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Muslim woman attacked on Vienna train


Another disturbing assault in Austria.

The Local

Zeliha Cicek is the third Muslim to have been assaulted in Vienna in the last month.

Cicek, a school teacher and mother of three children, is ethnically Turkish. She said she was talking to her sister on an U3 underground train on her mobile phone when the woman started shouting at her in English. “I calmly told her she could speak to me in German and suddenly she stood up and slapped me in the face. I dropped my phone and it broke, I was so shocked,” she said.

An English man came to Cicek’s aid but the angry woman scratched his face. She got out of the train at Stephansplatz – and despite Cicek screaming that she had attacked her the woman was able to flee without being stopped.

Cicek told the Kurier newspaper that she didn’t believe that the woman was drunk or mad. “The English man also thought that she had a problem with me wearing the headscarf,” she said.

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  • Anonymous

    Since when are “History” channel idiots considered experts in global politics and terrorism.
    It seems any idiot with a TV show will end up on Fox “news”

  • JD

  • Nur

    This is where Muslim women who chose to wear the hijab should learn a martial art.

    They should also learn that once they are touched violently, including aggressors pulling their clothing, that it becomes necessary to make sure the threat is no longer capable of harming them…whatever that means to the woman who is defending herself.

  • mindy1

    Ughghgh >:(

  • downwithpants

    Dang hood rats in vienna now?

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