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There’s No Difference Between Bill Maher And Fox News When It Comes To Islam And Muslims


Bill Maher, a self-proclaimed “9/11 Liberal” has a history of Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism, claiming falsely that Islam and Muslims are: uniquely more violent than practitioners of other faiths, the Bible is less violent than the Qur’an, there are “too many Mohammads” in the West and he is fearful they will “takeover,” Arab men (who he interchanges with Muslims) are all horrible to women, and women cannot vote in 19 out of 22 Arab states. Maher is also a staunch supporter of Obama’s drone assassination programand is on record defending Geert Wilders.

Video: Bill Maher or Fox News? “Am I, am I racist?”

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  • Jason Clark

    See, if you ask someone who self describes as just “an agnostic”, they are likely using the broad definition of agnostic. “I don’t know”, as in a complete lack of certainty. No belief, either way. They are also more likely to use a narrow definition of atheist.

    If you ask someone who thinks of themselves of a broad definition atheist, first, they may describe themselves as “agnostic”, regarding gods, using a narrow definition as a qualifying word. “I don’t know”, as in a lack of complete certainty. Narrow definition agnostic is compatible with having beliefs.

    Maher has said he considers Dawkins like minded. Dawkins is an agnostic strong/positive atheist, using broad definition atheist and narrow definition agnostic. Or, just an atheist, using the narrow definition of atheist, and not an agnostic, using the broad definition of agnostic.

    Maher and Dawkins would occupy the belief gods do not exist, but don’t claim to know, positions, and not be considered agnostics, by people using labels on the right.

  • Mehdi

    I think that Harris should stick to topics he understands, I heard he was a good scientist and it may be true, but he knows next to nothing on Islam and other religions, so not credible on that part. My other problem is his neocon activism.

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  • Mehdi

    It takes guts to show up in these shows and respond to that madness.

  • jameyfan

    no it’s not okay when he rants against any religion.

  • jameyfan

    Where did he say Islam is peace and America is not about hate?? I didn’t see that at all and I just saw all his videos above.

  • 1DrM

    Too late to deny what you are.

  • Guess

    In this above video with Asad Abukhalil, its funny to watch how he cleverly opposite ‘peace’ with ‘hate’. He is basically saying that if Islam is “peace”? then America is not about “hate”. Ok fine, but isn’t usually the opposite of ‘peace’, war? and thus as such can he still hold that America is not at “war” ?

  • Cengiz_K

    imo, I seen that before with such lunatics, it’s a slip of the tongue.. People like him get their ideas from somewhere(!).. I’d like to know, who he was thinking of when he was saying “we”.. Another feature of his ilk is the cowardice, he won’t say no more, or he would admit being a sorry a** shill… But this way he clearly feels good about himself, albeit he is on the wrong side of history like those before him.. Diagnosis: mentally unstable..

  • Guest

    i bet he’s one of them.

  • Cengiz_K

    …but we all…
    time to be frank, who is “we”?

  • Nikos Dandoulakis

    And the ad hominem continues.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I enjoy watching both

  • I’m glad you made and posted this. Bill Maher is insufferable, and this video only scratched the surface of how many anti-Muslim comments he’s made. Even last friday he did it again during the Overtime segment (and waited for Keith Ellison to leave in the prior episode before he made snide comments about Muslims blowing people up).

  • Guess

    Actually I’ve meet couple of intolerant agnostics in my college years. Although they were fairly neutral on God, they weren’t so neutral when it came to religion in general, at times even adopting militant atheist position that says religion pass it course, or that much of the problems facing the word would disappear if religion vanish and so on. But as far as similarities goes, I think agnostics are more closer to atheists in their stand regarding God, religion etc – though they still hold the “I don’t know” position and are less radical than the latter, than they are to religious folks version.

  • jameyfan

    you must be looking for some ass whooping to insult Islam on this site. lol You must not have anything better to do you poor thing!

  • Heinz Catsup

    Both are equally great.

  • adc714

    so one has to agree lock stock and barrel not to be considered a “troll”? typical islamic response

  • adc714

    look, you can call it hatred or whatever you want, but we all know that there is something very wrong within islam…just keep your head buried in the sand and pretend that its always some other groups fault, or “racism” or “islamaphobia”, but it just seems really curious that …oh never mind. the supporters on this site are never gonna change my mind and im never gonna change their minds…i’ll just keep observing and shaking my head

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    He definitely opened a huge can of whoop ass on all of them. the amount of racism and jingoism at the time, October 2001 was crazy.

  • Heinz Catsup

    Maher’s an A1 bastard all around. He even enjoys being malicious to the mentally retarded/deficient such as Trig Palin whom we all know as Sarah Palins son with Down Syndrome whom, as much as I despise her personally and consider her a f-cking psychopath not too far off from Geller & her ilk, I would NEVER direct insults toward but rather sympathize with for having been born into and living with such a family.

    Oh, & using the cast of Toddlers & Tiaras for your crew members (I think) with yourself as Honey Boo Boo in a video at the emmys last year was rather mean-spirited too since pretty much all those girls are innocent and have more or less been scarred for life as a result of their mothers forcing them into such beauty pageants.

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