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Two mosques attacked in Germany’s Lower Saxony


via. Islamophobia-Watch

Two Turkish mosques in Germany’s Lower Saxony state has come under attack by unknown assailants.

The molotov cocktail attack on the Haci Bayram mosque in Oldenburg over the weekend was an attempt of arson, police said.

German authorities have begun an investigation into the attack on the mosque, which is bound to the Turkish Religious Affairs department and serves as an official Turkish diplomatic mission for Turkish citizens abroad.

No one was injured in the attack, which was said to be politically motivated, and only minimal damage was reported.

Another attack on a Turkish mosque, again bound to the Turkish Religious Affairs department, took place in the city of Mölln. This was the second attack on the mosque in two weeks.

There have been five attacks in mosques around Germany in the past 30 days, four of which involved attempts of arson.

World Bulletin, 4 September 2014

Die Welt reports that the incident in Mölln involved someone urinating in the mosque stairwell. Last month a bag of rotting meat was thrown at the door of the building. A solidarity rally will be held in Mölln on Saturday, with state president Klaus Schlie and Turkish consul general Fatih Ak among the speakers.

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  • dluch

    what do EXPECT?! All the Jewish temples were destroyed long time ago… mosques are all that’s left…

  • Dr.S

    Man what are you? What logic? Are you insane? I hope the government start profiling you. With your logic and irrational hate you carry, you are just an impulse away from committing a HATE CRIME.

  • Gdich

    Americans, I believe, think that soft targets have already been used: airlines, the boston marathon, etc. We are in an era of tit-for-tat actions. Don’t blame me and it is not my logic, but rather the downward spiral that is all too common.

  • Gdich

    Disregarding your personal attack, the fact remains that ordinary Americans will soon be at a point where their fear and angry against Islam could easily spill over. Another 9/11 or Boston Marathon or army psychiatrist incident could result in ugly action. The connection between terrorism and Muslim or Islam is now firmly made and maybe unbreakable. You are correct that this is guilt by association. But fear – especially the kind created by cold blooded beheadings in the name of Allah – are felt more powerfully than nearly any terrorist act.

  • Jekyll

    No Giditich, there is only hyped fear and hatred of Muslims because of the likes of slithering xenophobes and illiterates like you.

  • Gdich

    There is huge simmering anger and fear against Muslims. My wife wondered if the beheading in Oklahoma would be a tipping point. A point where Americans would stop defending Islam as a “religion of peace,” and start to crack down on the Muslims in the US. Not yet, but if there is another clearly connected Muslim inspired terrorist attach aided, if not, designed by American Muslims then watch out.

  • JD

    9/11 Families Launch Anti-Islamophobia Campaign For Anniversary Of Tragedy

    Family members of September 11 victims are taking a stand against Islamophobia with a new bus ad campaign designed to promote religious tolerance and interfaith unity.

    “Islamophobia is not pretty,” the ad reads. “Let’s build bridges, not walls. Hate hurts, hope heals.”

    Sponsored by September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows,
    the ad’s launch coincides with a symposium on gun violence and hate
    crimes taking place on September 6 in New York City. The symposium will
    encourage dialogue between panelists and audience members with the
    intention of discussing solutions to religious intolerance.

    wanted to make a clear statement that our 9/11 family members do not
    want to promote fear and hatred in our names,” Peaceful Tomorrows
    Project Director Terry Greene, whose brother died aboard United Flight
    93, told HuffPost. “We believe that unity and interfaith tolerance are
    the path forward to a more peaceful tomorrow.”

    A poll conducted by the Arab American Institute
    from 2010 to 2014 looked at American attitudes toward Arabs and Muslims
    and found that unfavorable feelings toward these groups have increased
    in recent years. Forty-five percent of Americans polled said they viewed
    Muslims unfavorably — though only 47 percent said they personally knew
    someone who was Muslim.

    Although hate crimes targeting Asian
    Pacific Americans, Arab Americans, Muslims, Sikhs and others spiked
    after September 11, Greene said, the campaign aims to respond
    specifically to recent attacks on Sikhs in New York City. “The civil liberties of all Americans are threatened,” Greene said.

  • Guest

    They usually aim for the elderly and the women. I don’t need to mention that it is wrong any other way. But such cowardice…

  • mindy1

    I am beginning to wonder about the state of the world… :((

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