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Australia: Man to face court after intimidating, assaulting two Muslim women in Newcastle


Newcastle Herald

A MAN will face court on Tuesday after allegedly abusing two Muslim women and assaulting a witness in Newcastle on Monday night.

Newcastle City police arrested a man, 27, after a woman and her mother were driving on Smith Street about 7pm.

It is alleged the man approached the car when it stopped in traffic and began yelling abusive comments before punching the driver’s side mirror.

Police said the alleged derogatory comments were based on the religion of the two women, who were wearing hijabs.

The 26-year-old woman was able to drive a short distance to get away from the man, but it is alleged he followed and continued to threaten the women.

Six people nearby intervened in the incident and went to the aid of the women.

Police will allege the man punched a witness before fleeing the scene.

The women in the car were shaken but not hurt, police said.

Investigators attended and the 27-year-old was arrested a short distance from the scene.

Police said that while the attack was specifically aimed at the alleged victims’ religion, it was opportunistic rather than planned.

The man was refused bail and will face Newcastle Local Court on Tuesday on charges of intimidation, assault, larceny and malicious damage.

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  • jameyfan

    WTH! How many Australian terrorists are there?

  • Sam Seed

    LOL! That came to my mind too.

  • Anonymous

    Australia is slowly turning into the Fourth Reich

  • moraka

    A female bodypart.

  • mindy1

    Am getting so sick of these haters >:( at least the women got help and the man got arrested

  • moraka

    I could be a combination of several things:

    The fact that women in general are smaller than men and unlike most men, don’t have the same killer instinct that would make them fight back viciously. One thing you notice when it come to assault its always, women, children and the elderly. Young men only when the assailant is armed with a firearm or have 30 friends to back them up.

    The fact that Muslim women dress code display their Islamic behavior more than men.

    The fact that these men have some sexual misogynistic issues. A lot of
    Islamophobes also hates feminists. Anders Breivik had even planned to kill a known Norwegian feminist, he in fact hated feminists more than Muslims(according to his logic a Muslim is born Muslim and therefor could be converted while a liberal and a feminist chose to be betrayers). Friends of Anders Breivik said that he would brag about scoring a lot of women, though they never saw any girlfriends of his. No doubt being a 30 year old virgin makes you angry a women(its after all their duty to sleep with these men). Considering that in the hedonistic pornographic nature of western civilization women are supposed to be naked even when dressed, their A&T are public property. So seeing a bunch of women dressing very modestly even going so far as to covering their hair is a crime(they are after all hiding public property). No doubt there are some anger over these foreign v*****s not letting themselves villingly getting f****d by the white man.

    Perhaps they turn on being violent to women.

  • Yausari

    I’m not asking for them to attack anyone. But why is it always the women?

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