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Virginia GOP Official Questions The Contributions Of Muslim Americans

Huffington Post

Bob FitzSimmonds, treasurer of the Virginia Republican Party, is coming under fire from local officials for some eyebrow-raising comments he made about Muslims on his Facebook page.

FitzSimmonds said the following in response to President Barack Obama’s statement on the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr:


Virginia Republicans are denouncing FitzSimmonds’ comments.

State Del. David Ramadan (R), whose family is Muslim, told The Washington Post that “if Bob digs deep enough into his roots, he will find his ancestors came to this country looking for religious freedom.”

“Yes, we should thank every loyal patriot American — Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus or any other religions — for their contributions to our United States, the greatest nation ever,” he added.

Del. William Howell (R), the speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates, told The Washington Post, “Mr. FitzSimmonds should resign. The comments are reprehensible and not reflective of the values of the commonwealth or its citizens.”

This isn’t the first time FitzSimmonds has made questionable statements.

In November 2012, FitzSimmonds posted on his Facebook page his view that “when Obama is 90 years old and he dies and goes to Hell, he is going to say ‘This is all Bush’s fault.'”

In February 2014, FitzSimmonds used the term “sexist twat” in a conversation about potential female GOP candidates for Congress. It took place, once again, on Facebook.

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  • golden izanagi

    “muslims seem less interested in building the national fabric then they are in tearing it to pieces” really now

  • Omar_the_Egyptian

    you’re joking right? All those Muslim Doctors, Engineer’s and other professional’s. The Food that comes from cultures in Muslim majority nations like falafel and kebab. Not to mention the Muslim slaves yanked from Senegambia that literally built this country. There has been A Muslim presence and Contribution in the U.S.A and the rest of the western hemisphere for nearly a 100+ year’s . So you need to read a history book.

  • Tanveer ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Khan

    What about Sikhs, Animists and Jainists? Should we be thanking them too?
    Uh… yes?

  • Iman

    Maybe his ancestors were the criminals exiled by the Europeans to the new world.

  • The greenmantle

    One does wonder how this chap thinks he has a future in pôlitics.

    Sir David

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    When Republicans aren’t shooting their friends in the face they are shooting themselves in the foot.

  • mindy1

    I question the contributions of Virginian republicans…

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