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UK: ‘Tory Taliban’ burqa ban bill to be debated in parliament


The Afghan Taliban forced women to wear burqas, and the Tory Taliban wants to force them not to. It seems peculiar to take away women’s freedom to choose their own clothing in the name of granting women greater freedom.

Given the tiny minority of women who choose to wear niqab and burqa in Western Europe, it seems reasonable to wonder if these manufactured “concerns” aren’t ultimately aimed at capitalizing on xenophobia, and distracting the public from more important issues.

UK: ‘Tory Taliban’ burqa ban bill to be debated in parliament

Via Information Daily

The Face Covering (Prohibition) Bill will get its second reading in Parliament today, and if passed into law the bill would would make wearing burqas in public illegal.

The bill was proposed by Conservative MPs Philip Hollobone, Peter Bone and Christopher Chope as one of 40 proposals in their “alternative Queen’s speech” in June. The proposals, which included leaving the EU and tougher regulations for asylum seekers, have earned the trio the epithet “Tory Taliban” from Labour MP Angela Eagle.

Similar laws outlawing the public wearing of the burqa were enacted by France and Belgium in 2010. Since then the debate has raged in Britain about whether to follow suit. In 2011 a poll conducted by YouGov found that 66 per cent of Britons favoured a ban, the proportion rose to 79 per cent for respondents over 60.

Support for a ban was marginally higher in France, where 80 per cent of the population were in favour. However, recent attempts to enforce the ban in Paris have resulted in rioting and violence against the police. Many also believe the ban has increased incidents of islamophobia in France. French Muslim leaders estimated that the frequency of islamophobic incidents increased by 34 per cent in the year following the ban.

The French Interior Ministry have since defended the ban as being in the interests of women, echoing Parisen imam Hassen Chalghoumi’s comment that “the burqa is a prison for women.”

The ministers proposing a burqa ban in the UK have arguments less grounded in the protection of women’s rights. Hollobone provoked controversy in February after he described burqas as “the religious equivalent of going around with a paper bag on your head.” He went on to argue, “In my view, it is offensive to want to cut yourself off from face-to-face contact with, or recognition by, other members of the human race.”

Hollobone and his cohorts aren’t the first MPs to criticise the burqa. Jack Straw drew ire in 2006 for stating that he felt “uncomfortable” talking to constituents whose faces were covered and that burqas represented “a visible statement of separation and difference”.

Human rights groups such as Amnesty International are likely to repeat the criticisms they levelled at the French ban, arguing that it constitutes an assault on Muslim women’s rights to freedom of expression and religious belief.

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  • Christian-Friend

    Is that an opinion of yours or did Spencer paid you to do that?

  • Reynardine

    Tanveer is clearly younger than you, and yet is not afraid to acknowledge either the word for, or the actual reality, of “women”. To be sure, he is remarkably intelligent and (most of the time) mature.

  • savvycat

    Come and walk round the streets of Bradford. See if you still think it’s a tiny amount. How can you ever be sure that those who are wearing them are doing it through their own choice? Or are being compelled to wear it by their menfolk, or indeed their community. There have already been so called ‘ Sharia patrols’ in areas of this Country telling women to covert up, or else face acid attacks. Banning it would stop this.

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  • thegreenmantle

    Apart from me as supreeem leader and all powerful high poobar etc etc …. only joking folks as I know where that leads – Pam Geller soft wallpaper ward .
    No unfortunetly I dont have a better idea.
    Sir David

  • kmcminn

    Yes, France enforces their law on tourists. As far as I know, if a woman is wearing niqab she must remove it at the French border if entering by foot or road transport, and at the airport if arriving by plane. If she refuses, she is denied entry into France.

  • kmcminn

    I’m Irish-Canadian, pretty Western and Westernized, and I wear a niqab. So I would watch out with that whole “in Western societies we don’t hide our faces!” nonsense. Not to mention that we absolutely do in many other ways, whether it be with huge sunglasses, medical masks, winter scarves, long bangs, extravagant makeup, etc. People find very creative ways to cover themselves, consciously and subconsciously, in many situations.

    You might also note that in Western society and culture, we communicate more and more through phones and computers, such as you are doing now. Do you think you are in contempt of us because we can only see what you’ve typed, rather than being able to hear your voice or see your face? Do you think you’re being insolent? Personally, the niqab makes it easier for me to communicate with others in everyday life. I’ve always had trouble with eye contact, but since wearing it, I’ve largely overcome that. I speak more loudly and clearly, and I feel less anxious approaching strangers and acquaintances. While that approach doesn’t work for everyone, it does work for me.

    People committing crimes whilst wearing a niqab is actually a very modern and rare occurrence, and if you’re going to ban it solely for that reason, then here’s a sample list of other things you’re going to have to ban: makeup/markers/paint/other things which can colour in the face, pantyhose, masquerade masks, tape (as someone above mentioned), goggles, medical masks, sunglasses, paper bags, and so on and so forth. To be honest, your whole argument seems very silly and based solely on “I don’t like it so no one should be allowed to do it” which is not a valid reason for making a law.

  • JD

    In Western societies and
    culture, we **don’t hide our faces**. Communication between human beings depends
    to a very large extent on **facial** responses.


    See there was the real cool invention Alexander Graham Bell called a telephone where people can communicated without looking at people faces soon after someone also made this invention called the Internets I am sure you know about it love how bigots like you use the face to face interaction bs to hide your real dislike for muslims and brown people.


    You might want to do some research, (you know, like a **real**
    journalist) and find out how many burka/niqab crimes have been committed, like

    Yes and I am sure Burka is the only thing people use right

    Police say Kasey Kazee walked in to the store with duct tape wrapped around his head to conceal his face.

    The hapless thief who raided a petrol station with a see-through plastic
    bag covering his face is just one of many criminals to don a ridiculous disguise

  • Guess

    “It should be clear to the meanest intelligence, why burkas/niquaabs need to be banned in Western societies”

    So tell me, if it is clear to you said “meanest intelligence” (small minded intelligence?) tells you to dictate women on their own bodies, on what ground thus are you any different than the Talibans or Saudi regime who’s also “meanest intelligence” dictate the same? (of course, notwithstanding neither the Talibans nor the Saudi regime ever claimed to be beacon of liberty and freedom, as some we know of!)

    “When some people refuse to show their faces when interacting with those who **don’t ** mask themselves, they are exhibiting total contempt for the other person.”

    First of all, its not a “mask”, its a veil. Second, even though my senses tells me you never interacted a naqibi, they wear the veil out of religious conviction not because they have “total contempt” for people. Just because your inner insecurities comes-up with that conclusion doesn’t mean you can jut-out on them.

    As for your last brilliant logic, Ilisha already addressed. By that same brilliant logic of banning stuff just because at some point some criminals used them, add to the long list wigs too. But be sure, if you ever try to advocate a ban of wigs, either a cancer patient or a young fashionista that loves hair extensions will scratch your eyes out.

  • Solid Snake

    Just a question, what if the ‘offending’ party does not choose to speak to you? Would that still bother you?

    What if the ‘offending’ party is speaking to an adult (who presumably understands that the diversity in clothing and culture is a fundamental trait of humanity) who does not mind speaking to someone wearing the niqab or burqa? Is it still an issue for you?

  • Jekyll

    Do you have a better idea ?

  • thegreenmantle

    Pity I was hoping you had a better idea.
    I am also bemused as how one can truely impose democratcy . Mainly because to impose it inevitabley results in the imposers losing
    Sir David

  • Reynardine

    You most assuredly still do not appear to like “girls” – not in the sense of simple amity. If your only way of referring to human beings of the other sex is either “girl” or “grandma”, then there must be something in the concept of “woman” that you find frightening.

  • Jekyll

    Noo…just when it western style democracy is forced down pole that have nothing to to with it, i.e Swat, Afghanistan.

  • thegreenmantle

    Oui, C’est natruelle.
    Sir David

  • thegreenmantle

    You have a better idea than democracy ?
    To quote Churchill ” its the least worst system ” I would be interested in your alturnative ?
    Sir David

  • Jekyll

    Nope not in person at least…though the ghost of William Wallace still haunts me.

  • Javed Asghar

    You’ve not met many scots then

  • MichaelElwood

    Just a little Chi-Town humor. Native Chicagoans know better than to try to look cute during the winter. During winter, you can gauge with a high degree of accuracy who’s from here and who isn’t. The natives throw fashion to the wind and dress like Eskimos. The non-natives try to be fashionable and cute. You’ll see these poor souls standing on the el platforms and bus stops freezing their a** off. Consequently, there’s a lot of “red balls,” red faces, etc.

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