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Rios and Gaffney Approve Egypt Massacre, Oppose First Amendment Rights for Muslims


Aftermath of Egyptian military and police dispersal of main Cairo anti-Coup sit-in, over 600 protesters were killed in the massacre.

Professional Islamophobes Frank Gaffney and Sandy Rios recently reaffirmed the deeply undemocratic, anti-Constitutional, violent and supremacist nature of the Islamophobia movement.

In discussions on Egypt, Rios and Gaffney proudly supported the massacre against Cairo anti-Coup sit-ins (predominantly Muslim Brotherhood) in terms that are downright bloody-thirsty, gleeful and exuberant.

Aside from supporting the massacre against the sit-ins, Rios tied it to denying Muslim-Americans first amendment rights, saying: “The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization, they are armed. It’s almost like Muslims claiming to have 1st Amendment rights here, when they are, when Islam is much more than a religion.”

This is a consistent theme in the Islamophobia movement that is echoed by Gaffney, Spencer, Geller and others. (h/t: CriticalDragon)

Rios and Gaffney Approve Egypt Massacre, Oppose First Amendment Rights for Muslims


Sandy Rios of the American Family Association today said she is “very grateful” for the action taken by the Egyptian military against the Muslim Brotherhood, including the massacre that left over 600 people in Egypt dead, and added that she also believes Muslims should not have First Amendment rights in the United States.

She denounced Muslim-Americans for “claiming our First Amendment rights here when Islam is much more than a religion” and said Islam should not be treated like Christianity, Buddhism or Hindusm. “It is a complete and total system that demands usurpation of whatever the local authority is, it demands to dominate, it demands to conquer, to kill or convert,” Rios charged.

The talk show host added that the massacre victims weren’t “innocent” and that she is “applauding” their actions against the Brotherhood.

Yesterday, Frank Gaffney—who also backs restrictions on First Amendment rights for Muslims—told Rios that “this bloodshed was probably necessary to give Egypt a chance for a better future.”

Anti-Muslim blogger Pamela Geller also added her two cents:

The Egyptian government had to clean out the Muslim Brotherhood’s terror camps — there were independent entities preparing for civil war where people were being tortured and murdered. Obama was wrong to criticize the Egyptian government while expressing no solidarity with the soldiers and police officers who were brutally murdered by the Muslim Brotherhood. Did anyone think the global jihadist Muslim Brotherhood was going to go quietly?

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  • Charleston Chew

    I think this whole Egypt scenario stinks to high heaven, and there are no good sides to this.

    Think about it, the Egyptian military had it all played out in the beginning if you ask me, and the military is known for serving the most powerful and wealthy elements. The Egyptian military were the ones who ousted Mubarak during the Tahrir Square uprisings a little more than a couple years back. They also lifted their own martial law, allowed the 2012 elections, allowed the Muslim Brotherhood victory, and then after a year, they ousted Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, and now we have this catastrophe.

    I’m not going to take sides in this, but I hope this all stops. I hope that the Muslims and the Christians in Egypt can get along well. I hope the military and Muslim Brotherhood provocateurs behind all the violence are brought to justice, and I hope that thug, Mubarak, isn’t brought back to power or given any political influence.

    But all that is too much to ask for.

    I have a Shi’a friend who really hates the Muslim Brotherhood, though for different reasons than Gaffney and Rios. Gaffney and Rios hate them for being Muslims, while my friend hates the MB for being, what he perceives to be, western lapdogs. My Egyptian Coptic Christian friend also have a lot of hatred towards the Muslim Brotherhood.

    There are plenty of criticisms due for the Muslim Brotherhood, but I don’t know if Gaffney or Rios’s criticisms are valid.

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