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Crimea, Ukraine: Serbian Chetnik Militias Arrive to Aide Russia


“This was also announced on Serb BNTV on 3/5th. These chetnicks are still hoping they can start a war with Bosnian Muslims. The fact that they will fight against Tatar Muslims in Ukraine if necessary  is an indirect message to Bosnian Muslims. The western media is silent about this terrorist organization. What if Bosnian Muslims went to defend Tatar Muslims? They would be called terrorists.”

(h/t: Amela Lulic)

EXCLUSIVE Javi Chetniks from the Crimea: We’re here to fight with Our brothers!

Sevastopol – At the invitation of a Russian fraternal organization the Chetnik movement is assisting in the Crimea in Ukraine. The Chetnik movement quickly formed a squad called, “Prince Lazar,” under the command of Bratislava Zivkovic, in a record time of three days, he found himself in the Crimea, said the Chetniks from Ukraine.

To Semfiropolisa they came from three different directions, via Russia, Bulgaria and Turkey.

“Members of the Chetnik movement are based in a monastery in the Crimea, and so far have successfully fulfilled all the tasks set,” said the Chetnik movement.

At the invitation of Russian Cossacks, President of the Movement Bratislav Zivkovic has been sent to the Crimea, together with his deputy Milutin Mališića četovođom of the Chetnik guards known as the Wolves, which is part of the Chetnik movement.

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  • Amie

    Well said.

  • Amie

    I wonder who all those thousands of Serbs really were, considering that you forced people to declare themselves as Serbs, Croats and undecided. No Muslim was allowed to declare himself publicly as Muslim until 1968 in Yugoslavia. So, perhaps thousands of Serbs did perish in, what I believe to be, the Holocaust of Yugoslav Serbs, Jews, Gypsies and others, but I would bet anything that many of those “Serbs” were not really Serbs after all!

  • Amie

    No, the Ottomans brought you to Bosnia as their servants. Majority of the Bosnian population before Ottomans was Catholic and heretic Christians.

  • Amie

    Myth: 80% Yugoslav Partisans were Serbs

    Posted: March 8, 2011 in Bosnian Muslims and Jews, Jews and Bosniaks, Jews and Bosnian Muslims

    Tags: Antifascist Partisans Anti-fascist Partisans, Bosnia, bosniaks, bosnian muslims, Croatia, holocaust, Independent State of Croatia, Josip Broz, Josip Broz Tito, Marshal Josip Broz Tito, Muslims by Nationality, Second World War, serbia, Tito, world war ii, yugoslav partisans, Yugoslavia
    Original caption for this photograph in LIFE Magazine of 6 December 1943, p.88, reads:
    Partisan schoolchildren, who were photographed by British Navy Lieut.
    Lambton Burn, wear red star on white caps and give clenched-fist salute.
    Notice the brightness of these Croat Dalmatian faces. The Croats,
    though they have always been political underdogs in Yugoslavia, are more
    citified than the war-like people of the mountains. The Communist
    movement among them is nationalistic and even religious, and the
    Communists are only one of the antifascist groups which work together.
    This represents a kind of New Deal for Yugoslavia.

    historians frequently allege that 80 percent of all members of the
    Yugoslav Partisan army were Serbs. Communist leader Josip Broz Tito
    reportedly claimed that the national composition of the Partisan army in
    1944 was 44 percent Serb and only 2.5 percent “Moslem.” Dr. Marko Hoare
    estimated that in Bosnia and Herzegovina — in the entirety of the war —
    the Bosnian Partisans were 64.1 percent Serb, 23 percent Muslim, and
    8.8 percent Croat. In reality, no reliable data exists to support any of the above allegations.

    In World War II, virtually all “Muslims” (Bosniaks) who fought in the
    ranks of the anti-fascist Marshal Tito’s Partisans were mistakenly
    considered to be ethnic “Serbs,” because Yugoslav authorities refused to
    recognize Bosniaks as a distinct ethnic group and prohibited them from
    using their own Bosnian language (“Serbo-Croat” was an official
    language). The policy of “denial of a nation” would continue well into
    post-war period.

    It was only
    after the withdrawal of the Germans and the overthrow of the Nazi
    Serbian collaborationist regime of Milan Nedic in October 1944 that the
    Serbs in Serbia began to join the anti-fascist Partisans in large
    numbers (see Table, from Philip Cohen’s book “Serbia’s Secret War“). These
    new Yugoslav Partisans included tens of thousands of former Nazi
    collaboratorationist Serbian Chetniks responding to Marshal Tito’s
    promises of amnesty.

    There is no
    figure for the ethnic composition of anti-fascist Partisans in
    Bosnia-Herzegovina, but overall, it is reasonable to conclude that
    majority of them came from the ranks of Bosnia’s predominant Muslim

    According to Philip J. Cohen and David Riesman,

    “In the
    beginning, when the Partisan movement was small in number, Serbs
    comprised the majority of the rank and file in Croatia and
    Bosnia-Herzegovina. By 1943, when the movement further expanded, the
    majority of Partisans in Croatia were Croats (no figure for the ethnic breakdown of the Partisans in Bosnia-Herzegovina are available).
    By the end of 1943, Croatia proper — which contained about 24 percent
    of the Yugoslav population — had provided more Partisans than Serbia,
    Montenegro, Slovenia, and Macedonia, which combined, made up 59 percent
    of Yugoslavia’s population… Overall, from 1941 to 1945, the Partisans of Croatia were 61 percent Croat and 28 percent Serb, the rest comprising Slovenes, Muslims, Montenegrins, Italians, Hungarians, Czechs, Jews, and Volksdeutsche.” (quote from “Serbia’s Secret War”, p.95)

    Finally, in
    1968 the Constitution of the newly-formed Yugoslavia was amended to
    recognize “Muslims” as a distinct nation within Bosnia-Herzegovina, but
    the use of the historic term “Bosniak” continued to be prohibited. The
    Yugoslav “Muslim by nationality” policy was considered by Bosniaks to be
    neglecting and opposing their Bosnian identity because the term tried
    to describe Bosniaks as a religious group not an ethnic one.

  • Amie

    Obey, Obey–the reason for Chetnik medals that you mention is that Chetniks successfully played the allies and Nazis to ethnically cleanse the territory of non-Orthodox Christians and non- fascist Serbs. You speak as if ALL Bosnian Muslims were with Ustashas. Out of thousands of Muslims in Bosnia, you mention a 40,000 Nazis that called themselves Muslims. Like many other non-Serbs, Muslims fought Nazis too ( Some of the most notable names are Esad Midzic, Ajsa Karabegovic (yes, a Muslim woman), Hasan Brkic (who was renamed to “Aco” so the Serb partisans do not have an issue), etc. One has to keep in mind too that in the WWII Yugoslavia, Muslims were NOT ALLOWED to declare themselves Muslims. For population census, they were to declare themselves as: Serbs, Croats, Yugoslav or undecided. Therefore, the large population of Serbs in the partisans may not be as accurate as many Serbs proclaim it to be. If Bosnia had 2.2 million people and out of those about 30% were Muslims (as per Wikipedia), then there were supposedly 660,000 Bosnian Muslims. That would me that your supposed 40,000 fascist Muslims would be about 6% of the whole population. Simply not enough to claim that ALL Bosnian and Yugoslav Muslims supported the Nazis.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Your comment once again has proved, as if I didn’t know already, that for most, Cetniks, like all other genocidals, fascists and xenophobes, are nothing but hypocritical, cowardly, idiotic simpletons.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    The fact that your last comment to me was removed is proof enough to me that you and those of your ilk have nothing, but absolutely NOTHING to stand on.
    And here they have much more largesse about comments than on Balkaninsight so it must have really been beyond good and evil, fascist, xenophobic, genocidal hate speech.
    The anti-Bosniak crusaders go on repeating their war propaganda of “Neo
    Ottomanism” and what not but that doesn’t make it a bit truer.

    As for the cetnik fiends now in Crimea, if they’re only five they won’t amount to much; their presence is only symbolic (shambolic?) but the symbol is enough.

    What worries me most is that the Crimean Tatars are likely to find themselves in the same unenviable situation the Rohingya of Burma are in, helpless and defenseless against an overwhelming mob who want to rob and exterminate them; and if the Bosniaks hadn’t chosen independence that’s exactly the same situation they’d be in today. So much for those malevolents who say “Bosniaks should have stayed within Yugoslavia”. Serbo-Slavia most likely.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    That is unfortunately true.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Always the same cetnik war propaganda ploy: to present yourselves – the aggressor, JNA soldiers and cetniks of all denominations – as the true victim, and your victims – mostly Bosniak civilians and prisoners – as the culprit.
    Nothing of what you have said is an exoneration for Serb crimes commited against Bosniaks since 1804.
    But if you lot want to see it that way, beware – someday the boot might be on the other foot.
    And then, even if it be in 500 years, and even though I myself find it morally objectionable to commit any act of violence on people over atrocities which were committed against one’s own people a long time ago, well, others might not have so much forbearance. Then your evil words and deeds will come back to haunt you.
    By your statement you are contributing to seal the fate of future generations of Bosnian Serbs, and I for one won’t grieve for them.
    There is no need to try to convince me otherwise. I know the base mentality of you people, and besides that it’s all just a pretext for you, to rob the Bosniaks of their land, their belongings, their dignity and their lives, so what you say is the vilest and basest justification, it has been refuted for over 20 years now. That you repeat it again and agian only shows your moral and intellectual shortcomings clearly, besides that you have nothing to stand on.
    Even in the time of Stefan Dusan, Bosnia was NOT a province or vassal of Serbia.
    The Bosnian Serbs have lived in Bosnia for 300 years, since the Ottomans settled them there in great numbers. They are distinct from the Serrb s of Serbia proper.
    With their doings and their ideas, from 1991 until today, most Bosnian Serbs have forfeited all their rights in Bosnia. Bosniaks will only accept those Serbs who have been on the Bosnian side during the war, and those who are on the Greater Serbia side, if they don’t like Bosniaks, are free to go to Serbia or to Russia.
    I’m not interested in debating those things with you because you will never be able to convince me of your standpoint, that it is right for Serbs to commit genocide against Muslims. For whatever reason, and that includes whatever wrongs the Turks, the Austrohungarians or the Nazis, or Tito’s communists, may have done to your people in centuries and decades past.
    Because if we apply your logic to YOU, then it means that I can come and slap (or punch) your little son in his face over something your great-great-great-great-grandfather did to mine way back in 1840. That is an evil, cowardly, foul, indecent way of thinking. Yet you lot seem to find no wrong doing that to Muslims, just like the Spaniards of the 15th to 17th century didn’t find anything wrong doing that to the Muslims of that time and place.
    That’s because all your life you have been taught that you, for being Christians, or of Christian background, are always right, are the good ones, and we, for being Muslims, must be always wrong, the evil ones.
    Then it is impossible to live in peace with you lot because you will only be waiting for the next opportunity to rob and exterminate us, and we must therefore render you lot harmless so that you won’t be able to harm us. It’s as simple as that. I will impress that necessity on my children and grandchildren.

    You should be banned from this site. because this is to expose and condemn Islamophobia/Islamophobes, and NOT a platform for twerps like you to glorify it/them. So kindly stick your anti-Bosniak war propaganda where it belongs. Go scereech at grayfalcon or serbianna where you’ll be among your cetnik friends.
    As for me, I will do all I can that Bosnia-Herzegovina will be free of cetniks.

    And as for the cetniks come to Crimea, undoubtedly to rob and kill Crimean Tatars (I mean whom else, seeing that Russians and Ukrainians are both Orthodox?), may they never see again their homes and their loved ones. May they find a sticky end.


  • Obey Obey

    somehow you refuse to talk about your crimes. about 700 000 killed Serbs civilians mostly from Bosnia in WW2, about 1/3 killed Serbian population in WW1 where you Muslims participate as members of Austrian Hungarian Devils division . they call you Devils cos of brutal crimes on civilians you made . also you forgot to talk about Serbian victims in last war . 92 000 overall victims was in Bosnia among them 36 000 Serbs. someone kill those Serbs too they dont die alone . but yes again you continue to cry around like you was only victim . pathetic lies

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Serbs are not the Chosen People.
    Keep it up, all this will be held aginst your descendants

  • Obey Obey

    Serbs was already in Bosnia before any Crescent comes to Europe. so it is not possible for Serbs to attack they own ancient home. so what makes you to talk those stupid things ?

  • Friend of Bosnia

    The Cross will never chase the Crescent out of Bosnia.
    You pathetic liar. Serbs attacked Bosnia, not the other way round. So you really believe you are invincible? What makes you believe that?

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Hi Jacob, too bad you’re still alive and screeching…

  • Friend of Bosnia

    I hope to see that realized in all of Bosnia-Herzegovina someday. Needless to say that it must be a state of all its citizens regardless of their religious orientation. And having said that, the anti-Muslim twerps still smear me as “jihadist”. Those evil fools.

  • moraka

    They should ask the question. What happens the day that the Muslims successfully manage to build a real state independent of Western neocolonialist control. Saying sorry will not help them.

  • Reynardine


  • mindy1

    I feel things will be worse before they get better

  • Friend of Bosnia

    The fact that they will fight against Tatar Muslims in Ukraine if
    necessary is an indirect message to Bosnian Muslims. The western media
    is silent about this terrorist organization. What if Bosnian Muslims
    went to defend Tatar Muslims? They would be called terrorists.”

    But of course. As I have said so often, the crusades, the reconquista go on and on. That includes not only the crusades of the middle ages and the reconquista and subsequent ethnic cleansing of the Iberian peninsula from Muslims, incurtsions against North Africa in the 16th and 17th centuries, the dismantling of the Ottoman Empire, the Sykes-Picot Treaty, the Balfour Declaration, Palestine, the wars against Bosniaks and Chechens, the GWOT, counter-revolution in Egypt, genocide against the Rohingya, in the CAR, oppression of the Uyghurs, genocide and culturicide in Syria, now soon the ethnic cleansing of the Crimean Tatars, the list goes on and on.- Christianofascist supremacist swine who think that Muslims are just vermin in the same way the nazis think Jews are vermin. And who commit robbery in the bargain. Because the crusades are before all about robbery. And if the victims m frankly disgusted at this world and at mankingd as a whole.- Life is wasted on the living.

  • LiesYouTell
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