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It Took Stephen Lennon Only 4 Years to Figure Out the EDL Was Populated with Neo-Nazis & Anti-Muslim ‘Morons’


Quilliam’s Maajid Nawaz with Stephen Lennon and Kevin Carroll.

It’s always nice to hear about the light bulb flickering on in someone’s head and at least Tommy Robinson/Stephen Lennon and Kevin Carroll are far ahead of their North American peers, Rev. Deacon Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller who likely still consider the EDL that they used to lead to be defenders of freedom.”

After 4 years it has dawned on Lennon and Carroll that the organization they lead is populated with A LOT of neo-Nazis and “anti-Muslim morons.” WE’VE BEEN TELLING YOU TOMMY!!

CriticalDragon, by way of HopeNotHate has cautioned us however that this may not be a real awakening and may in fact be a ruse.

Sure Quilliam gets to justify that government money they get and Tommy is able to shift strategy and leave the baggage of hate he has helped promote for several years now but, golly gee, we can’t just forget about the past 4 years!

(h/t: Seeker)

EDL leader Tommy Robinson QUITS and brands violent anti-Muslim supporters ‘morons’


The counter-extremism think tank Quilliam has brokered the move with Tommy Robinson and his right hand man Kevin Carroll.Today the pair said they now wanted to resist all forms of extremism and Quilliam called for both radical Islamists and far-right supporters to follow their lead.Tommy Robinson said: “I have been considering this move for a long time because I recognise that though street demonstrations have brought us to this point, they are no longer productive.“I acknowledge the dangers of far right extremism and the ongoing need to counter Islamist ideology not with violence but with better, democratic ideas.”

Speaking on the BBC’s 5 Live radio later, he said he was tired of being associated with “morons” who advocate violence against Muslims.

He said: “When some moron lifts up his top and has got a picture of a mosque saying boom and it’s all over the national newspapers – it’s me.

“It’s when I pick up my kids from school the parents are looking at me, judging me on that.

“That’s not what I stood for. My decision is to be true to what I stand for and whilst I want to lead a revolution against Islamist ideology I don’t want to lead a revolution against Muslims.

“I believe the revolution needs to come from within the Islamic community and they need to stand up and I believe this is a step forward not a step back.”

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  • Mehdi

    Well you said “We all know that democracy and secularism really have nothing to do with Islam,” it would have been wiser to say “I think that democracy and secularism really have nothing to do with Islam,”.
    To answer your point, democracy is the rule of the majority, many caliphs in the past were selected via shoura which was an earlier form of representative democracy in Arab tribes, so it’s one way of showing that democracy can have something to do with Islam. Similarly, the MB or AKP in Turkey or PJD in Morocco claim their Muslim identity and accept democracy at the same time.
    Regarding secularism, I said it’s a minority idea in the Muslim world and I acknowledge that. That being said, secularism is about setting a balance between religion and other considerations such as justice, education, power, foreign affairs, etc. It’s also been always a debate, where do you set the boundary? How do you interact with those who don’t share your faith?
    Secularism is one of the answers, it’s not the only one…
    I’m not sure why you get so upset, it would help if you could clarify also sometimes your ideas beyond 1 or 2 sentences: saying “the kingdom of God” or “God and God alone” sounds good but requires more specifics: George W Bush could have claimed he served that purpose, so would have claimed Menahem Begin, Mollah Umar, or others. Can you elaborate a bit more on what it is that you sponsor?

  • Jekyll

    Oh really my opinion is it now ? Pray tell what is secularism if not to nullify the point of God and God alone ?

  • Mehdi

    Not sure that “we all know that democracy and secularism really have nothing to do with Islam”, it seems more like your opinion, and it’s not an issue to think so.
    As for your comment on the state of the Muslim world, sorry but I didn’t understand the point, anyways, I’ll leave the conversation here.

  • Mehdi

    Well it looks like you didn’t ignore my comment, so, what is it that you’re not ok with in my “flowery” rubbish and nonsense?

  • Mehdi

    So you’re saying that I’m saying rubbish (not to use other words) but don’t want to debate it anyway?

  • Jekyll

    Your flowery speeches about…ahhh what’s the point…

  • Mehdi


  • Jekyll


  • 1DrM

    I’ve “insulted” your tremendous ignorance, stupidity, dishonesty and secular fascism, troll. That doesn’t make me insane, just means I have zero tolerance for the fermented horse manure that you’re peddling. You are a disingenuous person, you have an bigoted agenda, and your agenda aside from you liberal fascism as I can see is to prove what a dishonest person you are. Why don’t you perform some gestalt therapy on yourself, use your nonsense as a sounding board so you can see that you are an echo in a void. Complaining about name calling after calling others scumbags, “islamists,” etc. Suffering from selective amnesia there, hypocrite?
    If Muslims “opt for a secular government” (which hasn’t happened yet whatever their level of religious practice) in a free and fair election, I would respect the results. YOU on the other hand are all for overthrowing elected governments in bloody coup d’etats if they don’t mirror your failed and corrupt EuroSpetic secularism based on hating religion. You’re for empowering a minority of corrupt eurocentric secular elites while disenfranchising the Muslim masses who want their faith to form the basis of government. That’s why western do NOT like free elections in Muslim countries which end up with their local unelected secular client regimes voted out of power. Deal with it, fool.

  • Kyle Renner

    Like I said, you’re actually insane. No point in talking with you when all you do is spew insults and accusations towards people who are by no means “anti Muslim”.
    You do hate Muslims who opt for a more secular government though, that’s obvious.

  • Kyle Renner

    >> And it’s neither when it’s true.
    And it is where? I don’t see any.
    Name one race that I’ve said racist things about.

  • Kyle Renner

    >> And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided.
    That’s good advice, but there are some people who won’t ever take that into account when they read the Quran.
    I like how you’re relating what I’m talking about to actual instances of bigotry and idiocy from dribbling morons.
    Salafis, Salafi Jihadism, and the takfiri are all generally accepted terms. Same for Wahhabis.
    It’s also a fact that these groups espouse ultra-conservative or otherwise absurdly puritanical worldviews, and belief that every person calling themselves Muslim must live as they do, otherwise be forced to live as they do.
    All of these groups have a ferocious hatred for the Shia, especially. This is another thing that comes up time and time again, and these extremists won’t ever deny it.
    I don’t know why you’re pretending otherwise.

  • 1DrM

    Nope, you’ve simply run out of BS, liar. Like a typical secular fascist and coward, you run off but not before making up ridiculous nonsense about Copts and Shias being slaughtered. You don’t give a damn about anyone being slaughtered as long as it serves your ideological interests, that’s why you support secular dictatorships, the coup in Egypt and the mass murder of protestors in the street. Anyone who’s been reading your comments know how full of crap you are, you two faced hypocrite. You have no facts, figures at all, just opinions and frustration that your failed criminal EuroSeptic secular ideology is being scrutinized, criticized and relegated to the dust bin of history.
    Good riddance to bad orientalist rubbish.

  • Nick Lynch

    Good to know, everyone else replying to my posts has been decent and respectful so far. Saying that, I wouldn’t expect anything else since I don’t believe I have said anything remotely controversial (please can someone correct me if they think otherwise).

  • Nick Lynch

    Ugh I know what you mean. The Youtube comment section is just one huge flame war. It’s bad enough with the trivial arguments on music videos, I dread to think what it’s like with bigger, more important issues.

  • Christian-Friend

    Most people here are nice unless you provoke them.

  • Stoned Gremlin

    No I mean have you even glanced at the comments section on any given video regarding Islam? I ask because I’m at the point where if I want to watch those videos in peace I need to download them because of the constant flame wars going on. If this is the case for DrM as well I hardly blame him.

  • Nick Lynch

    Not regarding this… Is there any particular clip you’d recommend?

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