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Dwight Howard Had To Apologize For #FreePalestine But Teammate Omri Casspi Can Link To Anti-Muslim Brigitte Gabriel

Dwight Howard, star basketball player for the Houston Rockets received intense pressure after he simply tweeted #FreePalestine…because you know, freedom is a bad thing, right?

Free Palestine

He was forced to delete the tweet and apologize with some speculating he did so to avoid conflict with his Israeli teammate, Omri Casspi.

It’s unfortunate that Dwight Howard felt the need to censor himself and cave-in to whatever pressures were foisted his way since his teammate Omri Casspi has no such compunction. Casspi has been tweeting his support of Israel’s massacres in Gaza and also posting links to Islamophobe Brigitte Gabriel, founder of the hate group ACT For America, who has said “Arabs have no soul,”



When will Omri Casspi apologize for this gross linking to the racist, Islamophobic bigot, Brigitte Gabriel? Loonwatchers should flood his twitter handle and demand he apologize and if he does not complain to the Rockets corporate office.

Omri Casspi’s Twitter: @casspi18

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