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Saudi top cleric calls suicide bombers ‘criminals’

Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia

Don’t expect to see this “inconvenient” story circulating on anti-Muslim hate sites.

Saudi top cleric calls suicide bombers ‘criminals’

via Yahoo News

(H/T: Chameleon X)

Riyadh (AFP) – Saudi Arabia’s grand mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah al-Sheikh branded suicide bombers as “criminals” who will go to “hell,” Al-Hayat daily reported Thursday.

Suicide bombings are “great crimes” and bombers are “criminals who rush themselves to hell by their actions,” Sheikh said during a lecture in Riyadh a few days ago, according to Al-Hayat.

Sheikh described suicide bombers as “robbed of their minds… who have been used (as tools) to destroy themselves and societies.”

In February 2010, Sheikh denounced terrorism as un-Islamic and condemned the killing of civilians, saying such attacks have nothing to do with the Muslim religion.

His latest remarks come after a preliminary inquiry into a December 5 suicide car bombing and assault on a Yemen defence ministry complex found that most assailants were Saudis. Fifty-six people were killed in the attack.

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), which was formed from a merger of the jihadist network’s Saudi and Yemeni branches, has claimed responsibility for the attack.

On Tuesday, a Saudi court jailed an Al-Qaeda-linked jihadist for 16 years for plotting to kill Sheikh and other clerics.

Al-Qaeda and other jihadists view the religious establishment of Saudi Arabia as an extension of the state and largely disregard its rulings.

Saudi jihadists have been accused of numerous suicide attacks in Iraq, and 15 of the 19 perpetrators of the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States were Saudis.

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  • Karim El-houssami

    Seriously, this is not sufficient evidence. GO ahead and wallow in your stupidity.

  • Karim El-houssami

    No but many non-Muslims do need this as they live in and spread fear and hate against Islam. Maybe I’m being cynical but I am suffering from a lot of Islamophobic abuse and a non-Muslim guided the abusers to this website to prove them wrong so I’m guessing that’s the aim of the website.

  • Amie

    Interesting is that the kingdom is deciding to publicly wash their hands off of those they help “manufacture” with their extreme interpretations of Islam and Islamic Law.

  • moraka

    How about you prove that Islam has anything to do with a secular invention from the second half of the 19th century.
    Its funny that Muslims have to disprove at claim that you have no proof for.

  • AM24

    These wahabi clerics can’t be trusted at all. They call other Muslim groups unIslamic and people of bidah yet give their consent of approval to the saudi dictator family and their unIslamic activities and policies.

  • Sam Seed

    I must point out that your grammar sucks.

  • abdul rauf

    well my original account was banned. at least a red banner came up saying you are not

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