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Stakelbeck Condemns Obama for Defending Right to Build Mosques; Fears Muslim ‘Infiltration’ of the Bible Belt


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Stakelbeck Condemns Obama for Defending Right to Build Mosques; Fears Muslim ‘Infiltration’ of the Bible Belt

SUBMITTED BY Brian Tashman on Wednesday, 5/15/2013 1:50 pm

Next time Christian Broadcasting Network correspondent Erick Stakelbeck talks about religious liberty, just remember that he doesn’t seem to extend that freedom to Muslims. During a conference call with the group Tea Party Unity, Stakelbeck attacked the Obama administration for having “literally” intervened in cases to defend the construction of mosques.

Stakelbeck said he is outraged that the Obama administration is trying to stop residents from blocking the construction of mosques because how dare the Justice Department defend the First Amendment!

He was also livid that Muslims may want to build “a $5 million mega-mosque,” just as we are sure he is angry that a Southern Baptist congregation in Dallas constructed a $130 million megachurch.

But then again, what do you expect from a sports reporter-turned-terrorism “expert”who has championed anti-Muslim activists like “mosque buster” Gavin Boby?

Caller: How is it we can get these facilities, because I’m not going to call it a church or a religion, how can we get them shut down?

Stakelbeck: Well look under this administration, good luck, because I’m just working on a chapter in my new book about how this administration when locals, in places like Murfreesboro, Tennessee, when local residents are up in arms about a mosque being built, the Obama Department of Justice literally intervenes, files amicus briefs in support of the mosque, we’ve seen this time and time again. Here’s a statistic for you, folks, in the year 2001 there were 1,200 mosques in America; now, just twelve years later after 9/11, that number has doubled to over 2,000 mosques, that’s a 74 percent increase since 9/11 alone, that is astounding and it is not a coincidence. Under the Obama administration the floodgates are open even more; they are literally intervening in these mosque cases around the country, in small towns with very small Muslim populations. I’m sorry, if you have a 200-strong Muslim population, why do you need a $5 million mega-mosque? And where is the money coming from? Look no further than Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states. So getting mosques shut down in this era, in the age of Obama? Good luck. What you’re going to see is more mosques built.

Stakelbeck told another caller that “there is a concerted effort by Islamists to infiltrate the very heartland of American society,” particularly the Bible Belt.

Just to be clear, Muslims represent just 1% of the population of Tennessee and less than 0.5% in other Bible Belt states like Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Arkansas.

But maybe they’re all just hiding in national parks….

Caller: We are seeing so much Saudi in middle Tennessee, I mean they have the best health care in the Saudi embassy, we have classes at the university, so we are just seeing a major, major influx of Saudi nationals here in middle Tennessee.

Stakelbeck: Folks, it’s not a coincidence. Middle Tennessee is the buckle of the Bible Belt. This is not just in New York City, Boston, Chicago, LA, traditional gateway cities for immigrants, anymore; there is a concerted effort by Islamists to infiltrate the very heartland of American society. I write about this in my book “The Terrorist Next Door,” I call it “Southern Inhospitality,” and that’s what we’re seeing, and you’re seeing it in a major way in that Nashville area where you have tens of thousands of Muslim immigrants in Murfreesboro and Shelbyville.

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  • Greg

    Since we are talking about Bible here why not take a look at this:

    When will christians see the light about their book?

  • Over in the Netherlands we have Geert Wilders making a fool of himself – again – over the presence of an “Orthodox Muslim” neighborhood in The Hague as reported in Trouw newsoutlet Sunday. Wilders claims that “sharia” runs the neighborhood – while police, Hague city officials and a Dutch government official have all said that Wilders in exaggerating his claims over “sharia.

  • The notion that “Islam is not a religion” was pushed by Pim Fortuyn (and now Geert Wilders) for the purpose of removing religious freedom protections. We never had this type of thinking here in the US – and this type of thinking comes from the Netherlands and predates the 9-11 attacks.

    Also – just about anybody can call himself a “terrorism expert.” The other problem with “terrorism expertness” is that those who are viewed as credible “terrorism experts” are part of a closed loop of knowledge that cycles in and out of government and think tanks associated with government. This closed loop of knowledge is the one that is fixated on “Islamists, jihadists, radicalized Muslims” and is quite blind in the right eye.

  • Wow, now THAT’S fear-mongering.

  • Most of his sources are probably less reliable than Wikipedia.

  • He’s not a terrorism expert, obviously, and I don’t think that many people outside of the “counter Jihad” take him seriously as such. The show he’s on, the 700 hundred club is Pat Robertson’s fringe far right Christian “News” show. I wouldn’t be that surprised if Stakelbeck turned out to be one of those people who thinks that the first amendment’s freedom of religion clause only applies to Christians.

  • I think the south would explode if that happened! 😉

  • golden izanagi

    did this “expert” forget that muslims also have first amendment rights or does he just not care, and funny how anybody can just become an expert on terrorism is the main qualification these days is you just have have a paranoid fear of muslims like can some guy who claims that toothpaste is a really a device for aliens to track and abduct you and often licks sand paper but is also paranoid about a “sharia takeover” will that guy be a terrorism expert it’s just mind boggling.

  • mindy1

    Oh sure, there are MILLIONS of Muslims just waiting for some good ole’ southern BBQ, Nascar and waiting to turn their ribjoints into falafel shops 😉

  • Tanveer Khan

    —- me. $130 million? $5 million seems like too much to me but $130 million. Wow.

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