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This Is How People In The Middle East Are Making Fun Of ISIS

Muslims across the world and particularly in the Middle East have been lampooning ISIS in numerous ways. One way is to take the group’s Arabic acronym of “Da’ish” and replace it with the rhyming word “Ja’hish” which literally translates to ass.


“The state of donkeys in Iraq and Syria”


Huffington Post

As militants of the Islamic State group continue their brutal offensive in Syria and Iraq, some have taken to a whole different front line to attack the radicals: social media.

In recent weeks, dozens of humorous campaigns ridiculing the extremist militants have emerged on Twitter and Facebook. While some blast such humor as insensitive and inappropriate, others defend satire as a way to push back at the Islamic State’s intimidation tactics.

“Sometimes, you have to mock, to belittle. Because sometimes, belittlement is your enemy’s greatest fear,” Libyan-American writer Hend Amry wrote on Twitter.

Amry was responding to critics of a #ISISMovies, a hashtag that briefly took off in mid-August riffing off popular film titles to mock the Islamic State militants.

In another online satire, Twitter users mocked up a “Jihadi Vogue” spoof magazine cover, making fun of the extremist group’s propaganda machine, which actually does publish its own magazine.

And when the group’s mysterious leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi made a rare public appearance in Mosul in July, social media users rushed to mock the expensive-looking watch that had slipped out from under the self-styled Caliph’s robe.

In Lebanon, where IS also staged incursions in recent months, one news site published an Onion-style article joking the militants postponed its invasion because of Lebanon’s complex political system. “We do not yet understand the Logic of Lebanon,” a fake ISIS spokesman is quoted saying in the NOW News parody. “I mean… Who the f*** do we overthrow around here?”

Meanwhile, Palestinian satire TV show Watan ala Watar produced a segment in June mocking the Islamic State fighters as ridiculous hypocrites. The clip also takes aim at the group’s regional politics, suggesting they are harming the whole region except for Israel.

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  • dluch

    don’t forget ISIS is a threat to fashion, music and the weather too.

  • Awesome

    ISIS is said to threaten the US. ISIS is said to threaten Syrians and Iraqis. ISIS is said to threaten Assad. ISIS is said to threaten Saudi Arabia. ISIS is said to threaten the entire region. ISIS is said to threaten religious icons, symbols and monuments. ISIS is said to threaten Muslims as well as those who are not Muslim. ISIS is even said to threaten the Kaaba. ISIS seems to be threatening everyone and everything these days.

    But ISIS is never said to threaten Israel.

    Why doesn’t ISIS threaten Israel like they are said to threaten virtually everyone and everything else, as that video satirically (yet accurately) portrays?

    The only answer to that question that makes any sense, is that ISIS works for Israel.

  • Jekyll

    Why delete Herr Scholly ?

  • Amin!

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