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Eurofascists on the March


Not an untypical reaction in the looniverse to the rise of fascists and Neo-Nazis in Europe has been the rantings of BareNakedIslam, who can always be counted on to provide the unflitered, demented thoughts of racists and Islamophobes worldwide.

Today, what it means to be “European” for many Europeans is anti-Muslim and xenophobic, but then again for those who’ve been following Loonwatch the results of the elections aren’t surprising.

‘This is an earthquake’: The far-right rises as EU elections signal a massive shift across Europe

European voters have delivered “an earthquake,” says France’s prime minister, with the dramatic rise of right-wing, Euroskeptic parties. Partial returns from the 28-nation European Parliament elections show an unprecedented surge by Euroskeptics and outright anti-EU politicians. The results have sent national political party leaders scrambling with France’s ruling Socialist party holding a crisis meeting and Britain’s Conservatives rethinking their strategy for next year’s general election. “European politics will be different from today on,” said Doru Frantescu, policy director and co-founder of VoteWatch Europe, an independent Brussels-based organization.

So who were the big winners and losers?

The winners

In France, the anti-EU, far-right National Front party led by Marine Le Pen got one in four votes, the best showing by any of the country’s parties. The Socialists were holding emergency meetings to discuss the results. The breakthrough dealt a further blow to President Francois Hollande, the least popular leader in France’s modern history. Proclaiming “politics of the French, for the French, with the French,” Ms. Le Pen said the election was a “humiliation” for Mr. Hollande.

 AFP PHOTO / Leon Neal

AFP PHOTO / Leon NealUK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage celebrates at a pub in central London on May 26, 2014. His UK Independence Party
(UKIP) topped the poll inBRITAIN
With most of the seats declared in Britain, Nigel Farage’s UK Independence Party (UKIP) had 27.5% of the vote, the main opposition Labour Party 25%, the Conservatives 24%. Prime Minister David Cameron has ruled out a coalition with UKIP. Mr. Farage said it was the most stunning election upset in 100 years.GREECE
Voters in Greece, handed first place and six seats to the anti-establishment Syriza party that campaigned against fiscal austerity policies. Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’s New Democracy party came second but the Nationalist Golden Dawn party, whose leader and five other lawmakers are in prison pending trial on charges of running a criminal organization, jumped to third place, with 9.4 percent of the vote. The result gives them three seats.


EPA / PAWEL SUPERNAKThe leader of The New Right Congress, Janusz Korwin-Mikke (C), reacts after EU elections exit polls in Warsaw, Poland, 25 May 2014.

In Poland, marginal anti-EU politician Janusz Korwin-Mikke was elected to the parliament after declaring that it corrupts politicians and should be turned into a brothel.

Podemos, a new movement that grew out of street demonstrations against politicians and banks, won five seats.

The losers

Initial exit polls from the Netherlands showed a setback for Geert Wilders’s anti-EU Freedom Party, which may have come in fourth after targeting a first-place finish.

AP Photo / Gregorio Borgia

AP Photo / Gregorio BorgiaBeppe Grillo, leader of the Five Stars Movement, delivers a speech during a campaign rally in Rome on Friday, May 23, 2014, preceding the EU Parliament elections on May 25.

The anti-establishment Five Star Movement, led by former comic Beppe Grillo, was defeated by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s Democratic Party.

Angela Merkel’s conservatives were the strongest force in Germany winning with 36% of the vote, but that was down from 42% in last year’s national election. The anti-euro Alternative for Germany party — which is only a year old — won about 7% of the vote. Ms. Merkel called the rise of the Euroskeptics “regrettable.”

European elections in Britain.

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  • Friend of Bosnia

    Well, who was it who said that Communists are just fascists painted red. Now that does not exonerate the fascists in any way. After all it wasn’t the Communists who committed the Holocaust. The misdeeds of the Ustase are a fact; even though it is most unfair to blame the Bosniak people for them. And what is wrong about people respecting each other? Why should the white race be superior to all others? And no, don’t try to debate me on this. For me the notion that there are inferior and even subhuman races or vermin races whom it is right to exterminate is unacceptable. Who espouses such notions need not try to show me the righteousness of such ideas, he should stick them up

  • moraka

    While I point out that muslims have a giant support system behind us, where a pr nightmare would cost the western world dearly economically. You just you write nothing more than emotional bable that has no truth behind it. How can a few million jews even match up to hundreds of millions of Muslims? Jews don’t rule any country they just have a powerful lobby. Why don’t you just claim that Jews has dicks the sizes of elephants. The US and its allies has failed in both Iraq and Afghanistan, they could never finish its Project for the New American Century. Israel’s military has only experience terrorizing civilians and failed miserably in 2007. Even blabbering about Most European countries, Europe has over 50 states most of them are small are not very rich the only real powerful European states are England, France, Germany, Spain, Russia and Turkey. Thats 6 out of over 50, and Turkey is a Muslim country. You also forget the fact that with the aid of several European countries the US still lost. And Both Iraq and Afghanistan had no real military. Go back to your pathetic power fantasies.

  • Irish Shilelegah

    Muslim communities could perhaps do a better job with PR? Omg nooooo. That’s racist! If they use tactics like on this site in the UK…I can see why. You guys need to calm the F down. You make it worse

  • moraka

    The difference between the Jews, Roma and Muslims is the fact that there are a few million of them and there are nearly two billion of us. The western economies have huge interest in the islamic world. Should any western nation take that route they will have problems.

  • Mehdi

    That is a very good summary indeed. Ordinary Germans underwent a tough time with the Hartz reforms and don’t know that German banks made a lot of money with loans to Greece or Spain (which funded the housing bubble). So they think that they have worked hard while other countries were lazy and just want to be bailed out. This is partly correct but also simplistic, trying to find moral tales behind economics can be misleading and leads to incorrect conclusions.
    In the end, Merkel made two mistakes: she refused to pay a bill until she had no choice and ended up paying a much bigger one, and she didn’t understand that part of the reason why she had a trade surplus is because some EU countries had a trade deficit, she still needs to properly understand that.
    Part of the solution for EU would be to cancel parts of debts for southern countries (which rose mostly because of interest rates), for Germany to choose between helping these countries have a trade surplus (maybe by reducing its trade surplus and by increasing wages), as it’s not possible for everyone to have a trade surplus.

  • Mehdi

    Sir David made some good points, and this vote is a warning to the EU elites, and on other terms to its minorities.
    As when I had written on the Arab uprising, I think that the problem is 90% economical, the EU’s response to the Euro crisis and the aftermath of the 2008 crisis has been mostly about imposing very tough austerity measures, especially to countries such as Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, and in fact most countries.
    Governments have just been trying the problems with patches, whereas the problems are huge, even an economical recovery is unlikely to be any remedy to the now extremely high unemployment which is dramatic in some areas (for instance in Spain), the rise of poverty (even in France, there have been recent reports of people starting to reduce their food consumption which is unprecedented since post WW2), just by traveling to places like Andalusia, Lisbon, Dublin, I saw huge and scary changes… This is the real issue and the fact that mainstream political parties have not been able to address these changes has pushed people in majority not to vote, and for a minority to vote for anti-EU parties.
    In some sense, this vote should not be looked at as a massive rally behind the anti-EU and eurofascist rhetorics of the FN, UKIP, or others, most people just don’t trust the mainstream parties and say “It’s not my problem, I won’t vote” or “I will vote FN just to tell them to go to hell”. That is the majority trend.
    That being said, this vote or non-vote has consequences, as it gives audience to these xenophobe parties who like to use minorities (muslims, roma, blacks, etc.) as scapegoats for the rising poverty, unemployment and economic problems facing Europe, and people are so focused on their immediate problems that they either agree or keep silent when hearing racist rants.
    I remember a strange but realistic French metaphor about cooking frog, if the frog falls directly in hot water, it will immediately react and jump out of the water as its nerves are able to detect what is going on, if the frog is in cold water that is gradually heated, its nervous system will become gradually apathetic and will not realize it is in trouble. It’s a good metaphor for what is happening, people are growingly disillusioned and are being hypnotized by the populist rhetoric of anti-EU racist parties, and the risk is that they only wake when it’s too late.
    To summarize, the europeans are not becoming massively racist, but the mainstream parties are so helpless addressing the crisis, that they have helped dangerous populists take the stage and collect massive votes. The challenge is to find a new project to rally the moderate majority and stop those fascists from reaching power.

  • Omar_the_Egyptian

    This is worrying. It’s the holocaust all over. right wing using economic dissatisfaction as a segway into xenophobia and eventually the extermination of minorities. The extermination of minorities in Europe has been set as a precedent as well as the extermination of Muslims in Europe. the fears of a genocide of Muslims are not irrational.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Yes, I see that the same way.

  • The greenmantle

    I see the problem as the people are seeing through the EU gravy train and looking for alturnatives . Unfortunetly the far right in most countries are the alturnative :-(
    I thought Beppo in Italy did well afterall his party beat Belosconi

    Sir David

  • Nur

    It’s called ‘anti Semitism’. We saw it before in 1930’s Europe.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Erm, some of them believe they need them because they still believe in the Megali Idea (the conquest of Anatolia), or to put down the Bosniaks, the Albanians and the Macedonians. Besides that they are very much afraid of the Turks, because they know the Turks outnumber them 7 to 1 at the least, and could sweep the floor with them.
    Be as it may, Greece’s military budget is excessive. It has not helped them in their present situation.
    And I don’t think arms manufacturers of other countries do any better. Which is no excuse of course.

  • George Carty

    In Greece especially a lot of corruption was involved, such as when politicians were bribed by German arms manufacturers to buy expensive weapons that the country didn’t need.

  • George Carty

    Perhaps it wasn’t just the Euro, but rather the combination of the Euro with the wage repression resulting from the Hartz reforms (which reduced the German standard of living, and led to the euro being dubbed the “teuro” by ordinary Germans).

    This led to Germany building a big trade surplus, largely at the expense of peripheral Eurozone countries, which experienced rocketing real estate prices (as the hoards of cash accumulated by the German elite needed to find a home elsewhere) which destroyed their competitiveness, and could no longer devalue their way out of trouble.

  • JD

    scapegoating economic problems onto immigrants Hummm sounds familiar Last time it was a german guy remember him short loud guy wanted everyone to Hail him. Yea they said same thing about him and his party . People like this should not be ignored.

  • Iman

    Don’t be alarmed, the dark forces will set the records straight.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Some feel their country pays for everything and doesn’t benefit from the EU. Others feel they are resented. It is true that Germany is very strong. If they are the paymaster of Europe – well ‘he who pays makes the purchase’ (“Wer zahlt, schafft an”), the saying goes. Some people resent that. They say Germany achieved through peaceful means what Hitler could not through the force of arms and genocide. Oh c’mon. Germany today is not the Third or ther Fourth Reich. Or would they prefer that?
    So many cetnik propagandists say Germany broke up Yugoslavia. That’s not true. Like some other Greater Serb anti-Bosniak propaganda lies, for example about the Bosniaks getting massive asistance from the Arab countries; or that the Ottomsan Empire committed genocide against the Serbs. In view of what 1992-95 was like I can only say “if only that were true, the Bosniaks would not be in this fix.” But it isn’t true, and there we are.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Wherever the rightists were voted into office, they distinguished themselves by incredible incompetence, and were soon voted out. Most importantly, this time the rightists did quite badly in Italy and in Germany, and I think they did not do well in Spain either; where fascism triumphed in the 1930s. Of course nobody should commit the mistake of thinking those people are just cranks. Fascists, old or new, are just plain evil. The scourge of mankind.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Like I said, quo vadis Europe…?

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Even so, I don’t think this is a zero-sum game. It’s not like Germany is getting rich at the expense of, say, Spain, Portugal or Greece. The leading elites in these countries have committed some colossal blunders and robberies. That’s the reason.
    Anyway, the right had no great triumph in Germany this time. That’s good to know I think.

  • George Carty

    The French believed that the euro would diminish German power in Europe, but in fact the opposite happened.

  • moraka

    Lets see of this is not temporary. People most likely voted on these parties as an alternative to the other parties. These parties are populists and will always try to appeal to peoples hearts. But when they expose themselves as being incompetent and as elitists as every other party, working primarily for the rich let then see who people will vote for.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    The established parties, conservatives and social democratic alike, appear as a bunch of complacent, bungling, bumbling, blundering fools, and/or to serve the interest of only a small group of obscenely rich people, or finance capitalism, or large corporations, not the citizens. As for the liberals, they represent neoliberalism, not citizens liberalism and are therfore sinking into insignificance. And Brussels or rather the European Commission, appears as an anonymous, not elected, technocratic monster. Taxpayaers’ money is poured into the bailout of banks and financial corporations while in places such as Greece the man on the street is made to suffer all consequences of austerity; the rich keep getting richer while the poor get poorer, the middle class is destroyed.

    Yet the conservatives and social democrats have again hauled in most of the votes ad therefore see their policies as confirmed and right. We can expect more complacence and blunder.

    And that’s where the rightist populists step in, pretending to be the ones who have the citizens’ interest at heart. Or rather, they use negative hegemony. That is, they say the established parties do not represent the citizens.

    The rightists have been in government at the communal level in some places ad even in some of the eastern lands in Germany. There they have shown their utter incompetence at solving anything. They’re only good for making trouble. So they were voted out again.

    Today in Germany the so-called Alternative for Germany have had quite a good return, but nothing like the populists in France, Great Britain. That may have something to do with the fact that in Germany, unemployment is not so high. Yet in Greece unemployment is rampant, yet amajority did not vote for Golden Dawn.

    They don’t represent the people, they are an elitist group which would make life much harder for the ordinary citizen, not better. That is demonstrated in their party program. It can be expected that they won’t get such a high turnout in national elections.

    On the other hand in Hungary we have the fascist Jobbik party pulling the strings, enforcing xenophobic legislation, declaring the homeless as outlaws; the fascist tail is wagging the conservative dog.

    We have Putinization in Serbia. What Putin’s Russia is doing with Ukraine, all governments of Serbia up to now have been doing with Bosnia-Herzegovina for 22 years, with much more violence and bloodshed. Europe and the USA haven’t done anything constructive about it. The Dayton Armistice is for Bosnia, Versailles (as it was for Germany), Munich (as it was for Czechoslovakia) and Yalta (as it was for Eastern Europe) all rolled ito one. I can’t wait to see it abrogated but how that should be achieved except if the patriotic Bonians can do wht the Zionists did in 1967 (and even that hasn’t brought them what they want). Nothing short of a crushing military defeat of th fores which want to split Bosnia-Herzegovina apart could help.
    We have seen how uing the catastrophic flods peopl helpd each othr regardless. It’s an encouraging sign, but the political cleptocratic establishment remain as firmly entrenched as ever.
    Nevertheless I still belive a victory of Bosniaks over their enemies would lead to Muslims in Europe getting more respect, and not to be disparaged as today. Because even if I know a majority of Muslims in Europe/ European Muslims are not Bosniaks, to have a sovereign Muslim community n Europe (no atter if they are believers, practisng Muslims or secular; fundamentalists are only a fringe group) would help Muslims in places where they are discrimiated against (through anti-minaret and anti-hijab legislation, but also when applying for a job or looking for an apartment).

    As for those who want to see Bosnia-Herzegovina partitioned (Jacob R.!) I would love to see their ownbodies partitioned but that’s another story…
    In short, we see scary things but we also see encouraging signs. That is, except in Ukraine. How that will turn out will affect all of Europe but especially the Western Balkans. And that’s in the heart of Europe. Right now we have another Palestinian conflict, but in the heart of Europe, and rising fascism. Quo vadis Europa…?

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Yet it was the French who insisted on the euro, if Germany hadn’t admitted to it they would have blocked German reunification. How easiy people forget…

  • George Carty

    If the French left pledged to quit the Euro, it would take a lot of wind out of Le Pen’s sails. The French people have observed how Hollande’s government has been unable to help French workers thanks to the Euro (which has ultimately benefited only Germany).

    There is almost no correlation between the Front National vote and the non-white population, but a strong correlation between the Front National vote and the unemployment rate.

  • mindy1

    Not sure I like where this is going…

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