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Queensland parliamentary candidate in call to ‘eradicate mosques’


Queensland parliamentary candidate in call to ‘eradicate mosques’

Ipswich Muslims have defended their faith in the wake of Rise Up Australia Party candidate Anthony Mackin’s calls to eradicate mosques and ban the burka.

Mr Mackin, a bible teacher, is the Blair candidate for a party that has banning the burka as one of its key policies. In an interview with The QT yesterday, Mr Mackin explained why he was opposed to burkas.

“Part of the problem is the obvious one, that you can’t identify who is underneath it,” he said. “I’ve seen recently on the internet that there have been suicide bombers disguising themselves in burkas.

“When we go into a petrol station the first thing a motorcyclist is asked to do is remove the helmet before the cashier will receive payment for the bill, for security purposes. Everybody is required to do this…but the people who are not assimilating to our laws and customs are not.”

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  • Tanveer Khan

    Batman does look scary. Well, in the films anyway.

  • Talking_fish_head

    Last time I checked, both superman and batman were superheros.

    So just because batman wears a cowl and cape it means he’s a villain

  • SarahAB

    It’s quite interesting to note that the party has, at least implicitly, a theocratic element, wants to restrict the rights of homosexuals and censor certain sorts of media content – these are normally the kind of things anti-Muslim/Islam groups assert they *don’t* favour!

  • Tanveer Khan


  • Reynardine

    Sometimes it’s worse when it isn’t Batman.

  • Jon Diamond

    The terrorist group that has engaged in the most suicide bombings in history is the Tamil Tigers. They are most famous for the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. They are Hindu and they do not wear burkas as you can see from the video.

  • Yausari

    I rather have the non-peaceful aliens take them.

  • Chameleon_X

    Yes, something like KPax would be nice. Count me in.

  • Tanveer Khan

    “Batman wears a cowl/mask with his outfit — Superman does not.”

    Lol. xD Maybe Spiderman or Iron Man would have been a better example.

  • Just_Stopping_By

    The full article is worth reading for two quotes:

    1.The QT asked Mr Mackin if he favoured the eradication of mosques or stopping them in the future. “Personally, I lean towards the eradication of mosques,” he said. “In order to establish a mosque we find that Muslims tend to flood an area and make it uncomfortable for locals.”

    If stopping mosques in the future is because he doesn’t want Muslims “to flood an area” to establish new mosques, what does that imply about his hopes for what happens if existing mosques are eradicated? Fortunately, there have been very few modern cases of completely eradicating the houses of worship of some religion, so history is against him.

    2. But Ipswich Muslim David Palmer has hit back and asked Mr Mackin if the party was also aiming to ban costume outfits. “There is no law in Australia that says you can’t wear Batman and Superman outfits,” Mr Palmer said. “You can’t see who is underneath those either. So does he want to ban Superman outfits as well?”

    Ouch. Maybe things are different Down Under, but here, Batman wears a cowl/mask with his outfit — Superman does not.

  • mindy1

    The more I read the news the more I want to get taken by a race of peacful aliens 😛

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