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Germany’s new right: The unholy alliance of neo-Nazis and football hooligans

Der Spiegel says the riots by a united front of Neo-Nazis and Football hooligans was unexpected but is it really? The rise of violent Islamophobia amongst these two groups has been well documented and should’ve hinted at a possible hate alliance. (h/t: IslamophobiaWatch)

Hours after their coup, the rabble rousers were still reveling in their unexpected success. One hooligan going by the nom de guerre “Bo Ne,” happily posted: “We made it into the news around the entire world. Russia, Turkey, Switzerland, Spain, France — first goal achieved!”

It was a view shared by almost everyone in the four closed forums belonging to the group called Hooligans gegen Salafisten (Hooligans against Salafists). With more than 3,000 members, the network is a loose association of neo-Nazis, nationalists and football rowdies — and their posts made it clear that they didn’t think they were being monitored. One regretted not having brought an axe to the demonstration to “destroy all of Islam.” Bo Ne and others, however, were totally satisfied. Germany, he wrote, has now seen “what it means to deceive a people for 70 years.”

And: “Cologne was just the beginning.”

The rally took place on the last weekend in October and saw almost 5,000 demonstrators, right-wing extremists and football hooligans march through Cologne, many of them clearly looking for trouble. Riled up by the right-wing rock band Kategorie C (which sings lyrics like: “Today they are slitting the throats of sheep and cows, tomorrow it may be Christian children”), they filled the Cologne city center with their hate. Tourists and passersby got out of their way.

By the time the march came to an end, 49 police officers had been injured, a police van had been flipped over and plenty of other property had been damaged. Cologne police quickly assembled a special investigative unit made up of 36 officers. State prosecutors say that 32 suspects have now been identified and fully 72 investigations have been opened.

Unexpected Phenomenon

But questions abound as to how such a thing could have happened. And fear about what comes next is also widespread. Almost as soon as the violence in Cologne had come to an end, dates for further demonstrations elsewhere in Germany began circulating.

The phenomenon is an unexpected one. Thousands of hooligans appear to have left their football clubs of choice behind in favor of uniting against a common enemy: the presumed danger of Islam. In addition, they have joined forces with neo-Nazis and other racists. Nobody, it would seem, thought that such an unholy alliance was possible.

Political reaction was prompt. Lorenz Caffier, the interior minister of the northern German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, quickly placed the issue on the agenda for the next meeting of state interior ministers. His counterpart from Lower Saxony, Boris Pistorius, demanded the creation of a special police task force. Meanwhile, representatives of football clubs around the country expressed shock and dismay at the violence on display in Cologne.

Yet despite the hurried reactions, the phenomenon is one that has been developing for some time now. Since February of 2012, security officials have had solid evidence that traditionally adversarial hooligan groups were establishing ties and drifting to the right-wing fringe. That month, the Borussenfront — a group of right-wing rowdies that had its apex in the 1980s — invited representatives of other hooligan groups to a “cross-club exchange” in a farmhouse in the Rhineland.

Members of 17 “firms,” as they call themselves in imitation of their British counterparts, came to the gathering from across the country, many of them aging veterans of past battles. They drank plenty of beer and reminisced — a kind of class reunion for thugs.

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  • Omar_the_Egyptian

    Reread history twat the crusades were a utter failure for Christendom why would you want to emulate something that failed.Maybe b/c you yourself are a failure.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Oh, oh. Quite a few cetniks are football hooligans too. Horrible people. Luckily up to now there have been no bloody incidents in Germany, let’s hope it won’t come to that.

  • Bruno Coro Niembro

    I pity you. In a sense it is terrible to be such a nutjob without realizing it.

  • mindy1

    point taken

  • Iman

    Wake up the so called crusade never ended. Look at the middle east.

  • Iman

    It’s always about politics and the dupes follow. That’s why these dupes will always be poor and needy . The politicians will continue being the elites .

  • The greenmantle

    There are leftwing hooligans as well in europe

    Sir David

  • Voice of Reason

    Football hooligans are among the most pathetic people in the planet. Same with anyone who gets that worked up over a sport. It’s no surprise they’ve created this alliance with Ne-Nazis. Both groups consist of uneducated thugs.

  • Marukee

    Its the Buzz of the marches, the prospect of it kicking off and the hope for a fight.
    In England most of the EDL are football hooligans who can not get that adrenalin buzz at football anymore so have found another outlet!


    This is no surprise to me! You need only look up the EDL’s origins.


    I suggest you look up St Pauli.

  • mindy1

    Not that surprising sadly-you never see left wing hooligans.

  • The greenmantle

    Footballs fans and Nazis getting together in Europe unexpected? They should get out more frankly .

    Sir David

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