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Settlers Desecrate West Bank Mosque

 A member of the Palestinian Legislative Council on Sunday denounced the desecration of a West Bank mosque by scores of Jewish settlers.

“Tens of settlers broke into the Mosque of Prophet Yunus in the town of Halhul in the south of the occupied West Bank in the early hours of Sunday and defiled it,” Mariam Saleh told Anadolu Agency.

“The desecration of the mosque happened under official protection from the Israeli army,” she said.

Saleh said settler attacks on mosques have become a common occurrence, adding that hundreds of settlers had desecrated Ibrahimi Mosque in the West Bank city of Al-Khalil and Joseph’s Tomb in the northern West Bank in recent days.

Eyewitnesses have confirmed the desecration of the Mosque of Prophet Yunus by scores of settlers this morning.

Frequent violations of Muslim houses of worship in the occupied Palestinian territories by Israelis anger Palestinians and occasionally lead to violent confrontations.

“U.N. organizations must provide protection to the houses of worship, including churches,” MP Saleh said.

She called on the Palestinian Authority to deploy guards around mosques during the nights to protect them against settlers’ attacks.

By Alaa Rimawi

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  • Just_Stopping_By

    “I have less background about where Jews and Muslims think the Prophet Jonah is buried.”

    Ahh, but looking up these things is very useful:

    Per the article, the mosque in question does not correspond to the Jewish belief about where Jonah is buried, which may lend some credence to the view that there was actual desecration.

    Similarly, the article points out that what is called “Joseph’s Tomb” in the northern West Bank is believed to be Joseph’s burial place by Jews, but not by Muslims, explaining why Muslims have been willing to desecrate and essentially destroy that structure a number of times, but supporting your point that Jews probably went there to pray but not to desecrate the site.

    The Cave of the Patriarchs is believed to house the burial sites of various prophets by both Jews and Muslims, so I would generally doubt that either would willingly desecrate it. But, two points of note on the site. First, Baruch Goldstein’s actions there, killing 29 Muslim worshipers, would have to qualify as one of the most extreme forms of desecration in my view. Second, rather than the idyllic view of a history of sharing the site described in a comment above, in truth, for about 700 years Jews were not allowed any closer than the fifth or seventh step on the staircase outside the building by the Muslim rulers, a restriction the British maintained under their general rubric of maintaining the religious status quo. More details on all that here:

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Exactly. But one thing is for sure, they don’t hate Jews here nor do they promote antisemitism. And neither do I hate Jews and I wouldn’t want to be seen as an antisemite. It’s not the fact that the settlers are Jewish that’s problematic, but that they commit criminal acts. I do happen to know there are Israelis who are not unsympathetic to Palestinians and if there were more of them around I think they could get along with each other just fine.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    It seems to me that for centuries Jews and Muslims have come to worship at places as the Ibrahimi Mosque /The Tomb of Patriarchs and respscted each other. Which is as it should be.
    Sadly in our times this is no longer so…

    But the so-called “price tag” attacks or similar such incidents anywhere in the world are just execrable. No matter who commits them.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Of course they haven’t “desecrated” those holy sites. Their intention is to cleanse them.
    Like the Spanish did when they demolished all the the mosques in Spain in the 16th century, and built churches in their place. Like the Hindutva mob when they destroyed the Babri Mosque in Ayodhya so a temple of Rama could be built on the spot. Inspired by what the Serbs did to 80% of the mosques in Bosnia-Herzegovina to cleanse the land of evil Mooslim influence.
    Like some wish to do with the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque…
    No, no, it’s quite all right what those fiends do, for they have the Divine Right…

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Yours is a voice of reason. I congratulate you for it. Too bad that the voices of reason almost always fall on deaf ears…

    I do respect Jews but Jewish fascists aka Zionists … never.

    To me, people who do such things are fascists first and anything else second. A fascist is a fascist, and once a fascist always a fascist.
    I don’t care if his forefathers were once themselves victims of fascism. That does not give them carte blanche to behave like fascists themselves.
    And fascists do not deserve to walk this Earth.
    Fascism is not an opinion, it’s a crime. A crime called GENOCIDE!

  • Just_Stopping_By

    The settlers who did this need to be caught and given a lengthy jail term. There is no excuse for desecrating a mosque or any house of worship. And the more settlers that get away with things like this, the less deterrence there will be against similar acts in the future.

  • JD

    Orthodox Jews protest at disputed Jerusalem site

    AFP2 hours 31 minutes agoJerusalem (AFP) – Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews gathered Monday near the reputed scene of Jesus’s last supper in Jerusalem demanding that Israel keep sovereignty over the site where Pope Francis will celebrate mass.The pope will visit the Holy Land from May 24-26 and before returning to Rome is set to hold a mass in the site known as the Upper Room or Cenacle, on Mount Zion near the walls of the Old City.Jews revere the site as the tomb of King David, which is on the ground floor of the same building. The site is also important for Muslims.”As soon as they touch the ‘status quo’ of this place, bad things will happen,” said rabbi Avraham Goldstein, accusing the Israeli government of wanting to hand the Upper Room over to the Vatican.Sovereignty over the Cenacle, which was renovated by Franciscans in the 14th century before the group was forced out, is a highly sensitive issue.It is currently part of negotiations between Israel and the Vatican which hopes to recover the site.Tradition says it is where Jesus had his last supper with the disciples, before his arrest and crucifixion.It is also where the Gospels say the Holy Spirit descended at Pentecost, 50 days after Easter.Israeli President Shimon Peres told an Italian newspaper during a visit to the Vatican last April that a compromise had been reached on the Cenacle, and that “99 percent” of the issues concerning the site had been addressed.However, no official agreement has been announced.”When ‘the crusaders’ come here making the sign of the cross and all kinds of rituals, this place will become idolatrous for us, and we will not have the right to pray there any more,” ultra-Orthodox Jewish protester Yitzhak Batzon told AFP.Ultra-Orthodox protesters are planning another demonstration there on May 22 — just three days before the pope is due to arrive in Jerusalem.Pope Francis’s short visit to the Holy Land has already faced obstacles, including a rise in so-called “price tag” hate crimes by Jewish extremists targeting Muslims and Christians.”The unrestrained acts of vandalism poison the atmosphere — the atmosphere of co-existence and the atmosphere of collaboration, especially in these two weeks prior to the visit of Pope Francis,” Latin Patriarch Fuad Twal, the most senior Roman Catholic figure in the Holy Land, said on Sunday.

  • mindy1

    STOP DOING CRAP IN THE NAME OF GOD!!! We have been persecuted, we should know better than to be persecutors

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