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Muslim Cabdriver, an Army Reservist and Iraqi veteran,assaulted for being Muslim


Watch the video here: Exclusive cell phone video of alleged cab assault

Muslim cabdriver alleges assault by passenger who cited Boston Marathon bombing

By  and Published: April 30

An Army reservist and Iraq veteran who works as a cabdriver says a passenger he picked up early Friday at a Northern Virginia country club accused him of being a terrorist because he is Muslim, then fractured his jaw in an attack being described by Islamic activists as a hate crime.Mohamed A. Salim says the passenger compared him to the men accused of carrying out the Boston Marathon bombing 11 days earlier and threatened to kill him.“Because I’m a Muslim, he treated me like a piece of trash,” Salim said. “I love this country. I didn’t deserve this.”

Ed Dahlberg of Clifton, who has been charged with misdemeanor assault, denied hitting Salim in a statement released by his attorney.

Muslim rights workers said Salim’s account is supported by medical records and an 11-minute, obscenity-filled video of Dahlberg’s remarks leading up to the alleged assault. Salim, a 39-year-old from Great Falls, provided The Washington Post with a copy, which his attorney described as evidence of the prejudice that others sometimes face but rarely document.

The video, which Salim took on his phone, appears to show physical contact between the men but does not capture the alleged punch that Salim said fractured his jaw, the Boston bombing reference or the threat to kill. Salim said that those happened after he stopped recording so he could call the police.

On the video, a middle-aged businessman can be heard asking Salim if he is Islamic and then asserting that most Muslims are terrorists. He says the Koran directs Muslims to kill nonbelievers and then repeatedly and loudly demands that Salim denounce the Sept. 11, 2001, attackers. When Salim asks if the passenger is threatening him, the passenger uses an obscene phrase to respond in the affirmative.

“If you’re a Muslim, you’re a [expletive] jihadist,” the passenger says. “You are just as bad as the rest of them.”

The video ends with a blur of motion and audio of Salim asking, “Why are you punching me? Sir, why are you punching me?”

The passenger replies: “You’re a [expletive] Muslim.”

The insult is followed by the sound of a car door slamming. In an interview, Salim said Dahlberg left briefly but returned, struck him and ran into the woods.

Dahlberg’s attorney, Demetry Pikrallidas, said Dahlberg did not assault Salim. Even so, he said, Dahlberg wanted to apologize to anyone offended by his remarks. Dahlberg was profoundly affected by the Sept. 11 attacks, Pikrallidas said, and misunderstood Salim’s response to his questions.

Dahlberg “became rather emotional as the discussion turned to jihad and 9/11, and especially heated on the subject of jihadists who want to harm America,” Pikrallidas said in a statement.

Pikrallidas described Dahlberg as a “hardworking family man and a church-going person” who had been drinking but was not intoxicated. He stressed that Salim’s video shows the ride began with six minutes of friendly conversation.

The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations on Monday asked Fairfax County prosecutors to designate the attack a hate crime. “The prosecutor has a clear opportunity to send a message that anti-Muslim crime will not be tolerated, ” said Gadeir Abbas, an attorney for CAIR.

Fairfax prosecutors said they will review the video to determine whether to prosecute the case as a hate crime, which would elevate the charge to a felony. Prosecutors would have to show that Dahlberg attacked Salim because of his religion, race or national origin.

CAIR said it has documented two suspected hate crimes elsewhere since the Boston bombing. Hours after the April 15 explosions, a Bangladeshi man reportedly suffered a dislocated shoulder when beaten at a New York City restaurant. In Malden, Mass., a woman wearing an Islamic head scarf allegedly was assaulted April 17 by a man shouting anti-Muslim slurs.

On the video, Dahlberg describes himself as the owner of a local brokerage that sells large business jets internationally.

Salim said he has had a headache since the incident, has lost hearing in one ear and has blurred vision. Medical records provided by Salim show that he was treated for a fractured jaw and a head injury.

Salim, a married father of four who emigrated from Somalia 15 years ago, said the incident was particularly painful because he is a naturalized U.S. citizen and an Army Reserve sergeant who served in Baghdad and the U.S. military facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He has worked in intelligence and as a linguist, he said.

“I’m real angry,” he said. “I served my country. I fought. I sacrificed.”

Salim said he was dispatched to the Country Club of Fairfax about 2 a.m. Friday to pick up Dahlberg. When he arrived, he said he told Dahlberg he could not enter the cab with an open beer, so Dahlberg finished it.

Dahlberg then began complaining about the time that had expired on the taxi’s meter, Salim said. As a precaution, Salim said, he started the video recorder on his phone. For most of the ride, it recorded audio but the camera was obscured.

Dahlberg can be heard asking where Salim is from and whether he’s Muslim. Then Dahlberg demands to know Salim’s view of jihad and the 9/11 terrorists, growing progressively louder.

“If you’re a Muslim, you are [expletive] on that same page” as the Sept. 11 terrorists, Dahlberg says at one point. “Denounce those [expletives] that flew jets into the World Trade Center. . . . Tell me that they are pieces of [expletive], or you are with them. . . .

“If you’re a [expletive] Muslim flying jets into the World Trade Center, then [expletive] you, I will slice your [expletive] throat right now.”

Salim tries to calm the situation by saying, “Okay, just peace, and sit, please. Cut off. Cut off.”

Then, about 10 minutes into the ride, Salim aims the phone over his shoulder, informs Dahlberg that he is being recorded and says he is calling the police. The camera shakes, and there are sounds of an apparent scuffle.

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  • golden izanagi

    so you’re saying muslims should remove things from a book that you’re not going to read yourself interesting wonder what picard has to say about this surprising.

  • Sam Seed

    So without reading the book and at the same time asking for certain verses to be removed is logical thinking? How can you be sure those verses actually exist? Judging the book by it’s cover much? A classic example of an Islamophobe, who does not wish to read a book as he might get brainwashed LOL!

  • Gus Emil Lahoud

    question; why do you think Communist are always helping Muslims?

  • Troy

    No thanks I do not need to be brainwashed. Get lost.

  • Tanveer Khan

    Your welcome, Senor. 😛

  • Sam Seed

    Thankyou, kind sir.

  • Tanveer Khan

    Yet again. A man of a few but powerful words.

  • Sam Seed


  • Tanveer Khan

    Well said Mr Sam. Short and snappy and straight to the point. xD

  • Sam Seed


  • JD

    Beaumont man shot dead at Houston’s Bush Airport

    A Beaumont man shot and killed Thursday at Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport was a reserved person of few words, neighbors said.

    But 29-year-old Carnell Marcus Moore wrote of death on his Facebook
    page earlier Thursday and, according to Houston police, apparently left a
    suicide note that said he was having trouble controlling his “monster

    Moore was killed in gunfire about 1:35 p.m. near a Terminal B ticket counter. It is unclear who fired the fatal shot.

    HPD spokesman Kese Smith
    said an armed male in his early 30s entered the airport and fired at
    least once into the ceiling just inside the doors of the terminal’s
    pre-security departure area.

    Hearing the gunfire, a Homeland Security Investigations agent came out of his office and confronted Moore, ordering him to put down the gun, Smith said.

    When Moore refused the command, the officer pulled out his weapon and the man turned toward him, Smith said.

    The agent fired once, and Moore shot himself – apparently at the same
    time, according to Smith. Moore died at the scene. No one else was


    Poor guy was mental ill and wanted someone to kill him but I ask the Question i always ask What if He was Muslim. The Conspiracy theory on Fox News would have already started . The links to Terrorism the muslim brotherhood and Space aliens who want to take over america would have been made even thou we dont know his motive . The comments about how this is Islam and Call to Ban all muslims .Too bad he left this in his suicide note

    “”Here in the last hour, I yield to mercy when this could have turned
    bad. Jehovah found a path to my heart, that love would conquer anger.
    The monster within me was getting stronger and while I could not save
    myself I could spare others. [redacted] Peace is within sight. I ask
    that authorities handle my disposal “

  • Tanveer Khan

    Mohammed Saleem, 75, knifed three times in the back. Police fear it was a racist attack.

  • eslaporte

    This attacker did not compare Salim to terrorists – he said that Salim was a terrorist – and stated that he carried out attacks themselves.

    This is a result of collective blame and narratives out of the counter-terrorism expert class that continue to go unchallenged.

    Also note that after these attacks we see: So and so “was profoundly affected by the Sept. 11 attacks.”


  • Rights

    I hope Salim gets all the support he needs, especially from the Pentagon. The Department needs to stand with him to prove that it does not tolerate the likes of Dahlberg treating the veterans in the manner Dahlberg treated Salim. The law enforcement folks need to vigorously prosecute Dahlberg for his hate crime.

  • Yausari

    The problem is the mainstream kept on playing the religious card. When bringing up about motivation; “oh they’re motivated by religion” That’s not even half the point.
    Nobody hates anybody for no reason and want to kill them. And today some ignorant drinkers out there still believed 9/11 is motivated by religion.

  • Rights

    Muslims cannot, should not, and will not remove the jihad verses from the Quran, nor any other verses. Muslims believe the Quran is a divine message straight from the Creator, and therefore changing it in any way would constitute changing the Word of God, a most sinful act in the eyes of those who believe in the Creator.

    Of course those Muslims who pervert the meanings of jihad to engage in violence, especially against the innocent, must desist; their actions stand at variance with the Quranic teachings, as well as Muhammad’s life. Such folks need to pay more attention to the superlative principles stated in the Quran regarding fighting: that Muslims must not initiate hostilities, but can and must fight back when hostilities are imposed on them; that killing one innocent person is as if you killed the whole of humanity, and that saving one innocent life is as if you saved the whole of humanity.

    That said, the West also needs to stop perverting the Quranic meanings of jihad -it is not “holy war,” violence does not become jihad simply because its purveyors say so, and not
    every armed struggle in the Muslim lands or by Muslims qualifies as jihad.

  • JD

    Maybe online idiots should stop trying to be Islamic scholars and stop trying to act like you understand meaning or the historic context of words like

    Shria Law

    then people who are Muslims.I don’t go around telling Catholics

    Stop trying to take over America with Covetousness


    Stop using Kyrie EleiSon lie to me

    I have no idea what these terms mean . Here is a tip People who go around bashing Muslims ( Spencer Geller ) probably wont tell you the correct definition and or context of these words

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    No they should not have to remove words like jihad from the Quran just as people don’t have to remove violent exhortations out the Bible, Bhagavad Gita, Vedas etc.

    And no that doesn’t make them “terrorists.”

  • Heinz Catsup

    Poor guy. I wish the best for him.

  • Razainc_aka_BigBoss

    From the looks of it is sad but true I suppose they also only care about the military only in the sense of supporting more wars

  • mindy1

    only if they are white evangelical military :(

  • Razainc_aka_BigBoss

    And don’t these types of guys always go on about how they love the Military.

  • JD

    oh look the brave anti jihad flag waving america loveing patriot attacking
    a military person its a step up for them i guess from
    attacking women kids and old people

  • Tanveer Khan

    I felt sorry for him at the end of the video.

  • mindy1

    I’m so sorry this happend to you, I appreciate ALL of our veterans regardless of faith :(((

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