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Bal Thackeray’s Politics of Hate Haven’t Died With Him

Bal Thackeray

Original guest post by Saif Ahmad Khan

Delhi–The Hindu Hriday Samrat (“Emperor of Hindu Hearts”) of the Shiva Sena has surely perished but the divisive politics of regional and religious chauvinism which he bred and propounded for decades will undoubtedly be carried forth by the Shiv Sainiks for years to come. My conscience and my commitment to secularism, equality and non discrimination as well as the allegiance which I have towards the Indian Constitution do not allow me to praise the now-dead tyrant.

It’s true that Bal Thackeray was a mass leader and his fierce oratorical skills were something which no leader in Maharashtra could compete with but the fact of the matter is that all radical leaders have always had the ability to pump in a kind of madness within the hearts and minds of their followers through an intensely provocative and controversial propaganda paradigm and this was the very art which Bal Thackeray mastered.

Bal Thackeray was one of the finest examples of the fascist brigade of the right wing in India. His politics was intrinsically drenched in supremacism, jingoism, xenophobia, regionalism and Islamophobia.

In the 80’s, he appealed to the police to assist the Hindu Maha Sangh in saving the country from the Muslims whom he described as ‘cancerous.’ During the 90’s his party was involved in the demolition of Babri Mosque and later on he was himself accused of inciting communal riots in Mumbai.

In the same decade the Election Commission barred him from contesting elections but this did not deter Thackeray from spewing venomous propaganda and unleashing a massive hate campaign against Muslims and Non-Maharashtrians.

Thackeray went to the extent of promoting Hindu terrorism and said that it was the only way to counter Muslims. He appealed for the formation of Hindu suicide bomb squads to “save India and Hindus.”

His jingoism was displayed best when one of his party members dug up the pitch at Wankhede Stadium to prevent the Pakistani Cricket team from playing against India on Marathi soil. Through his party mouthpiece Saamna, he often attacked national figures like Sachin Tendulkar and Abul Kalam Azad.

It was due to his stubborn leadership that Shiv Sainiks were regularly in the news for vandalizing and torching public property and the party cadre incessantly attacked youngsters on occasions like V-Day, media persons as well as migrants from states like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh whom the Shiv Sainiks saw as a burden on Mumbai and Maharashtra. Thackeray also led a very long campaign for changing the name of the city which he ruled through terror and intimidation. For him, the name Bombay was inappropriate as it was of Portuguese origin.

Bal Thackeray maintained a love-hate relationship with the Indian Film industry. As he was a propagandist, he used film stars to his benefit by attacking them when necessary and praising them when required. Publicly, he staunchly criticized the dynasty politics of the Gandhi’s but his hypocrisy was clearly brought forth when his evident nepotism towards his son Uddhav led to Raj Thackeray’s parting of ways from the Shiv Sena.

I consider myself an agnostic theist but as a whole I am a believer and I strongly feel that if there is a God then Bal Thackeray would have to do a lot of explaining to Him.

I am firm in my belief that such tainted leaders should not be granted the grand honour of a state funeral because in such circumstances, people like Thackeray end up as heroes and are lionized and immortalized in popular folklore which serves as an endorsement of their racialist ideology.

(The writer is presently a student of journalism at the University of Delhi)

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  • Rights

    I guess there is no problem as long as he just lives in some Hindu minds, such as yours. But there is plenty of problem when he starts driving and steering some Hindu minds. Hi’s steering of minds would mean clash, crash, splash, and kaboom. India does not need that.

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  • Laila Muhammad

    right wing conservative parties have no chance of winning elections unless they instill fear in the populace….israel befire the wall would always allow a terror attack to occur in the weeks leading up to an election…putin did the same in 1999 with the apt bombings….9/11 helped bush not become a lame duck president in his first yr….the military industrial complex needs terrorism to keep their budgets from being cut….unfortunately for muslims we will be the targets for the next 100 yrs as don rumsfeld stated

  • 1DrM

    Thackeray will be remembered for being a terrorist mafia don who mobilized violent and uncouth, unkempt Hindu illiterates in khaki underwear for his own political purposes. No one with an IQ above his shoe size respects Thackeray.

  • 1DrM

    That’s too much information for this idiot to process(never mind the fact that murderer also sports tattoos which are forbidden in Islam). We can easily use his dishonest and retarded methodology to condemn ALL Hindus for their daily crimes against Muslims and Christians in India. Problem with Hindus like “Abhi12345” is that they are mentally ill, the result of being raised in a “culture” which tacitly sanctions female infanticide, treats “lower status” Hindus like dirt and believes in a “glorious” India which never existed yet blames minorities for all its failures. India has NO civic culture, and I challenge any Hindutva fecal fascist to prove me wrong. to I’ve come across many Hindus(educated ones at that) who live in this hypocritical bubble of their own making. For all this big talk they will happily dump “mother India” the first chance they get, green cards and all.

  • Seeker

    Yes. Which would not be the first time a suspected mass murderer takes the PM’s chair. Recollect Rajiv Gandhi.

  • Seeker

    Proving my point perfectly. Inflate the oppression mentality among hindus to score political points.

  • Ameer

    Very strange you characterize this crime as anti-hindu when the person committed murder in order to have a relationship which is forbidden in Islam. Hindus are mushrik (polytheist) and by that token sexual relations with them are forbidden in Islam.

  • JD

    Yes because domestic violence / attempt by some love sick moron to get together with his girlfriend is the same thing as calling for mass genocide and killing.

  • George Carty

    What’s this got to do with the article above (which is about Hindu-extremists in India)?

  • abhi12345

    Bal thackeray will live in hindu’s minds forever. No one can do anthing.

  • abhi12345

    Muslim man convicted for murdering his ex-girlfriend’s father and sister in ‘ill-conceived plan’ to get back together with her because the Hindu family did not approve

    What about muslim’s hate against hindus?

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Yes he was. I think Khan was stating his disapproval of the fact.

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Narendra Modi may well become the Prime Minister of India. Does not bode well.

  • JD

    Bosses May Use Social Media to Discriminate Against Job seekers

    By JENNIFER VALENTINO-DEVRIESMany companies regularly look up job applicants online as part of the hiring process. A new study suggests they may also use what they find to discriminate.The study, a Carnegie Mellon University experiment involving dummy résumés and social-media profiles, found that between 10% and a third of U.S. firms searched social networks for job applicants’ information early in the hiring process. In those cases, candidates whose public Facebook profiles indicated they were Muslim were less likely to be called for interviews than Christian applicants.

    The difference was particularly pronounced in parts of the country where more people identify themselves as conservative. In those places, Christian applicants got callbacks 17% of the time, compared with about 2% for Muslims.The same experiment, conducted from February to July of this year, found that online disclosures about job candidates’ sexuality had no detectable impact on employers’ early interest.The research is the latest example of how people’s digital trails can have far-reaching and unintended effects, particularly in the job market.”There is so much information we reveal about ourselves online, sometimes in ways we do not even realize,” said Alessandro Acquisti, an information-technology and public-policy professor at Carnegie Mellon and one of the study’s authors. Even if people don’t explicitly discuss sensitive information online or post embarrassing photos, employers can be influenced by other clues, the researchers said.Quotes from a religious text could indicate a person’s beliefs, for example, while mentions of a baby registry might suggest a woman is pregnant or has children.Discrimination in this part of the hiring process could be conscious or unconscious, meaning the employer could be influenced without realizing it, said Christina Fong, a senior research scientist at Carnegie Mellon who also worked on the experiment.

    Even before the social-networking era, studies showed that employers discriminate based on subtle cues, such as whether a name on a résumé was likely to be for an African-American.More than a third of U.S. employers say they consult social-networking sites during hiring at least some of the time, according to a survey of nearly 1,000 human-resources workers released this year by EmployeeScreenIQ, a background-check firm. Only 7% said they always look at those sites.

  • Seeker

    Head to any online article on Narendra Modi and the pervasiveness of hate politics will be evident. It’s a tough fight setting the record straight. Especially when you set up the majority in a country as the victims of decades-long oppression at the hands of the barbaric Muslims, British, and other foreigners.
    The recent felicitations conferred upon 2 of the alleged instigators of the Muzaffarnagar riots is an indication of how deep the hate reaches.

  • Seeker

    Hasn’t he already been given his state funeral ?

  • mindy1

    I agree, someone like him does not deserve a state funeral

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