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“You Might Get Hit by a Car”: On Secret Tape, FBI Threatens American Muslim Refusing To Be Informant



(via. DemocracyNow)

New details have emerged about the FBI’s efforts to turn Muslim Americans living abroad into government informants. An exposé in Mother Jones magazine chronicles the story of an American named named Naji Mansour who was living in Kenya. After he refused to become an informant he saw his life, and his family’s life, turned upside down. He was detained, repeatedly interrogated and ultimately forced into exile in Sudan, unable to see his children for years. Mansour began recording his conversations with the FBI. During one call, an agent informs Mansour that he might get “hit by a car.” Mansour’s story is the focus of a new piece in Mother Jones titled, “This American Refused to Become an FBI Informant. Then the Government Made His Family’s Life Hell.” We speak with Naji Mansour in Sudan and Nick Baumann, who investigated the story for Mother Jones.


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  • Amie

    I think that all American citizens are held responsible to aid their government when called to do so. This is one of the first questions new American citizens are told when they accept American citizenship. A born American is not exempt from this, as per the law. Did the agent(s) go about the wrong way? Yes. Threats are not acceptable. But, did they have rights to ask him to spy? Yes, according to the expectations of the U.S. citizens. By refusing to spy, this man committed a treason in a sense.

  • jameyfan

    Just when I thought FBI couldnt get any lower, this happens! So sad.

  • sasboy

    I saw this piece on democracy now and was very inspired by Naji Mansour’s courage in telling his story openly. I think there is a better chance the FBI – unethical as it is – will think twice about coercing people in this manner.

  • mindy1

    argh >:(

  • mindy1

    What is this moron’s proof? The first amendment is for ALL

  • JD

    Alabama’s chief justice: Buddha didn’t create us so First Amendment only protects Christians

    ” First Amendment only applies to Christians
    because “Buddha didn’t create us, Mohammed didn’t create us, it was the
    God of the Holy Scriptures” who created us.”

    Speaking at the Pastor for Life Luncheon, which was sponsored by
    Pro-Life Mississippi, Chief Justice Roy Moore of the Alabama Supreme
    Court declared that the First Amendment only applies to Christians
    because “Buddha didn’t create us, Mohammed didn’t create us, it was the
    God of the Holy Scriptures” who created us.

    “They didn’t bring the Koran over on the pilgrim ship,” he continued.
    “Let’s get real, let’s go back and learn our history. Let’s stop
    playing games.”

    He then noted that he loves talking to lawyers, because he is a
    lawyer who went to “a secular law school,” so he knows that “in the law,
    [talking about God] just isn’t politically correct.” He claimed that
    this is why America has “lost its way,” and that he would be publishing a
    pamphlet “this week, maybe next” that contained copies of the
    Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, thereby proving that
    all the people “who found this nation — black, white, all people, all
    religions, all faiths” knew that America was “about God.”

    Justice Moore later defined “life” via Blackstone’s Law — a book that
    American lawyers have “sadly forgotten” — as beginning when “the baby
    kicks.” “Today,” he said, “our courts say it’s not alive ’til the head
    comes out.”

    “Now,” he continued, “if technology’s supposed to increase our
    knowledge, how did we become so stupid?” Discussing Thomas Jefferson’s
    use of “life” in the Declaration of Independence, he said that “when
    [Jefferson] put ‘life’ in there, it was in the womb — we know it begins
    at conception. Why aren’t we going the right way instead of the wrong

    He later said the “pursuit of happiness” meant following God’s law,
    because “you can’t be happy unless you follow God’s law, and if you
    follow God’s law, you can’t help but be happy.”

    “It’s all about God,” he continued. “We’ve made ‘life’ a decision
    taken by man,” he said, and “taken ‘liberty,’ and converted it to
    ‘licentiousness. We’ve taken ‘pursuit of happiness,’ and reduced it to

  • rookie

    “Jordanian Christian kills daughter for converting to Islam”

  • JD

    Jewish extremists uproot West Bank olive trees

    Jerusalem (AFP) – Suspected
    Jewish extremists have uprooted dozens of olive trees in a
    Palestinian-owned field in the West Bank, Israeli police said Saturday.

    olive trees were uprooted and sawn up in a field belonging to
    Palestinians near Bat Ayin” in the Gush Etzion settlement bloc south of
    Jerusalem, police spokeswoman Louba Samri told AFP.

    She said graffiti reading “price tag” and “Arab thieves” was found at the scene.

    tag” is a term used by Israeli extremists for attacks on Palestinians
    and their property, often in response to Israeli moves to dismantle

    Similar graffiti was found Friday on a Muslim grave near the northern Israeli coastal city of Haifa.

    State Department’s 2013 Country Reports on Terrorism included “price
    tag” attacks for the first time, citing UN figures of some “399 attacks
    by extremist Israeli settlers that resulted in Palestinian injuries or
    property damage.”

    Such attacks were “largely unprosecuted,” it said.

    Saturday, a former chief of Israel’s domestic intelligence agency, Shin
    Bet, condemned the refusal of security services to deal with Jewish
    fringe groups the same way as any terrorist cell.

    the Shin Bet, the expression ‘we can’t’ does not exist, it’s more a
    case of ‘we don’t want to’,” Carmi Gillon was quoted as saying by public

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    This is unconscionable! How do they keep getting away with this ****!!

  • mindy1

    Argh I give up sometimes >:( I wonder how or even if this is legal

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