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Man Attacks Daughter-in-law Because He Thought She Was Having An Affair With A Muslim Man



Sikhism has nothing to do with this sort of grisly attack, as some Daily Mail commenters are all too predictably insinuating. This sort of offense is linked to culture and notions of honor, not religion.

If the perpetrator had been a Muslim, this would be headlines on all news outlets and accusations linking Islam to “honor crimes” would be a central theme of reports. (h/t: Aayjay)

What if they were Muslim?

Shocking injuries of Sikh woman stabbed in the eyes by her father-in-law who accused her of having an affair with a Muslim as he is jailed for 10 years


This photo shows the horrific injuries a Sikh woman suffered after being attacked by her father-in-law because he thought she was having an affair with a Muslim man.


Jageer Mirgind was left blind and scarred for life after 51-year-old Manjit Mirgind slashed her wrists and stabbed her in the eyes screaming ‘I am going to kill you’.

Mrs Mirgind’s children, just three and six years old, watched the horrific attack at their mother’s home in Kensington Gardens, Ilford, East London, and pleaded with their grandfather to stop.

The mother has been left partially-sighted in both eyes while the children can no longer sleep alone and have recurring nightmares.

The crazed attacker wrongly believed his daughter-in-law was ‘sleeping with a Paki’ and that she had ‘ruined his family’, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard.

Tragically, Mirgind misunderstood the situation when his daughter was the victim of a series of prank calls.

After punching her in the face he dragged her into the kitchen where he savagely kicked her before grabbing a knife.

He eventually left and went home as his wife called an ambulance for Mrs Mirgind. He later turned himself in at the police station and told them exactly what had happened.

Judge Nigel Peters QC said: ‘You have accepted that you have caused the most serious injuries to your daughter in law.

‘You set about her having taken umbrage because you felt she was having affairs when it turned out she had been receiving prank calls.

‘You set out with great hostility and vengeance – you punched her, forced to the ground and kicked her and took knives to her face and wrist to gouge her eyes.

‘She has since lost a lot of sight in both eyes and there is major scarring to her face.

‘She has a stutter as well, most likely caused by the loss of confidence and lack of sleep and general work.

‘So distressing was that her children, your grandchildren, witnessed it from start to finish and pleaded with you to stop but you did not stop.’

Father-of-four Mirgind stared at the floor as he was jailed for ten years and eight months at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

Crown lawyer Jonathan Turner said Mrs Mirgind’s children had suffered, having begged the defendant to stop and they saw the blood everywhere.

�Their life has changed and they cannot sleep alone while the marriage of their parents has disintegrated.’

Mrs Mirgind has since moved to Nottingham with her two children.

The court heard the defendant Mirgind had been a leading member of the Sikh community and often drove young worshippers to the temple.

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  • mindy1

    OMG what the fuck is wrong with people? She was innocent and did nothing wrong, what kind of SOB would do that?! >:(

  • sasboy

    Most Sikhs are a very decent people and would never condone this kind of brutality.

    This incident proves cruelty towards women transcends all communities, as does prejudice.

  • Reynardine

    In fact, malignant narcissists see human beings over whom they have any authority as objects or property, and they have less concern over damaging them than they would over smashing a chair or a vase. Any social construct– feudalism, virarchy, patrias potestas, slavery– that reduces some humans to the status of the chattels of others, encourages and even mandates this kind of acting out.

  • Reynardine

    It has to do with the extremes of narcissism, and the rage that such narcissists feel when they think one of “their” people– spouse, child, sibling, subordinate– has made them look bad in the eyes of “their” community. Nothing matters to them more than how they look, and nothing is more important to them than venting the punitive rage they feel towards whoever has besmirched their image.

  • Tanveer ÂŻ_(ă?„)_/ÂŻ Khan

    I don’t think I will ever get over the fact that people do this to their own flesh and blood.

  • Iman

    You are absolutely right , it has nothing to do with religion . It has to do with their culture that gives the man the right to do to his women what ever comes to his mind. What a pathetic man and what poor woman.

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