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ACT! For America Attempts Makeover But Can’t Shed Bigoted Ways


ACT! For America, otherwise known as Hate! For America.(h/t:Karen)


ACT!’s surface-level makeover

First of all, ACT!’s welcoming and “about us” pages takes a lighter tone than its previous site. ACT! says its goal for its chapters is to train “citizens to recognize and help prevent criminal activity and terrorism” in the U.S. “while preserving civil liberties protected by the United States Constitution.”

It adds ACT!’s members are interested “in keeping our homes, streets, towns, States and Nation safe and secure from harm.”

This a change of pace compared to ACT!’s previous welcoming page, one that steers away from tin-foil-hat territory. The previous version warned Muslim sleeper cells are seeking to influence various cultural institutions by way of “stealth jihad” in order to implement Shariah law.

But traces of this were not entirely excluded from the new site, but rather were rebranded under the page,  “Confronting Terrorism.” Here, ACT! provides materials purporting conspiracy theories that “jihadists” are seeking to establish an “Islamic government in North America.” The page also features a link to the “Thin Blue Line Project,” a biased online “anti-terrorism” training tool for law enforcement officials ACT! developed in collaboration with disgraced former FBI agent John Guandolo.

Another page on the new website is dedicated to showcase that ACT! is committed to “Preserving the Constitution.” A closer look at the page shows this is just a clever way of showcasing the anti-Muslim legislation ACT! seeks to pass, and in turn actually makes a mockery of the U.S. court system and legislative process. One of the featured bills is an “American Laws for American Courts” (ALAC) measure, a pointless law aimed at preventing state courts from recognizing Shariah law. The mastermind behind the bill, David Yerushalmi, even admitted that these bills are “heuristic” and serve to provoke ordinary people into regarding Muslims with suspicion.

The website’s new definition of ALAC laws also purposely omits any mention of Shariah, and instead carries a more neutral phrasing, “foreign law.” This more generic wording has been forced upon ACT! following a case in Oklahoma where a federal judge ruled specifically citing “Shariah” alone was unconstitutional.

ACT! incorporates ‘illegal immigration’ into platform

It came as no surprise that ACT! dedicated an entire page on its new website to immigration, calling it “Secure the Border.”  The nativist crossover between the organized anti-Muslim movement and the organized anti-immigrant movement has been well-documented here at Imagine 2050 and elsewhere. While ACT! has previously alluded to incorporating a ban on Muslim immigration into its framework, the new site revealed the group has made it an official plank in its agenda.

On the website, the group claims one of the “gravest threats” to the U.S. “stems from the illicit flow of illegal immigrants, terrorists, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction” among other things.

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