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Fox Business guest uses ‘spanking for Jesus’ to attack Muslims


Fox’s Islamophobia strategy on full display, i.e. distract from negative news about Christianity by projecting onto Muslims and Islam.

Fox Business guest uses ‘spanking for Jesus’ to attack Muslims

By Eric W. Dolan (Raw Story)

Bernard McGuirk, the executive producer of the radio program Imus in the Morning, on Thursday used the movement known as Christian Domestic Discipline to launch an attack on Muslims.

The obscure alternative lifestyle, which was thrown into the national spotlight on Wednesday, is based on the purportedly biblical teaching that husbands should have absolute authority over their wives. Men who practice Christian Domestic Discipline use corporeal punishment, primarily in the form of spanking, to assert their dominance over women.

“Of course you don’t have to be a Christian to practice this domestic discipline,” McGuirk said on the Fox Business Network. “It is called being a Muslim. That is essentially the way women are treated — what we are trying to save them from, I guess.”

The two women on the program, Deirdre Imus and Lis Wiehl, remarked the alternative lifestyle seemed to simply be domestic abuse dressed up in religious language.

“The problem is you can find anything in the Bible to justify anything you want,” Alan Combes added.

McGuirk complained that the Christian Domestic Discipline movement, which has been humorously dubbed “spanking for Jesus,” was simply being used to attack Christianity in general.

“It’s like when you see Jesus on a potato chip,” he explained. “All the cameras flock to the dummy that has it, not because they believe it. ‘Look at this idiot,’ they want to make him look foolish.”

Watch video, courtesy of the Fox Business Network, below:

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  • samkatz

    Of course Imus is in charge of his household — his wife never held a job in her life and all the money is his. His wife is a total idiot, as is everyone on this radio/TV segment. How the hell is this crap still on the air? By the way, Don Imus is the most abusive person on the planet … and I used to work at WNBC Radio until he traumatized me so badly that I couldn’t even listen to the radio anymore and he completely destroyed my broadcasting career … so I have no idea what the hell he even brought the topic up for …. !

  • Abu’l-Qasim al-Hindi

    *spank* *spank*

  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    No I think you have it in a nutshell.

  • Reynardine


  • Just_Stopping_By

    Let me see if I understand the McGuirk mindset: If a Muslim is violent, we criticize Islam. And if a non-Muslim is violent, we criticize Islam.

    Have I missed anything?

  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    Thanks for the link . Justifing domestic abuse using religion sad sad sad people . They need help
    Sir DAvid

  • Sam Seed

    Thankyou MIndy, I love my wife, not to say that we never quarrel 😉 , that’s what makes us humans.

  • mindy1

    Because hurting others is what he commanded, right? 😛

  • mindy1

    Good for you 😀

  • Reynardine
  • Sam Seed

    Eat your heart out Spankmeister, I’m a Muslim and have never laid a hand on my wife. Muslims are told to love their wives, that’s what makes the distinction between a good Muslim and a bad one.

  • Bearly Literate

    Ms Imus has to approach her husband on her hands and knees to talk to him. “Get out from under the bed you coward.”

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