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Two Peas in A Pod: Tarek Fatah and Robert Spencer


By Emperor

Yesterday we tweeted a link to our article on the NYPD abandoning one of its spy on Muslims units,

In reply, the UK based journalist Sunny Hundal asked why Tarek Fatah was an “Islamophobia enabler.” A fair question for someone who may be unfamiliar with Fatah. I think however that support for the NYPD surveillance program, teaming up with Zuhdi Jasser and Rep. Peter King are evidence enough that Fatah supports Islamophobia.

In fact there’s such a plethora of evidence on Fatah’s support for Islamophobia that we didn’t even know where to start!

We first mentioned how Fatah is a regular on his pal, the ultra-Zionist, extremely Islamophobic, Michael Coren’s Sun News show and also the fact that Coren is a huge supporter of Spencer and Geller. Maybe this wasn’t the best place to begin. Taken alone this might not be enough to convince someone unaware of Fatah’s history of support for Islamophobic causes, right-wing politicians and forwarding of loony conspiracies.

We should have began by pointing out that Fatah has supported veil bans, opposed the so-called “Ground Zero mosque” (calling it a “deliberate provocation, aimed at ‘thumbing the nose at infidels,'” thereby feeding the hysterical fear-mongering at the time), slandered Muslims left and right as plotting to take over the federal and local governments of the USA and Canada, claimed that Dalia Mogahed was “an MB member from Egypt,” accused Tariq Ramadan of coming to Canada over Labour Day weekend “to propagate the Muslim Brotherhood credo of ‘destroying the West from within’.”

Of course there is so much more that could be highlighted to expose how Fatah fear-mongers about Islam and Muslims, provides cover for Islamophobes and their conspiracies but that will be the subject of a longer article. It should be noted that when we challenged Fatah over these issues he magically turned silent.

Fatah exclaimed incredulity that he could be mentioned in the same vein as Rev. Deacon Robert Spencer,


Apparently Fatah wasn’t “privy” to what we’ve written about him even though we directly tagged him in our Tweets with links and all.

Fatah’s assertions were contradicted by Rev. Deacon Robert Spencer himself, who states that Fatah was an admirer of his “work.”


Of course, Spencer is not exactly known for his honesty and so we will have to wait and see what video he produces. However, considering the fact that there isn’t much difference between Fatah and Spencer’s views and taking into account Fatah’s history of supporting Islamophobic causes, conspiracy theories, lies, his assaults on Muslims it isn’t far-fetched at all.

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  • Sorry, I didn’t realize that you were a Wahabbi.
    Or, for that matter, so grossly ignorant concerning matters of fiqh. Your blanket assumption that I, and the billion+ Muslims who side with me, not to mention the Ummah all over the world in the past, have never studied nor pondered the Qur’an for OVER A MILLENNIUM, along with your assumption that I have not read the Qur’an in its entirety, is at best insulting and frankly insane. Which is par for the course for “Qur’an only” cultists, none of whom seem to be aware that they’ve been hornswoggled into believing a Muslim version of Protestant Christianity (“sola scriptura”), not the unsullied deen of the Prophet (saw). All of which tells me that I have nothing to gain from you, and you have nothing to gain from anyone.

  • 1DrM

    No sweat, man. It was funny regardless. It’s all about context, and you had no ill intention. I use coolie in a similar way, for those carry weight for Hindutva fascists.

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    You’re right, some Whites may take offense to that. I should have said “Magic Whitey.”

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    I wrote off MMK as an asshole with dubious associations after he contributed a pathetic article to Ibn Warraq’s Islamophobic tome, “Leaving Islam.” I also found Taqwacores to be ridiculous on numerous levels. He seems to have realized at some point that Muslims didn’t want or need him to play the “magic cracker” role for them and hence started to evolve his understanding.

    Recently, a few friends have made the same point to me that you bring up, that he is genuine and sincere and regretful of his past. In any case, I’ve been urged to read his book, “Blue Eyed Devil,” which I may do when I get the chance.

  • Rights

    When people insult Muhammad (pbuh), Qur’an, Allah, and Islam as a whole, they intend to do so, they intend to anger Muslims, they intend to incite. When such people turn around and say they didn’t really mean it, I don’t trust that. They don’t have to apologize for their nastiness, although I think they should, but if they could simply desist from their attacks and insults, I would be satisfied.

  • Rights

    aNY “WRiting One iNtends for OtHers shOUld be in PropEr EnGLiSH. WHat I jusT WroTE I hate To ReaD MYSelf.

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  • Baktashi

    Off topic, but im compiling a full list of these neo-conservative haters under the disguise of ‘freedom’ thing….does anyone have any background on Faisal Saeed al-Mutaar? he’s the founder of the global secular humanist movement….would like to know if he is genuine or also working for some people….he’s pretty young….any help would be appreciated.

  • Guess

    Having read about him for the past few years, either from what he himself wrote or from what others reported about him, if there was a more appropriate term I would describe Michael Muhammad Knight ongoing interaction with Islam, in my opinion, would be confusion, or a total mess, depending on what is his flavored “Islam” of the day. I do agree though that at times he really do seems sincerely passionate about Islam and Muslims.

  • Rights

    I doubt that you have any Muslim friends. But if you do, why don’t you tell them what you said about Muhammad (pbuh)? Let’s see if they remain your friends.

    Also, learn to spell, punctuate, and break your writing into paragraphs. That way it would be much easier on the readers.

  • Jaskaran Dhaliwal

    I never said that I was anti-Muslim, I merely stated that Zaid Hamid accused me of something and I responded in kind/reciprocated his behavior. If I were anti-Muslim, as you claim, then most of my friends wouldn’t be Muslim and I wouldn’t live in a Muslim majority country. Also, I work part-time as I’m still a student and I’m 23. Keep up the ad-hominem attacks though, they truly serve to reinforce your argument (assuming there was one in the first place).

  • 1DrM

    T-Fat and Whorowitz have always been opportunists. Communism is the common gateway drug to neoconservatism, neither possessed the intelligence or sophistication to undergo a sobering transition and a genuine change of views. I find it very convenient that Whorowitz was a left wing radical Vietnam era draft dodger yet always supported “israel” and happily supports state terrorism against Muslim nations now that he’s an old man. T-Fat has ALWAYS been a joke, a filthy hypocrite devoid of any morals and principles whatsoever, a third world communist when it was hip in the 60s and 70s and now a happy house slave in the service of zionism.

  • Jaskaran Dhaliwal

    What? I’m not “taken with” Pakistani liberals more than anyone else, did you read my post correctly? I was just stating that if they were to attack tarek fatah, they should also attack people who share similar views, like mArvI sirmed (who apart from some ad hominem attacks by Zaid Hamid fans calling her zionist or “kuti ke bacchi,” generally isn’t as criticized as one would expect). Anyway, from my perspective, adharma is adharma, regardless of whether it’s liberal benAzir bhuTTo advocating for genocide against kashmIrI paNDits in the name of “freedumb and democrazy” or salafi-indoctrinated rightist Zia’Alhaq advocating for the murder of shia-s in the gilgit region in the name of “jihad fi sabilillah.” In addition, I’m not a citizen of bhArat, so I’m doing the next best thing (supporting the party which I agree with during the elections). I don’t see how that makes me a hindutvavAdI; I already explained my reasons as to why I don’t support Congress and it’s largest B team (AAP) over on the togADIyA thread, which Loonwatch didn’t allow for some reason (ironic, considering they’ve let your biased vitriol against me slide). In any case, the NDA is far from securing a victory as it is, because:
    1) I’m unsure of jayalalitA’s plans (whether she will ally with the NDA or not)
    2) yaDiyUrappa’s history of corruption (while miniscule compared to say, Sonia Maino’s) is still somewhat of a burden on BJP
    3) the BJP’s support of the samaikyAndhra udyamamu is helping to alienate telAngana voters
    4) nonsensical blabber from jokers like samAjvAdI party member akhilesh yAdav and congress member digvijay singh doesn’t help

    The list is practically endless.

    Also, as far as I can tell, you made the same comment over 20 hours ago, see here (although you still spelled arundhatI correctly, it’s अरून्धती, not अरून्दह्ती):

    By the way, how did you know that I dislike arundhatI? Were you stalking my posts here (just wondering)?:

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