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Road Rage Racism: Crazy Lady Goes On Anti-Muslim, Racist Rant


By Emperor

When two cars get involved in an accident the drivers usually exchange information or file police reports, right? Well not in the video below.

Apparently sometimes the only way to respond to an accident or incident on the road is by going ballistic, especially if you suspect the other driver is a “fucking Mooslim!”

The unidentified lady goes into a berserk, hate-filled, threatening rage and at one point even physically attacks the other driver, who is video-taping the altercation, perhaps because she was screaming insults at him.

The woman who has an obsession with the man’s mother can’t seem to keep her expletive filled, racist rant coherent. A definite downer for any racist bigot who at least wants to make a modicum of sense when letting loose how they really feel about any particular minority.

At one point she screams at the other driver as he apologizes (for what exactly we are unsure),”Learn to goddamn drive, you fucking Muslim.”

 She then asks, “You’re a Muslim, aren’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am. Proud,” he answers.

To which she accuses him of being a terrorist who blows up buses and that’s when our sorry racist mixes up her hate, calling the other driver a “nigger-loving atheist loving bitch.” If you ever needed proof of how racism and Islamophobia are tied together, well, here it is.

Despite it all the man remains calm and urges her to be calm, to which she responds by physically assaulting him.

The moral of the story? If you’re Muslim, Black or atheist (or a combination of all three?) you have to be a better driver than everyone or else you’ll be susceptible to a barrage of racist road-rage!

Also remember to get all on video.

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  • sasboy

    Absolutely ! Uploading this kind of behaviour on Youtube is a good idea to shame and name people who misbehave like this. I think in some places such behaviour can be reported to the police, although this being Alaska we don’t know if road rage would be illegal.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, thanks for clarifying the authenticity of the photo.
    I guess I was wrong

  • Jekyll
  • Anonymous

    I don’t know, that photo looks photoshopped

  • I can personally attest that this lady (above me) loves tequila.
    True story…

  • This was written by Robert Spencer.
    So you are either:
    1) Robert Spencer come here to stir the pot in disguise, in which case you are a lying fraud, or
    2) you are quoting Robert Spencer’s words as your own, in which case you are a lying fraud.
    There is no third option. You are a liar and a hypocrite, and how you can look yourself in the mirror is anyone’s guess.

  • Actually it was his phone. They are becoming popular these days, even I have one. They are very cool. They even have this new thing which enables you to speak to a distant person without seeing them.

  • Awesome

    That said, my earlier points were not refuted. Islamic fundamentalism practiced in a variety of forms is consistent with the nearly 2000 terrorist acts since 9/11. Mumbai and Bali, Thailand etc. – were the result of dedicated reading of the Koran and actions stemming from it.

    – There is no real evidence to support any of this. Unproven points do not need to be refuted, only dismissed. Only when the points cite something as proof can they be refuted.

  • Awesome

    1. Tell the truth about Islamic jihad and supremacism.
    Already on September 11, 2001, we were hearing that the attack had nothing to do with Islam. Thirteen years later, it is a constant crescendo. On Wednesday, Australian police raided an Islamic bookstore and arrested two Muslims on terror charges relating to their activities in recruiting Muslims for the jihad in Syria. Australian Federal Police National Manager Counter Terrorism Assistant Commissioner Neil Gaughan insisted: “This has got nothing to do with Islam, this is criminal behaviour by Australians involved in terrorist activity.” That same day, Secretary of State John Kerry said that the Islamic State’s “hateful ideology has nothing do with Islam.”

    – It is not “telling the truth” to try and associate Islam with all the criminal activity committed by individuals who happen to be Muslim. Rather, that is more accurately described as hysterically sensationalizing reality. In this regard, both Neil Gaughan and John Kerry are absolutely right in those statements. Unfortunately, prejudices prevent some people from being receptive to it.

    All attacks on civilians/non-combatants, are, by definition, contrary to Islam, and therefore, when a Muslim advocates and/or engages in such attacks, their behavior is in spite of Islam, not because of Islam. Hence, any and all terrorist attacks against civilians, can never have anything to do with Islam, regardless of what others may say about them. At most, they are a result of ignorance regarding Islam.

    Gaughan and Kerry are just the latest in a steady stream of non-Muslims who know more about Islam than the leader of the Islamic State, the caliph Ibrahim, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who has a PhD in Islamic Studies. This denial and willful ignorance about the fact that Islamic jihadists use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify their actions and make recruits only fosters complacency among non-Muslims and makes them more vulnerable.

    – A PhD in Islamic Studies does not say much about the actions of “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi”, as others who also gain a PhD in Islamic Studies do not engage in such actions. Plus, given the overly-negative reaction from Muslims to him and his Un-Islamic State, a parody of what it claims to be, it should be clear that his actions, like the actions of most criminals, are not really about Islam, but about themselves. Like other entities, al-Baghdadi’s “Islamic State” is a violent, terrorist group composed of mercenaries and privateers (i.e. rent-a-terrorists), as well as their patsies, acting like phony, pretentious extremists, who, in reality, only represent themselves and the interests of their clients. Even “al-Qaida” has denounced them and that’s saying something.

    It’s ironic that such a group can be said to “use Islamic texts and teachings” to do what they do when:

    – Their actions are demonstrably against these Islamic texts and teachings

    – They almost never cite any of these texts or teachings to justify what they’re doing

    – They almost always claim their actions are motivated by some political grievance

    While ignoring reality, some pretend that it’s “Muslim + Terrorism = Islam”, when in reality, it’s just “Muslim + Terrorism = Muslim terrorism”.

    This denial and willful ignorance must be decisively rejected. Why? Because it kills. Thirteen people were killed at Fort Hood because U.S. Army officials were afraid to buck the politically correct culture and act against a Muslim officer who was in touch with Anwar al-Awlaki and had frightened his coworkers with his talk of jihad.

    – The only “denial and willful ignorance” is on the part of those whose prejudices against Islam and Muslims is maintained despite the overwhelming reality that refutes it. The 2009 Fort Hood shooting is defined as an act of workplace violence and rightly so, as that is what all the available evidence objectively points to. NMH’s apparent motives seem to only have been about himself and his personal situation, as is usually the case with acts of “workplace violence”. It seems to have had nothing to do with his statements, his e-mail exchanges with al-Awlaki or his religion.

    It’s not always possible to know who is going to go postal and start shooting indiscriminately at people, and until it is, then that is a risk that people can only try to take precautions against for themselves, while hoping it’s something that they never have to experience and insuring justice is carried out when it happens.

    Ultimately, no good comes from evading and obfuscating the truth. Reality will always impinge upon fantasy, no matter how cleverly constructed.

    – However, the truth cannot be found in lies, half-truths, sensationalism and sophistry. Since the entire case against Islam and Muslims, only consists of those things, then there is no real truth in the case against Islam and Muslims.

  • Gdich

    Thanks for your reply, Your are correct in your statement regarding the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. They are misguided actions based partly on the psychological trauma of 9/11. The US acts like a very strong and equally stupid teenager with a hair trigger emotional system. That said, my earlier points were not refuted. Islamic fundamentalism practiced in a variety of forms is consistent with the nearly 2000 terrorist acts since 9/11. Mumbai and Bali, Thailand etc. – were the result of dedicated reading of the Koran and actions stemming from it. BTW – the west does not to be involved from mass murder based on theocracy to take place – consider the iran-iraq war where nearly one million died. We in the west are fools, you, however, are far more dangerous.

  • Anonymous

    I agree

  • Mifeng86

    Oh, bloody hell! Where’s 4chan when you need ’em? This lady (ha!) deserves their wrath IMO.

  • Anonymous

    Finally a place to store our muslamic rayguns

  • The greenmantle

    Sponge Bob !

    Sir David

  • The greenmantle

    Which one ?
    I think you will find its Grand Wazzir. ….. er …allegedly

    Sir David

  • Aytkhaloy

    Can I bring the Grand Wizard of my Brotherhood cell?

  • The greenmantle

    You dont get the emails ? or texts ? or Twitter ?
    Walid Shoeblat must be getting yours !
    Oh Noo

    Our secrets are out ………………………er ………… again
    Back to the drawing bord folks

    Sir David

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