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4 MPs in Geert Wilders Party Wear Badges with Neo-Nazi Insignia


This is Robert Spencer‘s “defenders of freedom”: Neo-Nazis.

Row after four MPs wear badges in Dutch parliament featuring neo-Nazi insignia


A row has broken out over four MPs of Geert Wilders’s Freedom Party who wore badges in the Dutch parliament this week featuring a well-known neo-Nazi insignia which has links to the country’s infamous national socialist party of the 1930s.

The display came on Thursday after exchanges the previous day when the leader of the centre-left D66 party, Alexander Pechtold, called on Mr Wilders to distance himself from extremists who waved the Prinsen flag and gave Nazi salutes at a Freedom Party rally in The Hague last weekend.

Against an all-time high in opinion polls, the rally was the start of what Mr Wilders has promised will be a popular backlash against EU austerity measures “imposed” by Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s trailing Liberal-Labour coalition government “at the behest of” Brussels.

Right-wing umbrella
He has also revealed plans for an alliance of right-wing parties – including the National Front in France, Alternative for Germany, and the Northern League in Italy – to fight European Parliament elections next May, a strategy supported recently by National Front leader Marine Le Pen.

Spats in parliament featuring Geert Wilders are nothing new, but his exchanges with Mr Pechtold were unusually bad-tempered and vitriolic.

When Mr Pechtold asked how he felt about Ms Le Pen’s belief that “Jewish skull caps should be banned”, Mr Wilders replied by describing Mr Pechtold as “a sad, miserable, hypocritical, little man” whose question was “too miserable to be taken seriously”.

The Freedom Party leader said he was “proud” of last weekend’s rally, and “proud of everyone who attended it”.

Not anti-Semitic

However, he did qualify that: “It goes without saying that the PVV [Freedom Party] and its thousands of supporters have nothing to do with extremism or anti-Semitism. The PVV has nothing to do with that sort of idiocy.”

The following day, however, the four MPs – including Martin Bosma, one of Mr Wilders’s closest associates – sat together in parliament wearing badges featuring the Prinsen flag, which is virtually identical to the Dutch flag except that its red horizontal bar is replaced with an orange one.

The Prinsen flag was first carried by followers of William of Orange in the 80 Years War against Spain in the 16th century, and is still used by extreme right-wing groups such as Stormfront. It was adopted by the national socialists during the 1930s because of its links with “a golden age” for the Netherlands. Because of those Nazi associations, it was replaced with the current flag in 1937 on the instructions of Queen Wilhelmina, who fled to London during the war.

Mr Wilders has refused to comment, as in 2011 when the Prinsen flag was photographed in his party’s offices.

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  • Reynardine

    Lyndon Johnson, our blessèd and cussèd SOB President, once said that if you tell the shabbiest white man he’s better than the best colored man [the correct term in those days] , he’d let you pick his pocket. Shrewd man, LBJ.

  • Lithium2006

    Nazis supporting a politician who advocates for the same bigoted policies of the early years of Hitler’s Germany? What a shock!

  • 1DrM

    Wilders is a Zionist Jew of Dutch and Indonesian ancestry trying to pass himself off as some sort of Nordic knight.

  • Tanveer Khan

    Thanks Doctor M. It works now.

  • Sodium

    If I have no idea who Geert Wilders is and what he stands for, I would have gathered the impression that he is a hell of a nice guy, by just looking at his picture with friendly and genuine smile, as published, here, by Sad !

  • Iman

    This Gert guy looks brown not white.
    What’s the problem with Europeans , they are war freaks or what . 80 years of war with Spain. Their history is filled with wars. 🙂

  • wvdc

    Of course nihilism, cynicism and lies are at the basis of what is happening in the Netherlands. From reading your comment I don’t think we disagree, with the exception that I don’t think there is alliance between the far right and corrupt segments of the upper-class, certainly not a political one. Wilders has been a MP for almost 20 years, he has gained a strong vote but has effectively no power, but is popular because he is an outsider. The true danger is that other parties copy his viewpoints and policies in trying to get rid of him.

  • wvdc

    Oops, *weep

  • Reynardine

    “Wipe” may be a typo, but à propos after the dump being taken on it.

  • Laurent Weppe

    his audience is not hindered by reason or common sense let alone moral value. For them he is the one and only who says what they think and can save them from ‘the other’

    That’s where you’re wrong: the greatest trick of far-right politicians is convincing everyone else that their voters are duped by their demagogy, that said voters actually believe the bullshit they repeat to justify their vote.

    Far-right parties prosper from a de facto alliance between the most corrupt segments of the upper-class and the racist poor: the thing is, racism is not, as often claimed, a belief system: racism is first and foremost the screwed up result of a zero sum calculus:

    You’re a racist poor if you think that the corrupt rich are too powerful to be dragued down from their position of privilege and that the rest of the population has no choice but to fight for the scraps, therefore you have to harm your neighbours so your kin can obtain a modicum of wealth, security and confort, ergo you end up voting for the most corrupt faction of the upper-class: the one that tells you that if you support their ascenssion to power, they’ll reward you by guarantying that you’ll never be at the deepest pit of the food chain by virtue of your ethnicity.

    Since such nihilist and cowardly worldview is hard to confess, you then invent an excuse: you say that your ethnic tribe is inherently more virtuous (honest, hardworking, respectfull of its elders/women/children/usw, etc…) than the other ones and from this, you’ll pretend to believe every fictional just-so story, every made up statistic about the other ones, in order to desguise your submissiveness toward the corrupt Powers That Be and your willingness to screw up the minorities because they’re weaker than you as self-righteous anger.

    There’s little stupidity or ignorance in racism and in the far-right voting block: it’s mostly cynicism covered with lies.

  • The greenmantle

    Is this news ? Neo Nazi wear neo-nazi insignia ?
    Its what they do ! fancy outfits, crude antisemitism ,islamophobia , marching about and strange hand signals.
    Not news folks ;-(
    Sir David

  • wvdc

    Mr. Wilders response to Mr. Pechtold’s call: “You are an insignificant, miserable little man.” He also accused mr. Pechtold of naming him “half a nazi.” A few thousand followers signed a petition calling for persecution of mr. Pechtold. The trick is that Mr. Wilders responds to any attempt to criticize him with gross exaggerations, false accusations and the most insane allegations. In the polls he is leading for months now; his audience is not hindered by reason or common sense let alone moral value. For them he is the one and only who says what they think and can save them from ‘the other’. A gigantic televised mental hospital is under construction. I wipe for my country…

  • Bob

    The antifascist research group Kafka covered the far-right attendance at the PVV rally:

  • Tanveer Khan

    Happens to me all the time….

  • Yausari

    don’t know. it happened to me too, once.

  • Tanveer Khan

    Loonwatch is still stuck on the 25th on my laptop. Does anyone know why?

  • Reynardine

    At first I thought Gert had turned gray, but then I saw he’d had himself done platinum blond…kind of the next Gene Harlot.

  • Laurent Weppe

    the leader of the centre-left D66 party, Alexander Pechtold, called on Mr Wilders to distance himself from extremists who waved the Prinsen flag and gave Nazi salutes at a Freedom Party rally in The Hague last weekend.

    Translation: Mr Wilders, would you kindly tell your lackeys to act in public like if they were not fascists who dream of treating immigrants like slaves and fucktoys, pretty please?

  • mindy1

    I wonder if they know how absurd they look

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