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France: Muslim school targeted with racist graffiti

via. Islamophobia-Watch

Trouve Ta Mosquée reports that a Muslim school at La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin in north-central France has been targeted by racists. On Sunday two swastikas and the slogan “sale raton” (“dirty rat”) were found sprayed on the front gate.

The attack immediately followed a decision by the mayor of La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin to order the school’s closure. Trouve Ta Mosquée argues that the mayor’s decision – which would appear to have been unlawful, and motivated by hostility to the Islamic character of the institution – gave the green light to the far right to target the school.

La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin graffiti (2)

La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin graffiti (3)

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  • Omar_the_Egyptian

    nah the french are Godless heathens.Ultra-Secular fanatics

  • Omar_the_Egyptian

    methinks the Gauls need another Julius Caesar to put them in line.

  • Anonymous

    They hate people more educated than them, and they also hate the fact that people in these schools will see the truth and learn that not all muslims are like the Satanic State (ISIS), which will severely undermine their source of income.
    They need Islamophobia to sell books and get on “respected”(lol) news stations.

  • Anonymous

    I have made a choice to never go to France unless these idiots disappear.

    I thought France would be the first nation to try and stop discrimination seeing as they where brutally occupied by the Nazi regime; It seems that they have fully embraced the ideology of their occupiers.

  • mindy1

    Sad. Why would they want to close the school anyway? It just gives people an excuse to hate.

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