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Muslim hate crime ‘rises 65% in London’


BBC News

Hate crime against Muslims in London has risen by 65% over the last 12 months, Metropolitan Police figures show.

Islamophobic hate crime offences have increased from 344 to 570 in the last year, with many attacks targeting women wearing traditional Islamic clothing.

Asian Network’s Shabnam Mahmood has been speaking to a mother-of-two who has been a victim of abuse.

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  • Insightful as always.
    +1 for thank you!

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Hopefully that’s true. Nevertheles it’s also true that many Muslims and also their imams have for a long time distanced themselves form IS and AQ and demonstrated and that “Not in my nane” is not an invention of this year. Nevertheless I always read teh same “Muslims do not distance themselves from terrorism”; even though I heard a comment by an obviously knowledgeable man who dais that he understands perfectly that Muslims do not need to apologize over and over for the IS and AQ misdeeds; like if my grandfather had been in the Nazi party during WWII I need not to seek out any Jews and kneel down before them. It suffices that I’m not a Nazi.
    Hey, actually I haven’t up to now seen a demonstration by Islamophobes but I’ve seen demonstrations by Muslims who denounce IS.

  • John Smith

    I agree there is a large internet presence by Islamophobes but that is all they have… power on the web. And not even in mainstream areas, but in the comment sections, on right-wing outlets and private blogs. Mainstream society have rejected them. For every thousand Islamophobes on the internet, only one protests on the streets, and they are ridiculed by everyone.

  • TheSuperMutant

    Yeah, these special olympians are so pathetic they repeat the same refuted nonsense even to the people who just refuted them.

  • Dr.S

    What persecution of Mozzam Begg tells us about UK state’s intimidation of Muslims

    The British state acted out of pure vindictiveness to make an example of a man who it has never forgiven for having been released without charge from Guantanamo.

  • Dr.S

    The UK’s far-right is using the Islamic State as a powerful propaganda tool, and it’s working

    “Home Office admitted last week that the government had taken its eye of the ball by focusing too much on a “global jihadist agenda”, and ignoring the increasing threats posed by far-right extremists in the UK”

    “the rise of far-right extremists following the death of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich. Given the extent to which they had infiltrated the internet, and used it to widely promote their brand of anti-Muslim hatred, I recommended that the Government reassess their policies toward far-right extremists.

    This threat was acknowledged by Home Office’s senior advisor, who said that “This is one of the most worrying periods in right-wing extremism, given the growth in right-wing groups and the recent news events which are making them more angry.

    If left unchallenged, this vitriol has the potential to create a deeply divided society.”

  • Yausari

    The likes of spencer and geller. Really, they have nothing to celebrate for but this; the result of creating hatred and resentment.

  • mindy1

    Scary :(( what started this hate??

  • Friend of Bosnia

    It already has. Have you forgotten they did exactly that in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1992-95?

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Not even that will. Any act of violencer against Muslims will rather meet approval and sympathy for the killers.
    Why? because I think about 85% of people are willful ignoramuses. I can see that every day when I read the comments on news sites and articles about misdeeds by “Muslims” aka IS.
    Almost always there are numerous commenters who say “that’s because Islam is an evil ideology, and the Muslims don’t distance themselves from the terrorists.” They fail to acknowledge or rather willfuly ignore when the Muslims, and not just ordinary people but also imams or community leaders do just that.
    More often than not these comments are pure genocidal hate speech of the same kind that turned up in Yugo-Serb media shortly before and during the war in Bosni-Herzegovina.
    And what’s worst is, such comments always – and I do mean ALWAYS – get about ten times as much upvotes than those who are reasonable. Almost invariably 300 or more upvotes vs. less than ten for those who express dissent with islamophobic views.
    Conclusion? the world is full of willful ignoramuses who out of their self-chosen ignorance are willing to become bloodthirsty anti-Muslim maniacs out for Muslim blood, ready to kill soemone just for what he or she is, or just for their given names. And even to commit genocide.
    And what can one do about it? Not very much I’m afraid. Be watchful and be prepared to get out, but where to? And also, why should I leave my own country? Am I just a guest here? I’M CERTAINLY NOT!!!
    I have as much right as anybody else to be here and to live according to the lifestyle of my own choice!
    I see new Dark Ages are coming.

  • John Smith

    Just like the shooting of the Sikh temple a while back, these lunatics may one day go on a shooting rampage at a mosque. Sadly only tragedies like that will cause the public to view Islamophobia as it really is.

  • Yausari

    That is awful. It’s slowly turning like the way Nazi used to treat Jews

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