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Nelson Mandela: A Mujahid for Freedom

(18 July 1918 – 5 December 2013)

Mujahid means one who struggles and strives, Nelson Mandela was the epitome of righteous struggle. It is no wonder that he is reviled by racists and Islamophobes, nor is the fact that our own government kept him on the “terrorist watch-list” until 2008 surprising.

In the end, Mandela’s immortal deeds live on, it is us, the living who need to be awakened.

Mandela’s struggle against apartheid continues, as he was keen to remind us:

“We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.”

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  • mindy1

    horrible image D:

  • Reynardine

    Not “the U.S.”. Reagan. And meanwhile, I am profoundly thankful that he and Margaret Thatcher were too old to breed, though the existence of George W. Bush does make me wonder a little. ..

  • Reynardine

    They’ve been everywhere doing this stuff. They couldn’t stop it and they’ve gone blind.

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  • Sam Seed

    Stop being so hard on yourself. It’s affecting you mentally already, all I’m hearing from you is garbage.

  • Tighe McCandless

    Since no one has linked to this yet, that I know of, everyone’s current favorite dictator took to social media to express his admiration for Nelson Mandela a few days ago.

    Cognitive dissonance is an amazing thing.

  • Guess

    This isn’t the best thread to discuss this, but since you asked. I can’t speak for everyone Muslim, but it is a safe bet that lots and lots of Muslims detest the Saudi regime, and want them gone, as I’m sure you already witnessed many loonwatchers stating. After all, they (the Saudi regime) even managed to be Bin Laden’s number one enemy.

  • Christian-Friend

    Not to sound stupid, but if you were given the chance to nonviolently remove the Saud Family from power, would you do it?

  • golden izanagi

  • Christian-Friend


  • thormoz

    Commie terrorist, mass murderer. But then so is the typical mujahid.

  • Laila Muhammad

    perhaps his reward came here on earth ..he had respect he was famous he was elected president of his country….maybe he wae rewarded on earth

  • Laila Muhammad

    In 1997 mandela gave a speech at the islamic center at oxford u …he stated ‘let me take time to remember 4 south african muslims who died in prison for their support of the anc and our struggle for freedom and justice….imam haroun…babla saloojee ahmed timol..and dr hoosen hafejee.’….while western leaders find it profitable to demonize islam [military industrial complex] mandela thought it to be more profitable to bring different races and religions together,,r.i.p

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    What an inspiration and man of keen insight: “The Quranic injunction to rededicate ourselves to the resolute fight against any and all forms of injustice, tyranny and oppression is universal and strikes responsive chords in the hearts of people of all faiths.”

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  • Mehdi

    This man exemplified greatness, moderation, and his capacity of letting himself dragged down by hate. He was also very wise in choosing to step down after finishing his first mandate, few leaders could say the same.
    His only failure comes from the fact that the economical Apartheid is still there.

    The only thing that annoys me is to see so many celebrating him, as if he was always universally supporting, while forgetting to mention that most Western powers didn’t care much when he was in jail, David Cameron traveled to SA to support the regime and call against boycott, the US state department kept him in its terrorist until 2008, the French government (led by Jacques Chirac) sold nuclear plants to the SA regime back in the 70s, Margaret Thatcher considered him as a terrorist and had no issue with calling Pinochet a friend, etc. It’s ironic to notice that Mandela made his first post-jail visit outside Africa in Cuba as he considered Castro as one of his strongest supports, who remembers that now?
    He was also very vocal about the rights of the Palestinians, situation where he saw lots of similarities which SA’s, he often compared Marwane Barghouti to himself. Who will us remind of that now?

    There will be lots of hypocrisy in the coming days, but at least this is a late recognition of his wisdom, and the justice of his cause.

  • moraka

    Because the US used to support the apartheid regime.

  • Wanderer

    This man was no saint. He was human. Poignantly, relevantly, poetically human. And he showed us what humans can achieve. Hamba gahle, Tata Madiba, Mzantsi will miss you.

  • Heinz Catsup

    R.I.P. Mandela.

  • Guess

    May God grant him peace. And may God arise a Palestinian Nelson Mandela.

  • Guess

    I know, but it is sad reality he was considered “terrorist”, just like all those that wanted to liberate themselves from the chains of the still ongoing European American occupation, colonization and imperialism were always considered “terrorists”.

  • Laila Muhammad

    he supported the palestinian call for freedom and statehood….he spoke out against menachem begin [israel pm] support for s africa’s apartheid govts

  • Tighe McCandless

    Today, the world lost one of the greatest freedom fighters of the 20th century.

    That’s no understatement, either. He was the right man for the job at the time that he took office. It can’t be understated that South Africa could’ve had a much more unhappy fate than it did; Rhodesia is a good example of the opposite. He was in a position to hurt the ones that had treated him horribly, to hurt his former oppressors – and he chose not to. It takes a certain kind of person to suffer for 27 years and then to do their best to forgive those who hurt them. I doubt many in his position could claim that they would have taken the high road. The following statement isn’t mine, but I think it’s appropriate to share:

    “Nelson Mandela really deserves remembering today because he is one of the greatest people in history. When faced with cruelty and adversity, he practiced forgiveness and reconciliation. Like Gandhi, he became a model for people around the world showing that oppression need not be fought with more oppression, but with peace. While the “Great Men” of history tend to build their legacies on piles of bones, Nelson built his on a rejection of the worst impulses of mankind.”

    But it’s a well-deserved rest nonetheless.

  • mindy1

    WTF why was he on a terror watch list >:( pathetic

  • johnny z

    dr mandela was a great man, helped bring about the end of apartheid in south africa and was a purveyor for peace, equality and understanding everywhere

    “if people can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite”

    RIP dr. Mandela your worlds will forever resonate with us

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