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Fascist group entering mosques and handing out inflammatory literature


Fascist group entering mosques and handing out inflammatory literature

A group purporting to be on a ‘Muslim anti-grooming campaign’ are entering mosques and handing out inflammatory literature.

In the latest video posted on the Britain First website members of the group can be seen standing inside a mosque in Bolton. They then hand over inflammatory and anti-Muslim leaflets to a mosque member.

On the website it states the team visited mosques in Bolton, Oldham, Rochdale and Burnley. They end the video by visiting the home address of Gordon Birtwistle MP, Burnley MP who was quoted in an article earlier this month criticising the group.

As well as the Golden Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre in Rochdale, members of the group visit the Jamiyat Tabligh-ul-Islam mosque in Oldham and the Madina Mosque in Bolton.

It comes on the back of a video, revealed on the Asian Image website, which sees them visiting Councillor Salim Mulla, the Mayor of Blackburn with Darwen’s home last month. Coun Mulla had said: “Luckily, no-one opened the door. I have seen the literature in question and I am appalled by it. I am going to hand it to the police. This is a fascist group and no-one should entertain them.”

The group is led by chairman and former British National Party member Paul Golding.

Asian Image, 21 March 2014

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  • Amie

    I would tear it all up in pieces and laugh in their faces, showing them where the doors out are.

  • Omar_the_Egyptian

    Nur Alia binti Ahmad : That’s what I do.

  • rookie

    Yeah, I would really like to challenge them – to an jiu jitsu appointment…its been a long time…

  • mindy1

    To these people I say GET A LIFE and leave people alone.

  • Nur Alia binti Ahmad

    That is why you have a rubbish bin nearby. You take the literature, and throw it away…right before their eyes. That is what I do all the time.

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Most Muslims would probably welcome visitors to a mosque, even haters, but these fascists are coming to make a propaganda point and hence should be challenged.

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