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Muslim Woman Covers the Yellow Star of Her Jewish Neighbor with Her Veil on the Streets of Sarajevo in 1941


Muslim woman covers the yellow star of her Jewish neighbor with her veil on the streets of Sarajevo in 1941.

The above photo was taken in Sarajevo in 1941, showing a Muslim woman walking with her Jewish neighbor and covering her yellow star with her veil. (via. Reddit)

“The Jewish family was actually staying with the Muslim family after their home was destroyed.

A Muslim veiled woman, Zejneba Hardaga (right) and Jewish woman, Rivka Kalb (2nd from right) and her children (with beret) are guided on the streets of Sarajevo in 1941. Zejneba covered the yellow star on the Rivka’s left arm with her veil. Bahrija Hardasa, sister-in-law of Zejneba, is on the far left.

More pictures and background found here.”

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  • Mohsen Gohden

    European style dresses, mourning type veils and carrying white roses. I think its a funeral.

  • pink

    That was the Ottoman dress code. It died off together with the ottoman empire and got revived again by the strict wahabi sect.. However, it is an interesting note that niqab is not allowed while performing Hajj, the sacred pilgrimage!

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  • Nicky McCatty

    LeRoy, it sounds like you’re just as willing to stereotype as the people you accuse of fabricating history. I hear a lot more rank inaccuracy and Islamophobia about the WWII era from gentiles than I do from Jews. Not all Jewish Americans are as well informed about the period as they ought to be, but nearly all the fabrication I hear comes from Limbaughland, not Brooklyn nor Brookline.

  • Sarajevo 1984

    but look at how this life savings are returned in Palestine :/

  • Amro

    I had no idea

  • mindy1

    Nice to hear those stories 😀

  • Suada

    Yes, the niqab was actually quite common in Bosnia-Herzegovina before the 1940s, though you will very rarely if ever see it now.

  • Debbie Young-Somers
  • mindy1

    Har har 😉

  • Jon Diamond

    All the Hollywood movies and TV shows written by Jews. Just kidding.

  • Dragonite

    One of the many delightful incidents of human kindness during the holocaust, regardless of faith or ethnicity.

  • CriticalDragon1177


    It sounds like she may well have saved her life. This was when the Nazis were mass murdering anyone who they even suspected of being Jewish.

  • mindy1

    Aww that’s great 😀 who says Muslims hate Jews 😀 😀

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