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Burma: Buddhists/Police Rape, Attempt to Force Convert Rohingya Muslim teen


The girl’s rape case is not the first for Burmese as a report last year claimed that many Rohingya women have been raped by the Burmese military.

Rohingya Muslim Girl Gang-Raped By Police

RAKHINE – Shocking reports have surfaced about a 16-year-old Rohingya Muslim girl who was gang-raped after being arrested by police after a deadly crackdown on a remote village in Rakhine state which left dozens dead.

“I remember it clearly. Just before dawn the first Rakhine man came in. He raped me,” the 16-year-old Rohingya Muslim girl told Anadolu Agency on Wednesday, February 5.

“Then the others came in, one by one. It was four Rakhine men, and three police officers.”

The girl’s misery started when she fled her home at Rakhine’s Du Chee Yar Tan village after it was set ablaze by Buddhist mobs.

Running for her life, she was arrested by police forces to start a new episode of humiliation and attacks.

After her illegal arrest the girl was not sent to the police station, they took her to a grocery shop.

“The police took me to a market place between Du Chee Yar Tan and the Rakhine Khayae Myuing village,” she said.

“They kept me in a grocery shop. Everything was locked,” she added.

In the grocery shop the girl was tortured by the police officers who failed to force her to convert to Buddhism.

“I said no, I refused to convert,” the girl said.

“They then beat me. I was slapped. Beaten with sticks,” she explained.

The girl’s rape followed the attack which was reported last month by UN humanitarian chiefs and human rights organizations .

The attack resulted in the massacre of at least 48 Rohingya Muslims, mostly women and children, in Burma’s western Rakhine State.

Official media and the Ministry of Information have strongly refuted the reports.

Yet, a Thailand-based NGO, the Arakan Project, said it had received multiple reports that dozens of Rohingya Muslims were killed by security forces and Arakanese Buddhists.

The incident, just the latest in a string of attacks that left at least 240 people dead and more than 140,000 homeless or displaced in prison-like camps, caused terror in the Muslim Yangon community.


After the incident, the 16-year-old girl couldn’t visit doctor as her family feared consequences.

The helpless family had given the girl a medicine to prevent pregnancy, which they got from a local makeshift pharmacy.

Seeking justice the complaining girl said: “I still remember their faces. I can point them out if I see them again.”

The girl’s rape case is not the first for Burmese as a report last year claimed that many Rohingya women have been raped by the Burmese military.

Described by the UN as one of the world’s most persecuted minorities, Rohingya Muslims are facing a catalogue of discrimination in their homeland.

They have been denied citizenship rights since an amendment to the citizenship laws in 1982 and are treated as illegal immigrants in their own home.

The Burmese government as well as the Buddhist majority refuse to recognize the term “Rohingya”, referring to them as “Bengalis”.

Rights groups have accused the Burmese security forces of killing, raping and arresting Rohingyas following the sectarian violence last year.

Hundreds of thousands of Muslims have been forced to flee their homes in western Burma since June after attacks from Buddhist mobs on their areas.

The violence has displaced nearly 29,000 people, more than 97 percent of whom are Rohingya Muslims, according to the United Nations.

Many now live in camps, adding to 75,000 mostly Rohingya displaced in June 2012, after a previous explosion of sectarian violence.

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  • 1DrM

    Running from reality…

  • Seeker

    Actually there is no reason I should take your criticism. Considering that I did not build India, or make it what it is today, I take recourse to neither criticism nor compliments.
    Like I said, you may feel free to denote it the filthiest. I can choose to accept or reject your views. And whether I do so objectively or not is certainly open to question and I personally don’t care.

  • Seeker

    On the trolling, yes. More people are waking up to the realisation, especially on FB where you find the trolls have few friends and no social life besides posting pro-Modi anti-AAP messages.

    Since I am an Indian, my first reaction was anger at your words. But while I have to accept that for you it may have been the filthiest, I would deny that being applicable to the whole of India. The cities are a mess, while the villages are the epitome of beauty and cleanliness. Obviously when labour is imported from poorer states and the labourers are not given proper housing and have to basically sleep on the road, what better can you expect? And when the government is corrupt from the top to the very last rung, who is going to care ?

  • 1DrM

    That’s because they are paid trolls, usually operating out of call centers. Hindutvas delude themselves with a narrative built on lies and propaganda. I visited India a few years ago, and it is by far the filthiest country ever, no civic culture whatsoever.

  • Talking_fish_head

    Have you ever thought of joining a comedy group, because your stuff is hilarious

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Just like the Greater Serb fascists. They too have this myth that once upon a time the northwestern end of the Byzantine Empire (and indeed in the times of Emperor Justinian most of what was Yugoslavia was ruled by the Byzantine Empire) was all Serb, and then, witht he Ottomans some people became Muslims and effectively took over; that somehow the descendants of those supposedly Serb Muslims got preferential treatment under Austrohungarian rule (actually the Habsburgs only prevented thenm from being killed and expelled as those Muslims in Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia had been, from 1804 to 1913) and under Tito (actually they were oppressed but then nobody noticed as all those who weren’t communists were oppressed too) and so now the Greater Serb lunatics are on a mission to establish Greater Serbia by, as you say, forced conversion or kill or subjugate policy;

    or after 1995, by thrying to ghettoize the Muslims . Those lunatics also say “you shouldn’t have destroyed Yugoslavia” while conveniently forgetting that it was the Serb ultranationalists themselves who destroyed Yugoslavia and that it carried within itself the seeds of its own destruction.
    But that’s beside teh point. The point is, if they, and the Kosovo Albanians too, had remained under Serb rule, be it by just snot trying to get their independence, or by having been totally defeated by the Serbs, then today they would be not in the same situation the Palestinians are, but the one in which the Rohingya or the Uighurs (not to forget the Tibetans) find themselves. The same teh Spanish Muslims found themselves in after 1492. The very real danger of complete annihilation.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    We live under the misconception that this is an ideal world, and that Man is good by nature and should there fore be “noble, helpful and kind”. Most people are not that. We do not live in the best of all worlds. For most it’s the worst possible world. It is so that Man is good when he’s a newborn but that society turns him into evil. On this world evil prevails because those who most covet power are exactly those who least deserve to have it. Evil thugs and robbers grab power and oppress others because we let them. To quote Winston Churchill: “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Might makes right. Small fish are eaten by the big fish. The worm is eaten by the chicken, the chicken is eaten by the fox, man goes after the fox and the devil after man. The path of evil is that of least resistance. So will it be until the day of Judgment. The few handfuls of decent human beings and the truly innocent who were murdered, will have Paradise all to themselves (maybe that’s the point of it, to get away from the crowds) and the overwhelming majority of people will be cast into the Fire and that will be the end of it.

  • Seeker

    The religion is the same. People are, as always, the problem

  • Seeker

    My friend, I won’t pretend to understand the pain of your people having never undergone a genocide. But I do not think everything will always be clearly divided on an ‘us vs them’ paradigm.
    “…nor should they expect anybody from outside to help them.” This is something that all troubled nations across the world need to understand. Help is not coming from outside. But again, whether anything can be done even upon the realisation is uncertain.
    “And get rid of any and all of their leaders who aren’t prepared to do that.” See, with notions like that is how the oppressed turn into oppressors. But again, knowing little of the situation , perhaps I am not the person to comment on this.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    “Never again genocide” they said after 1945. But since then it has been “Always genocide”. It is for example, up to the Bosniaks themselves, and nobody else, to see that it never happens again. And they will not achieve this with nice words, or with promises and guarantes they are given by the EU or the UN or some such, nor should they expect anybody from outside to help them. The only thing that effectively prevents genocide is PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH. If that means that people must live by a Spartan code then so be it: All Bosniak males from age 16 to 66, and those females who wish to join them should have to absolve military service. Which would include six weeks of basic instruction during high school, vocational school or university (and be a precondition for getting a university degree or holding a job relevant for national security) and 46 weeks of general military service (to complete one year); and subsequently four weeks of training each year, for which work and education times should be adjusted accordingly. They should keep their uniform and equipment at home (but be issued live ammunition only for target practice or in times of national emergency.)
    And not only that. In order to repel an invasion which would follow the same patten as on Crimea right now, they will need air superiority and a brown-water navy to control the river Sava. And all kinds of mobile heavy weapons. They should furthermore study not only their own history and analyze the war of 1992-95 to find out their weak and strong points (and correct their weak points accordingly) but also the history of Al Andalus. And how the Zionists and the Vietminh achieved turning irregular and ill-equipped guerilla and underground forces into a formidable regular army. Also learn about Operation Gladio and the Air-Land Battle. Because else they will never prevail against an enemy which outnumbes them four to one.

    Bosnian Muslims were about 7% in Yugolsavia. If Milosevic had triumphed, the handful or so of surviving Bosniaks would now find themselves not in the (alerady unenviable) situation the Palestinians are in, but in the desperate situation the Rohingya are in. They should remember this always and think of future generations. It’s no good to plan ahead until next elections as most foolish politicians do.

    It’s no good to build a house and invest much time, money and effort in it if I don’t know whether my great-great-grandchildren might be run out of it by pig-faced thugs, just because they are what they are. A wise leader will strive to plan ahead for a much longer period of time. Sure, it is difficult to try and plan ahead for, say, 100 years. But if one’s people is to have a future, one must try. And get rid of any and all of their leaders who aren’t prepared to do that.

  • Seeker

    “While at the same time making sure they can never harm one again.” Except that the future is not in our hands.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Yes, one should always behave with more chivalry and decency than one’s enemies.

  • Seeker

    If Muslims have the upper hand at any point of time, there is absolutely nothing we can do to prevent atrocities that will take place when we are at the receiving end. What we should do, is stay true to Islam and deal honourably with people at all times. For everything is a test.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Thank you Tanveer. I feel much better now.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Like I said, if it comes to hostilities between Muslims and non-Muslims and if Inshaalah the Muslims have the upper hand they should not rob and dispossess the non-Muslims nor reduce them to being second-class citizens. While at the same time making sure that the Muslim presence say in Bosia-Herzegovina or of the Crimean Tatars is never again chellenged. Because history has shown over the centuries and most recently from the 1990s until todeay that when the non-Muslims have the upper hand it’s “vae victis” for Muslims!

  • Tanveer Khan

    I’m really confused. Why would Hindu fanatics want a Caliphate? XD

  • Tanveer Khan

    Just because I object to such notions he smears me as a “jihadists”

    Brilliant. You can now join the “Jihadi” Club. Welcome Sir!

  • Sam Seed

    Thanks for that info!

  • Seeker

    Hell man seriously ! They are all over the internet !

  • Seeker

    Yes, that code was applied. By those whose faith was real.
    No matter what the other side does/did. Times and circumstances change. But not the principles of Islam. And if we cannot hold on to those principles, what really is the point in us saying that “we believe”?

  • Friend of Bosnia

    I wonder if that code of conduct ever was applied. And especially in our times war more oftne than nottargets noncombatants and civilians because it’s about dispossessing and extermnating a people and taking over ethir loand and tehir belongings, so for those people “anythinggoes”. That cruel logic should be applied tothem: I’d say “they are a danger to us. It’s not that we want to dispossess or rob them, but we will render them harmless. If that means killing, say, half, or even 9/10 of them, then, sadly, so be it. Of course only if they are the ones who attack first.”

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Thank you. I could say read his diatribe to me on Aljazeera.con Jasmin Mujanovic’s article “It’s Spring at last in Bosnia-Herzegovina”. But it would do that serbo fascist sewer rat too much honor to waste so much time on him.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Yes, they do. Even though the swastika predates the (mis)use as the Nazi symbol by centuries. But still it makes my skin crawl every time I see it, as a religious symbol in a Hindu place or on a city map to denote a Hindu or Buddhist temple…

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Why yes, like the Greater Serb fantasts who always say about Bosniaks and Croats what pleases them. One momentr they are “Nazis and ustase and Turks” to them, the next “islamicized or Catholic Serbs”. Stupid hypocrites.

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