ads in New York, California, and Washington.

His organization, Stop the Islamization of America, was refused a trademark by the Federal Government because the group engaged in what the government deemed “hate speech.”

As Catholics and people of all faiths, we believe that our religious traditions deserves better. We believe that Mr. Spencer’s constant provocations and inflammatory comments about Muslims and their religious beliefs, as well as his associations with radical nationalist groups such as the English Defence League, cast a negative and unncessarily poor light on Our Lady of the Cedars church, the Melkite Catholic tradition, and the religion of Catholicism.

We also believe that Deacons and clergy should represent the loving spirit of God and that they have a responsibility to build bridges with people of other faiths, not burn them. We recognize that while we may have faith differences with our brothers and sisters in other traditions, those differences must be respected.

Clergy must not engage publically in confrontational battles, ideological or political, and prejudice has no place in our tradition.

We call of the Most Reverend Bishop Nicholas J. Samra and the Eparchy of Newton to carefully examine the biography of Robert Bruce Spencer, his remarks about Muslims, his blog Jihad Watch, his associations with such groups and individuals as the English Defence League and Pamela Geller, his status as a “hate group leader” and his connections to the mass murderer Anders Breivik.

We call on the Eparchy to remember that Catholics were once subjected to religious prejudice and discrimination and thus they (and especially not their clergy) should be know of its harmful effects, and the pain caused by those who fearmonger and stereotype.

We call on the Eparchy and Bishop Samra to remove Robert Bruce Spencer as a Deacon of the Our Lady of the Cedars Melkite Catholic Church in Manchester, New Hampshire. We pray that the Church will hold firm its moral obligation to be a beacon of hope and light, not division and mistrust.


The Undersigned

Old Petition:Remove Hate Group Leader Robert Spencer as Catholic Deacon

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  • Tanveer Khan

    Looks like the JihadWatchers learnt their lesson after LoonWatch gave them a burning in the ‘Robert Spencer becomes desperate against LoonWatch article’. They arent openly calling for the genocide of muslims, which is good. They do ofcourse still post excreted waste such as

    ‘Wonder if the woman quoted has had her lady parts sliced off with a rusty razor blade yet?’ by islamisdeath on February 25th on the article ‘UK converts to Islam seemingly on the rise’

    There also seems to be a bit of racism.
    ‘When I see a white girl with one of the local Somali’s I want to puke. Am I racist, dam straight when these scumbags come into our Western world and contaminate our blood lines with Islam poison, it makes my blood boil, sorry for being honest.’ by Ilovepork!! on the same article.

    Seeing as alot of the comments the article mentioned are still there id say those comments are still valid and people like dumbledoresarmy still post on the website. If Spencer was against loons like that he wouldve deleted the comments. I mean if any of my muslim friends started frothing at the mouth calling for the extinction of israel, kuffardom, USA etc etc i would pubicly ( i say pubicly, classroomly would be more accurate) condemn them and if they persist i think i would probably boycott them. This is me as an ordinary nobody. Spencer is a ‘well known’ bearded man so he should be even more careful.

    You cant really get much because JihadWatch doesnt seem like an active website.

  • Just_Stopping_By

    Thank you for your kind comment, nood2, and may you and everyone also be blessed.

    I do want to point out a few things. First, free speech means that LW shouldn’t try to prevent you from posting on your own site. This site is theirs and the moderators can choose to approve or disapprove of whatever comments they like with no bearing on free speech.

    Second, while I have sympathy for some of your positions, it seems that they come across as very one-sided. In contrast, I have noted the mixed situation of Palestinian citizens of Israel and Ilisha has noted the progress that Israel has made. Ilisha and I disagree on various points, but I see her examining the issues and coming to individual conclusions rather than just asserting that one side is completely right and the other is completely wrong (and I hope she feels the same about me). In contrast, on this and a few other threads, it seems as if you take pretty much the same tack as those who just shout that Zionism is evil, with no nuance and often without even understanding the basics of what they are discussing.

    I’m happy to have a discussion if you can show that you do have nuanced views. Can you give examples of where you find that Muslims, Arabs, or Palestinians have been exceptionally good? For example, I could note that historically, the Muslim world was much more tolerant of Jews than the Christian world was, and, in fact, was quite tolerant for its time period. I can note the progress that Palestinians and their supporters have made in reducing the calls for ethnic cleansing. And I am happy to point out that the overwhelming majority of Muslims are against violence, with polls linked to here on LW showing that they have exceptionally high aversion to attacks on civilians compared to members of other religions. Islam has a just war doctrine that was way ahead of its time and that I think other religions should emulate (as well as every military and political leadership should emulate in practice).

    If you can make positive statements about Islam and Muslims, perhaps there is something to talk about. If not, then I will sadly lump you with those that just shout that Islam/Zionism/right-wingers/left-wingers/Jews/etc. is or are evil.

  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    As far as I know it’s a movement of the Jewish people going back to their that was established over 5000 years ago
    May I suggest a good History book or even Wiki and look up when Zionism started
    Zionism does not equal judism lol
    Sir David

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