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Obama is all about ‘universal rights’ – except for Muslims

Image: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Season 21

Obama is all about ‘universal rights’ – except for Muslims

by Uzma Kolsy (The Guardian)

I was watching President Obama employ his devilish charisma, in routine fashion, on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in early August. The banter dissipated as the interview took a more serious turn to embassy closures, Edward Snowden and, finally, Russia. Obama condemned President Vladimir Putin for Russia’s recent “homosexual propaganda” bill saying:

When it comes to universal rights, when it comes to people’s basic freedoms, whether you are discriminating on the basis of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation, you are violating the basic morality that should transcend every country.

I was left rattled by the president’s statement. Obama, who made history last year when he expressed his support for same-sex marriage, was comfortably unabashed in impugning Russian leadership on the reprehensible policy, as he should have been. But as a Muslim American, neither the irony nor the hypocrisy of his statement, championing “universal rights”, was lost on me.

As we’ve witnessed time and time again domestically, most recently with the Associated Press revelation that the NYPD designated Muslim houses of worship and community centers as terrorist organizations, theUnited States is no stranger to legalizing discrimination. In the elusive pursuit of true equality, President Obama has made considerable and long overdue progress in securing the rights of the LGBT community. But he in no way can tout the badge of “basic morality” until he acknowledges that many Americans are being confronted with institutionalized discrimination in every tier of the government hierarchy. Racism, Islamophobia and prejudice run amok in our society, but when discriminatory practice is etched into law, it harkens back to a sinister time in our nation’s history.

Regrettably, branding mosques as terrorist enterprises doesn’t exactly move the needle given the NYPD’s history of targeted surveillance and monitoring of the region’s Muslim community. Invidious policy and religious profiling are not confined to the NYPD either. This is just the latest in a mounting string of offenses by government agencies against Muslim Americans. The FBI maintains an intimidatingly lengthy catalog of 15,000 spies, three times as many as there were 25 years ago. In a post 9/11 climate many of them operate as informants in mosques throughout the nation. The mosque that I grew up attending in Irvine, California, was infiltrated by one such informant, who worked so hard to plant seeds of violence and terrorism in the minds of its congregants that members of the mosque immediately reported him.

“Geo-mapping”, the FBI’s purported tactical crime fighting tool, wasexposed as a covert mapping program to track and monitor Muslim communities engaging in constitutionally protected activity, without any suspicion of crime. Leaked FBI training materials have also cemented what we already know – the agency religiously profiles Muslims,instructing its agents that “mainstream” Muslims are terrorist sympathizers and the Muslim practice of giving charity is a cover for funding “combat”.

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  • Jekyll

    Thanks…(am going to need a place to live after the liberal inquisition comes after me here 🙂 )

  • Jekyll

    It did not cause me any “personal” offense. Just strange to see “you” to use that language

  • Mehdi

    Always there to help

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    In retrospect, since it clearly has caused several of you offense I’ve edited my comment, since I don’t want the point to be lost.

  • Jekyll

    Us..who is us ?…so I am being duplicitous somehow in my comments now ?

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Those who have been “cured” either revert back to homosexual practices, live in torment in their “marriages” and find extra-marital outlets to express their repressed sexuality or were bi-sexual to begin with. “Reparative treatment” has been rejected by international psychology institutions.

    Recently, Lebanon’s Psychiatric associations have also come out against such treatments and have also dropped the idea that it is a perverse “mental disorder/disease.”

    “Statements from the Lebanese Psychiatric Society (LPS) this week and previously the Lebanese Psychological Association declared that “homosexuality is not a mental disorder and does not need to be treated.”

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Oh puhleeze spare us the smug sanctimoniousness.

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Listen, bfish I’m not trying to offend you but you are saying people with a homosexual inclination may be diseased. Don’t you think if you said that to a gay person, they would be offended, and characterize what you said as gutter?

    Human sexuality is complex, there is a broad spectrum, behavior is part of it and elsewhere I have pointed out that Western conceptions of homosexual identity are not necessarily transferrable or audible in other cultures.

    As for your claim about our “agenda,” sorry but this is a reactionary, paranoid response. We are not interested in redefining Islam. It is however arrogant to think that Islam is not practiced and interpreted in multiple, variegated ways or that it is not a living tradition that evolves and develops.

  • bfish

    I am a disabled vet and been around guys that would have responded with even worse gutter language that yours, but since i am a Muslims I will concede you won that one. nevertheless, your emotional respond typical of those with a pro-gay agenda with hollowed scientific backings.

    Also, this tells me now its no doubt there is an agenda here to defend Muslims and use it as a pretext to redefine Islam.

  • Jekyll

    Cool then, old chap, eh ?
    (I hope my invitation to Morocco was not ruined !)

  • Jekyll

    Juvenile harangue; was not expecting that from you.
    There have been people that indulged in homosexuality yet got married and move in their lives.

    There are also people who turn to homosexuality after years of being heterosexual. There have been documented cases people turning to pedophilia after years of watching pornography, and even turning to homosexuality,

    The even attempt to say that homosexuality can be cured and be met so such barrage of insults and hate makes out to believe that there is definitely more to the eye than just being born gay.

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