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Victoria Jackson says she is fighting for the ‘soul of America’


Victoria Jackson says she is fighting for the ‘soul of America’

When a Muslim, Daoud Abudiab, moved in near Victoria Jackson’s suburban neighborhood, she responded with a post on her website titled, “Civilization Jihad, Hits Home (my back yard, literally).”

It’s one of several anti-Islamic entries on the former “Saturday Night Live” star’s site. Abudiab said, “She has friends who support her in making Williamson County a scary place to live for some of us.”

Jackson, for her part, feels right at home here – maybe more than she did in the New York limelight. She has applied her familiar high-pitched voice to a combative brand of politics, which she hopes will take her to a seat on the County Commission this summer. “He’s afraid of me?!” she wrote in her Web article, which included statistics claiming large numbers of terror attacks committed in the name of Islam and none by other religions. “According to these statistics, I should be afraid of him!”

Jackson, 54, says she’s fighting what she sees as “a spiritual battle over the soul of America,” and in doing so has joined protests against building a mosque in Murfreesboro and against a public discussion hosted by the American Muslim Advisory Council.

Abudiab is director of the Islamic Center of Columbia, which in February 2008 was tagged with swastikas and “white power” and burned to the ground by white supremacists, two of whom were associated with the Christian Identity Movement. Abudiab moved to Williamson County for the schools and “a safe environment” for his son, who had been bullied by his Maury County classmates because of his religion. “I would love to issue her an invitation to come to our home and have dinner and then she could judge for herself if we are scary people or not,” Abudiab said.

The Tennessean, 19 March 2014

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  • Amie

    Gee, I wonder what Native Americans thought when the white men moved in next door….

  • Jekyll

    Yes perhaps the sentiment is there, but I still think the direct correspondence is a bit over the top…

  • Glorfindel

    Actually it’s not if you read what happened to the Jews of Europe before the second world war pre-WWI and the Inter-War years you’ll realise that ‘similar’ types of ‘otherisations’ are being done to Muslims in polite society, Tsarist Russia published the protocols and people like Henry Ford believed in a vast Jewish Conspiracy to take over the world, there was the Dreyfus Affair in France, these set the ground for the fecund breeding of European Anti-Semitism. the Nazis and Hitler didn’t appear in a Vacuum they appear in history as a direct result of the misdeeds of their immediate past, and in the background of greater concerns (then = Great Depression, Great War, British/French/Hapsburgs/Ottoman Empire Builders, Autocracies Declining, Bolshevism) the air was thick with Jew Baiting, similar to what we have today (now = World Wide Financial Collapse, Multiple Wars to Replace a Single Great one, American/Chinese/Indian/Russian/EU Empire Builders, Declining Power in the Northern Hemisphere and Terrorism). Where Bolshevism was linked to Jews and their particular world wide conspiracy, we have terrorism being linked to Muslims and their particular world wide conspiracy…I am sure people like Henry Ford thought he was saving white/christian/western/american society from the Jews, this women probably thinks the same, though Henry Ford was of greater benefit to the world as a whole then whatever it is that this tragedy of a women was famous for. All of this happens in the open of so-called polite society, like the Jews so to for the Muslims.

    Just to finish Hitler was also saving the soul of his people/race/country from a group of others and we all know how that turned out…

  • Laila Muhammad

    15000 murders per yr in usa [justice dept figs]….thats 195,000 murders of judeo christians by judeo christians since 9/11…..he should be afaid of her

  • Laila Muhammad

    this is how the holocaust started…demonizing jews until the hate reached a tipping point

  • sasboy

    Doesn’t she have the option of moving to a different neighbourhood ? This is one case of “white flight” I would welcome.

  • RenKiss

    Or Ms. Jackson, you could move. Just sayin’.

  • mindy1

    Methinks she’s a few neurons short of a monkey 😛 she would not know a soul if she saw one >:(

  • Reynardine

    I thought you said the chickens’ underwear drawer. Well, that, too.

  • John Smith

    “According to these statistics, I should be afraid of him!”

    You know when someone spews this type of logic, they are beyond all hope.

  • Ahmed

    She is fighting for the soul of anti America. If you don’t like the religious freedom your country offers then go to a time and place that is as close minded as you. 11th century Europe is good for you.

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