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Reza Aslan Slams Bill Maher for ‘Facile Arguments’ About Muslim Violence

reza aslan

Reza Aslan slams Bill Maher and rationally deconstructs the line of mostly bigoted questioning thrown his way by the two CNN hosts.

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  • Ruhani

    Maher is a talentless hack who’s just one out of many who jumped on the
    Mooslem-Hating bandwagon and it’s quite obvious why he’s doing it. The
    likes of people such as Brigitte Gabriel and Pamela Geller, Geert
    Wilder, etc. do it for the attention and glory it brings. I lost respect
    and interest for this guy a long time ago, however, I don’t expect
    those without an intimate knowledge of Islam or religion in general to
    do the same.

    Islam is not the problem here. People are the
    problem, and more specifically, it is conservative people. Conservatives
    have a tendency to work a system to suit their sole interests, even if
    that includes religion. The patriarchies in the middle east thrived on
    this for centuries and we, woefully blissful people of the west, will
    look at this and go, “Hey! Yeah! Your religion is so terrible because
    this is what I saw in the news!”

    You sometimes have those special
    types like Maher, that for being so intelligent, they still resort to
    the good ‘ol scripture nit-picking, ignorant of the fact that taking
    lines out of context from any holy scripture will render a beautiful
    piece of work into a worthless, disgusting manifesto of some perceived
    evil agenda.

    These very same copy-paste internet warriors that
    live by the Qur’an (not literally of course) are ignorant of the fact
    that the Qur’an cannot be translated. Some scholars have, and have only
    gained recognition because they managed to translated centuries old
    arabic, which, from what I hear is up there among some of the most
    difficult languages to translate, and especially into English.

    stated by Aslan and many other scholars, these translations all neglect
    the usage of the arabic word ‘al’, which is similar to ‘The’ in the
    english language. “Slay the disbeliever wherever ye may find them,” is
    almost always quoted, and “the” should be capitalized. This verse refers
    to Muhammad and his followers, who were battling against people who
    would otherwise see them dead because they were about to “change their
    ways” (sound familiar?).

  • Dr.S

    Maajid Nawaz is a sellout.

  • Riff B.

    Is it really hard to understand that 20 percent of the Muslim population come from Arab states and 60 percent comes from South and South east Asia.

  • Ah okay, thanks!

  • Sam Seed

    Maajid Nawaz is a former Al-Muhajiroon member, since his ordeal in an Egyptian cell he has changed to the other extreme and is paid by the UK government. He is anything but Muslim.

  • Omar_the_Egyptian

    sam harris is simply pathetic.

  • I. Am. So. Confused!

  • Dr.S
  • Dr.S

    Sam Harris implying Reza Aslan as some kind of Jihadist mole.

  • jameyfan

    I know but just to show support. Will probably sleep through it.

  • jameyfan

    lol oh don’t be coy with me. You know why.

  • jameyfan

    Isn’t he Andrew cuomos brother? What a shame!

  • jameyfan

    All that Maher’s fans could say us that Islam is not a race blah blah…

  • jameyfan

    Nah that will never happen.

  • jameyfan

    I’m watching all his movies now!

  • Mehdi

    Yep, I saw that… No comment

  • jameyfan

    Funny thing is they cried to Chris cuomo later and complained about Reza being angry. Of course cuomo reassured them by saying that this is why people fear Islam.

  • jameyfan

    Ben affleck has also slammed him and Sam Harris calling them out on their bigotry.

  • Jekyll

    Yh I saw this, and just once just for the fun of can it be the Jews or homosexuals ? Just even as a parody? Can you call Jews the mother of all evils ? Come on Harris, just do it for five seconds and see how many of your books get sold.

  • Jekyll

    Nope. not Fox. CNN or could have been MSNBC or nay other of these idiotic channels. Let’s stop pretending when it really comes to Islam, any of these “diverse” 24- media hogs are nay different.

  • Jekyll

    He is a coy..being and is.

  • Jekyll

    Actually they are not, if thinks about it. The same folly people attached to Bush, that he was ‘ignant’ or ‘shtupid’. These people are well crafted in their trade. They know exactly what they are doing.

  • Dr.S
  • Sam Seed

    Meanwhile. ..

    Ben Affleck row with Bill Maher: Hollywood star hits out TV host for his ‘gross and racist views’ on Islam.

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