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‘What me, an Islamophobe?’ Stephen Fry replies to critics

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New atheists got each others back.:

‘What me, an Islamophobe?’ Stephen Fry replies to critics

By Bob Pitt (Islamophobia-Watch)

Under the headline “Stephen Fry hits back at accusations of Islamophobia”, the Independent on Sunday reported yesterday on the controversy over Stephen Fry’sendorsement of Nick Cohen’s “superb” defence of their fellow atheist Richard Dawkins and his position on Islam.

In a Twitter exchange on 22 August, responding to the criticism that Dawkins has described the Islamic faith as the greatest force for evil in the world and “clearly targets Islam in particular”, Fry sneered: ”Wonder why. Oh, have a look around the world and see them slaughtering each other, let alone others. So charming to women too…”

You’ll note how, in Fry’s formulation, Islam the faith becomes “them”, the Muslims. And Muslims are then equated with murder and misogyny. A clearer expression of mindless bigotry would be difficult to find.

When his critic persisted in arguing that Dawkins was “entitled to call a small religious minority evil but branding an entire religion as ‘evil’ is beyond ignorant”, Fry didn’t have an answer. Eventually he just dismissed his opponents as “dickheads” and told them to “fuck off”.


Fry attempted a more reasoned justification of his views in a blog post last Friday in which he addressed the question “Am I an Islamophobe?” Did he perhaps take the opportunity here to admit that he had been at fault and apologise for his offensive tweet? Not a bit of it.

Instead Fry attacked his critics for engaging in an “Orwellian denial of free speech” and complained that as a “squeezed liberal” he now “finds himself in the position that he cannot criticise Islamofascism because it’s somehow ‘racist’” (which of course it couldn’t be, since “Islam encompasses many many races”). He claimed that he was only against violent extremists rather than ordinary Muslims, but his tweet had made no such distinction.

This isn’t the first time that Fry has expressed objectionable views about the followers of a major faith. In a 2010 interview with Ann Widdecombe for a TV documentary on the Ten Commandments, Fry accused the Jewish people who adopted them of having “stored up more misery for mankind than any other group of people in the history of the planet and they’re doing it to this day”. What exactly Jews might be doing to inflict misery on the human race now, Fry didn’t say.

So you can see why Fry might rally to the support of Dawkins on the question of religion – they obviously have a lot in common. However, whereas Dawkins holds that Islam is the greatest force for evil in the world today, Fry evidently takes the view that it is Judaism that has been the greatest force for misery in human history.

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  • Jekyll

    To find a practicing Christian in England is good enough for me…

  • Amro

    Despite what he says about Islam, at least he respects it. Unlike most commentators on the right (the exception being Tim Stanley) who just mock Islam constantly.

  • 1DrM

    You left out the bit that Nahla Mahmous is another self promoting fame seeking “apostate” we only heard about from the usual Western Islamophobes. Another Ayaan Hirsi Magan wannabe looking for speedy asylum and $$$ in the west.

  • Tanveer Khan

    “Also feel free to answer Tanweer’s question”
    It seems you know that my name comes from the Tanweer (I still don’t understand why the W has been changed into a V. Then again, I never bothered asking anyone)…. xD

  • Yausari

    “Because it is entirely relevant.”

    Oh really? then why not go through the all of the texts entirely instead of one?

    The Quran (The highest form of text) states “states there are no compulsion in religion”
    isn’t that relevant?

    And the scholars that rejected death penalty:
    Ibrahim al-Nakha’i and Sufyan al-Thawri and many more of the oldest scholars and so many more modern scholars. Are they not relevant?

    Did you hear about an Islamic law that if you commit apostasy more than 3 times, you’re ban from becoming a muslim for the 4th time? obviously you can’t die 3 times.

    It seems to me that you are filtering out what is relevant and what isn’t.

    Yes there are many differences of opinion. If you had the time to study you’d know the debate among muslims was closed. No sharia court today is applying that law. With that said, the next thing an islamophobe would do is bring up domestic violence committed by muslims and say “this is what islam is”

  • Yausari

    Well you can’t be a bigot without being a bigot.

  • Javed Asghar

    Sad that so many atheists have made their own religion. – cult of Dawkin
    He literally can do no wrong for them and otherwise sensible people are being brainwashed – notice they use the same memes as him
    Btw Fry going more and more mental after coming out : esp in defence of paedophillia

  • Guess

    You missed one major point in that statement. That the ones that most tears apart entire societies with violent wars of aggression, committing many mass-murder, are those representative of “secular” societies. Mainly from those you claimed “superior”.

  • Guess

    So you jumped from “In the Quran the punishment for apostasy is death” to “You clearly are not prepared to admit that some Muslim scholars and some Muslims state thst [sic] apostasy is punishable by death” in no time? what happen to you searching & bringing the proof of the Quranic verse where apostasy must be put to death ?

  • Sagamanus

    As if religion isn’t social engineering. Of course you would see yourself outside history with only gnats interfering with your life.

  • Sagamanus

    You are an idiot!

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    The ‘World State,’ not it combining with 1984 per se

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    I hear you. I actually think your alternative ending would make an entertaining read, you should write it.

  • Jekyll

    Pessimism of the intellect, Optimism of the Will.

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Pretty pessimistic. On many levels we already live in the World State.

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