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Spain Unearths 1000-year-old Muslim Cemetery


An important discovery.

Spain Unearths 1000-year-old Muslim Cemetery


CAIRO – Spanish researchers in Ciudad Real province have unearthed a 1,000-year-old Islamic cemetery, in the first sign that the rich Islamic civilization has extended to Castilla-La Mancha centuries ago.

There is “a world to explore,” statement published by the Spanish city Alcázar de San Juan town hall was quoted by The Local on Wednesday, August 13.

“We are not talking about a four-year project: to fully understand everything it’s going to take one or two hundred years.”

After two weeks of digging in the town of Alcázar de San Juan in the Ciudad Real province, found fragments of household goods from the bronze age as well as a Roman inscription and traces of Celtiberian settlements.

For project leader Víctor López Menchero, the most important discovery was for an ancient necropolis containing seven bodies believed to be Muslims.

The positioning of the bodies, facing Makkah, confirmed that it was a Muslim graveyard.

López Menchero asserted that the discovery of an Islamic graveyard was one of the few pieces of evidence that Muslims lived in Castilla-La Mancha.

López Menchero’s archaeological project, jointly run by Castilla-La Mancha University and authorities in Alcázar de San Juan was established in 2013.

Muslims ruled much of Spain for centuries starting from 711 to 1492.

Their last king was defeated by Catholic king and queen, Ferdinand and Isabella, in 1492.

After that Muslims mosques were either left to ruin or converted into churches.

There are nearly 1.6 million Muslims in Spain, making up 3.4% of the country’s 47 million population, according to an Andalusian Observatory.

About 1.1 million of Spain’s Muslims re foreigners, while 464,978 are Spanish Muslims.

Islam is the second religion in Spain after Christianity and has been recognized through the 1967 law of religious freedom.

A recent survey found that 70% of Spain’s Muslims feel at home in the European country and that 80 percent feel they have adapted well to the Spanish way of life.

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  • Friend of Bosnia

    Just as well that Zionists aren’t of much relevance in Spanish politics and that despuite ongoing and centuries-old acts and declarations enmity towards Muslims (they continue to celebrate the fall of Granada) Spanish politics generally have been quite sympathzetic towards the Palestinians.
    I’m also happy to know there are half a million autochthonous Spanish Muslims around. 22 years back I think it was only 20,000. Or that some publicists, historians and writers acknowledge how important the presence of Muslims was in Spain and decry as xenophobic act and evenas genocide thgeir expulsion. If only teh Serbs would come to realize too that theethnic cleansing of the western Balkans of its authochthonous Muslim population is an act of genocide, of xenophobia, and nothing to be proud of, but not 500 yeras after the fact and when it’s too late to reverse it (as far as it can be reversed).
    I’m not surprised. Ciudad Real is quite in the middle of Spain. Muslim kingdoms stretched as far north as Zaragoza or even into Navarra at some time. It is reflected in place names like Calatayud (Qalat Ayyub) which is qute far up in Nortrhern Spain.
    Let us hope the Muslims of the Balkans will fare a little better than the Muslims of Al Andalus. But it can’t be said too often.

    Bosnjaci, gledajte Al Andalus! Bosniaks, look at Al Andalus!

  • HSkol

    Was this an online article? Sounds interesting. If it is online, might you have a link? Thanks.

  • HSkol

    Super interesting. I studied anthropology/archaeology in college. I believe I will monitor the progress of this dig to the best of my ability – unfortunately, progress on archaeological digs are published with the frequency that I’d like. Nonetheless, cool stuff! :)

  • mindy1

    oh how interesting-it’s nice to see facts instead of hate 😀

  • Bindar Dunit

    That is at once both thrilling historical information but concerning as well…for if there are zionists nearby they might start planning to asphalt it for a parking lot as soon as they can get approval for their next “Museum of Intolerance” nearby…just as they defaced and destroyed much of Jerusalem’s Mamilla Cemetery ( circa 11th century.)

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