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Update: Student pleads guilty in NYC cabbie attack

"Anti-Jihadi Freedom Fighter" Michael Enright

“Anti-Jihadi Freedom Fighter” Michael Enright

The man who stabbed a Muslim cabbie during the height of the “Ground Zero Mosque” hysteria has plead guilty to hate crime charges.

Student pleads guilty in NYC cabbie attack

NEW YORK (AP) – A film student has pleaded guilty to hate-crime charges in what authorities called an anti-Muslim attack on a New York City cab driver in 2010.

Michael Enright entered the plea Tuesday in state court in Manhattan. He is expected to be sentenced to 9 ½ years in prison.

Prosecutors say that during a cab ride, Enright asked the driver if was Muslim. He then told him to “consider this a checkpoint” before cutting him with a folding knife.

A defense lawyer had claimed that Enright had an alcohol problem and a post-traumatic stress condition from a trip to Afghanistan.

His arrest came amid a debate over plans for an Islamic center and mosque two blocks from ground zero.

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  • eslaporte

    I’d like to know how he got radicalized … was it Geert Wilders at “ground zero” speech?

  • RD Sultan


  • mindy1

    I hope his roomie is a big, horny sex offender 😉

  • mindy1

    dammit stole my line :(

  • RD Sultan

    I wonder if any of the Nation of Islam members in jail had a chat with him.

  • Jon Diamond

    Shouldn’t he have been charged with attempted murder. I think when you stab someone, you are trying to kill that person.

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