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KKK: We Aren’t Hatefilled Terrorists, We Are Peaceful Christians


Just last month the KKK (which has seen an increase in membership) was dropping off leaflets in Virginia on people’s lawns, claiming they aren’t hate-filled terrorists but peaceful Christians.

Now with the horrific and saddening terrorist attack on Jewish centers in Kansas the hoodies have been torn off and once again we see what kind of terrorist threat they still pose to the USA. One wonders why the FBI didn’t catch this one? Why is there a continued  focus on Muslims that only feeds anti-Muslim hysteria?

KKK: We Aren’t Hateful, We’re Christians:

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  • Omar_the_Egyptian

    ” The Iranians are thrilled about that, I’m sure”

    Yes! finally someone other than me who uses that anti- white supremacist argument other then me. I actually explained this to a white supremacist online who said Muslims are inferior b/c they’re brown. I told him that what most white supremacists advertise them selves: Aryans and Caucasians when you actually look at what those two groups really are they are Muslim Majority!

  • Anonymous

    White supremacists aren’t the smartest people so I wouldn’t expect them to get it.

    It was a Joke, I remember the time when Fox-“news” did a segment about how Santa and Jesus are white men

    Here’s the video if you’re interested

  • Tighe McCandless

    Well, technically no (though I get what you’re saying here); it’s true that many Arabs would probably be closer to what Jesus looked like (or is said to have looked like) than the guy commonly portrayed in a lot of art today. Not that that’s going to stop white supremacists, really. After all, this is the same group of people who believe that Jesus’ message was only for them. He came to save all Aryans everywhere, don’tcha know?

    The Iranians are thrilled about that, I’m sure.

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  • Omar_the_Egyptian

    buy now and get some pyramids in giza half off!!! 🙂

  • Peeper

    I’ve actually told one white supremicist, he ignored the point. Denialism.

  • mindy1

    They would just deny it

  • Anonymous

    I would love to see their reaction when they find out that Jesus was an AY-RAB

  • Peeper

    White supremcy who worship brown skinned Jesus. Ironic.

  • mindy1

    Anyone who believes that I have a bridge in brooklyn to sell along with cold fusion instructions… in all seriousness they are not good anything let alone Christians >:(

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