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Edward Snowden: Ex-CIA Worker and NSA Whistleblower’s Other Revelation

(Via. New York Times)

Mr. Snowden, a native of North Carolina, told The Guardian that he signed up in 2003 for an Army Special Forces training program because he wanted to fight in Iraq.

“I felt like I had an obligation as a human being to help free people from oppression,” he said.

But he said he had quickly become disillusioned with the military.

“Most of the people training us seemed pumped up about killing Arabs, not helping anyone,” he said.

After breaking his legs during a training accident, Mr. Snowden was discharged from the Army and took a job as a security guard at an N.S.A. secret facility on the University of Maryland’s campus, according to The Guardian, which said it had confirmed his story.

Despite not having a high school degree, he was later hired by the C.I.A. to work on information technology security, serving in Geneva. In 2009, he joined the N.S.A. as a contractor at a facility in Japan, where, he said, he watched “as Obama advanced the very policies that I thought would be reined in.”

Most recently, Mr. Snowden has been part of a Booz Allen team working at an N.S.A. facility in Hawaii. Three weeks ago, he made final preparations to disclose the classified documents, The Guardian said. It said he had copied the documents and told a supervisor that he needed to take a few weeks off to deal with medical problems. He then flew to Hong Kong.

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  • Guest

    anything can happen under NDAA. Look what happened to Awlawki and his 16 year old son?! You’re simply a suspect and can be killed, even if you’re an American citizen. I watched CSPAN and don’t believe any of their BS. Why would Snowden risk his whole life and betray the gov’t unless he had to?! He had nothing to gain but do what’s morally right. That’s what you call a true patriot! I love my country but just don’t trust the gov’t.

  • Sam Seed

    Good call, already ordered a PS4! The Xbox has been aptly named Spybox. Anyway like you I think this guy is great for what he has exposed, even if it means he is now ‘wanted’ for telling the truth.

  • Guest

    no silly, this went WAY beyond what people thought! We didn’t know that over 3 million people including FOR PROFIT Private contractors have access to our info. where companies like Verizon, Google, etc. were freely giving in our (100s of millions of INNOCENT AMERICANS) info. (not just phone records) without our knowledge all for “security” and that it’s actually considered LEGAL to do so since we were kept in the dark about the DETAILS of the Patriot ACT. In fact even the writer of the Patriot Act claims gov’t. broke law and many congressmen weren’t informed about this so too much power is given to the executive branch using FISA, which was suppose to deal with suspected foreigners only, as an exuse to do spying on ANYONE.

  • Amie

    People are really naive if they believe that spying has just started recently. Silly. I do not see how this is news. Maybe for some who believe everything media tells them to believe.

  • Reynardine

    In fact, it appears he has offered information on how the United States has been cyberattacking the Chinese, so they are offering him asylum, but the Russians are bidding them up. Meanwhile, Ron Paul is taking up a collection, allegedly for his cause

  • jameyfan

    Majority does not want to criticize Obama maybe because he’s the first black President or simply because he’s a liberal. My favorites like Seth Rogen said on the Daily show “I just assume we’ve been spied on all along”. Of course I’ll still watch his movie but it’s astonishing to me how passive Americans are being over this. We knew there’s a chance we could be spied on but the fact is that 100s of millions of Americans, most whom are not even suspects, are being spied on. Things were bad with Bush but this popular and hypocritical President is even worse, and slick enough to make it look legal. What’s worse is that 34% of the people spying on us are from private companies! Over a million people have access to our info. and can be used anytime against us. We need to wake up and realize that the executive branch has too much power over us and eventually if we speak out against them, all our taped info. can be used to get us out of the way. Maybe since they’re helping some For-profit companies, they’re afraid of an American Spring and are preparing?

  • Solid Snake

    An Interesting tidbit:

    The NSA was recruiting different corporations into their PRISM program. Most recently Apple just joined in 2012 along with companies like Yahoo and Google.

    Do you know who was the first to join? Microsoft in 2007.

    Yup, that same Microsoft that wanted to sell you a video game system that required it to check whether you were online every 24 hours. If you weren’t it wouldn’t let you play games.

    The same company that required the kinect device, a motion and voice activated gadget with a 1080p camera and microphone, in order for the system to work. That means it is always on unless you unplug the system. The capabilities are amazing and frightening. It can sense how many people are in the room and if the number of people violate the license for a movie it would stop functioning. It can monitor facial expressions and your reaction to commercials. It can monitor heart rate! And its always listening….

    This isn’t your daddy’s America anymore..

    And this man is a hero, a legend. Will they make a movie about him in Hollywood? Doubt it.

    All I know is he has sacrificed himself for his countrymen and women.

    I salute this man.

  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    I would like to ma

  • mindy1

    Glad he blew the whistle, suspicious about motives-will wait and see what happens

  • Jon Diamond

    This story is a blow to the United States media. It shows that this story could not have been released by them. It took a foreign paper to do that.

    He gave this information to a Washington Post reporter and they only printed 4 out of 41 slides. Many years ago, this would have been a story that a writer lived for.

    Greenwald deserves to win a Pulitzer for his work. I doubt he will get it.

  • Reynardine

    I am reserving judgement on this one. Assuredly, the kind of bigoted indoctrination he refers to is going on, and the influence of Dominionists in the armed forces is well-documented. That someone without even a high school degree attained the clearance level he says he has is less certain. It is too early to assess his character, motives, or reliability.

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