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TABTV Inside: A Day With the EDL




By Nick Harris and Max Toomey

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  • Ahmed

    I like watching Arab football commentary. It’s hilarious.

  • bboy_blue

    It amazes me still how some of the EDL try to hold together the illusion of respectability & objectivity by claiming not to be against the Muslim community en masse.

    They’ve been keeping up the pretence for so long that most have given up, but some still try. Unfortunately they don’t always have the mental capacity to carry it off convincingly or coherently. Case in point is the rather portly gentleman with the greasy mohawk at 1.44.

    When asked if he only has beef with certain Muslims, he seems to have no problem with Muslims who are faithful to their beliefs, but does have a problem with hypocrites. The Muslims he doesn’t like are the ones who gamble & drink despite Islam forbidding it.

    A member of a group that protest the building of mosques, the sale of halal meat, the use of sharia courts etc. wants Muslims to be more observant? A member of a group that complains that Muslims don’t assimilate or integrate into British culture has a problem with Muslims partaking in two of the most popular past-times of the British working class? He would be more at home with MPACUK than the EDL if these are his genuine concerns about British Muslims.

    Maybe he just doesn’t like seeing Muslims in his pub or bookies?

    These idiots always find new ways to confuse me.

  • Tanveer Khan


  • Talking_fish_head

    im usually bored and would like to seen an arabic movie, nearly all the comments are terrorist jokes and islamophobia (even though alot of arabs are not muslms, but I digress).
    i try to avoid the comment section, but when you have slow internet connection, its kinda inevitable

  • Nur Alia binti Ahmad

    Well…at least they…after a hard day of hate and bigotry can hit thier woman on the head with a club, and drag her by the hair into the cave…

  • Ahmed

    Meh, I never get into the political/religious side of YT. I just watch metal videos, sports and Fresh Prince of Bel Air clips on it.

  • mindy1

    Brain damage ?!!??!?!

  • mindy1

    Good lord if I spent a day with them i’d be reduced to a drooling idiot within 4 hours 😛

  • Talking_fish_head

    well youtube is Jihadwatch 2.0 when it comes to muslim related content

  • rufat_f

    The guy at 3:00 mark ——–>> priceless!!!!

  • Tanveer Khan

    God, the comments on the video and the people in the video itself…grr. (I’ve been reduced to grring…this is truly a sad day)
    A Muslim came to my mind at the end of the video. I mean it has to be a Muslim. It is only Muslims whi threaten people.

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