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Rape, death threats over mosque plan at Currumbin



A GOLD Coast City councillor says she’s been threatened with gang rape and death over a proposed mosque, and Facebook is protecting the identity of her tormentors. Chris Robbins says she has spent several weeks trying to get the social media site to reveal the identity of the creators of the “Stop the Mosque at Currumbin” page after it used a photo of her as its profile picture, claiming she was receiving money from unspecified Islamic backers, a claim she denies.

Ms Robbins says she had to engage a lawyer to threaten the website with defamation before the picture was removed.

The page remains live along with a host of anti-councillor comments from Facebook users.

Facebook has told AAP it has had no contact with any lawyers representing Ms Robbins and says the Gold Coast councillor has not begun its process for requesting data.

“We respond to requests for data to police consistent with our law enforcement guidelines,” a Facebook spokesperson said.

“These guidelines also outline if and how civil litigants can make data requests.” The spokesperson said Facebook was contacting Queensland police to understand what, if any, requests for data relating to the incident had been made.

Ms Robbins says she was targeted by protesters after announcing the council had received an application to build a mosque at an industrial site in Currumbin on the southern end of the Gold Coast. “Horrific vilification, threatening all kinds of nastiness directed at me because I’d basically gone to the meeting and said council’s got an application for a mosque and we will be assessing it as we’re obliged to by law,” she told AAP.

Controversy over the proposed development has deepened after it received support at a council planning committee meeting on Wednesday.

Police are investigating after death threats were made against Cameron Caldwell and William Owen-Jones, two of the five councillors who approved the planning proposal.

The Stop the Mosque page published contact details for all five of the councillors after Wednesday’s meeting, calling them “traitors” and asking followers to contact them with their views. Ms Robbins, who voted against the proposal on Wednesday, says the lack of accountability for the page’s authors is despicable and highlights how easily people can target victims through social media with little fear of consequences.

“I’m very upset that the social media platform has taken no responsibility,” she told AAP.

“Facebook is allowing those individuals to hide their identity and to vilify and libel and threaten people like me. That’s OK, I can handle it, but if I’m 15? This is a terrible thing.” Ms Robbins, who believes there are legitimate community concerns about the proposal, says a final decision on whether the mosque application gets approved will be judged on planning grounds and nothing else.

A full council meeting on September 16 will decide the application’s fate.

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  • Tanveer ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Khan

    I thought she was a guy too…

  • Julieann Wozniak

    What is it about racist thugs that they inevitably feel the need to brutalize women? They’re as bad as ISIL, in that they abuse religious teachings to justify their hate.

  • Jekyll

    “Facebook”, right ?

  • Jekyll

    My dear Herr Scholly, I was just looking out for you..on your behalf. I did my research all night…umm..on the “tectonic plates” of course, so I may warn you of any fault lines coming down from Can-not-do-her. Hehe :”)

  • HSkol

    I’ve never heard of such a website; and, I certainly won’t go searching for it. I was just playing along with the words of others.

  • The Facebook page has been taken down…btw.

  • HSkol

    Huh . . . well that explains my wife’s anger with me . . .

  • mindy1

    FFS what are people so scared of?! It’s just a place to worship. To threaten a woman for that is absurd.

  • TheSuperMutant

    Ummm, fuckbook is an entirely different site…

  • JD

    More Republican Rep government who job is to represent our views in government and protect us oh who paycheck comes from our Tax money…


    Tulsa Muslims Shocked by Hate Comments

    OKLAHOMA CITY — Repeated anti-Muslim statements
    by an Oklahoma Republican lawmaker have left Muslims shocked, saddened
    and surprised, fearing reprisal attacks from people affected by his
    hateful rants.

    “I was a little horrified because in the past when
    individuals have made hateful comments toward minorities such as
    African-Americans or Indian-Americans, sometimes we see people retaliate
    because they are encouraged by those statements,” Allison Moore, a
    Tulsa Muslim who is executive director of a homeless shelter, told Tulsa
    World on Sunday, September 14.

    “It gives them the green flag to
    go out and hurt someone. I was fearful for the lives of Muslims living
    in the state, afraid someone would commit a hate crime.”

    other American Muslims living in Tulsa city in the North-west American
    state of Oklahoma, Moore was Rep. John Bennett, R-Sallisaw, warned
    readers of his Facebook page to be “wary” of Muslim Americans.

    issue has further aggravated after Bennett reacted to calls by the
    Council on American-Islamic Relations, backed by several civil justice
    and religious groups, to apologize by claiming that the group was linked
    to terrorists.

    Houssam Soueissi said Bennett’s remarks indicate a lack of knowledge on the lawmaker’s part.

  • HSkol

    Unfortunately, I believe it is. Even if it weren’t, it would still be there for all the e-world to see – which, of course, does nothing more than feed these fanatical you-know-whats.

  • Reynardine

    Yeah, it’s real, all right.

  • HSkol

    Bloody hell. Is that for real? There are certainly “persons” who think that way, but, dang . . .

  • Reynardine

    This isn’t the first time Facebook has protected these types. Look what they said didn’t violate their community standards:

  • HSkol

    Nothing says “We’re the Good Guys” quite so well as threatening murder and gang rape . . .

    Might I say only, “Dumb-a$$ Islamophobes!”

  • It’s kind of ironic that when a city stops a mosque from being built, the not so good Muslims will live in that place who don’t need a mosque. Similar to Saudi Arabia which prevents non-Muslims from building places of worship. Obviously the best of Christians will not be living in KSA. But I am sure most people wont get this.

  • Tanveer ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Khan

    Mum? I thought you were American? IMPOSTER!

  • Jekyll

    Indeed we must rally our forces and capture our own masculinity back from these feminazis….onward I say…no mum I’m not talking to myself again

  • Tanveer ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Khan

    Much misandry. Much sexism.

  • Tanveer ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Khan

    They’ve upgraded to liberating non Muslim women too! Epic.

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