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OCCJ anti-bias campaign targets Oklahoma lawmakers


Oklahoma lawmakers may be some of the most regressive, bigoted lawmakers in the nation.

Tulsa World

The Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice last week sent out a letter to its 1,565-member mailing list asking people to tell their state legislators they are concerned about anti-gay and anti-Muslim rhetoric by state officials.

The letter campaign is an apparent response to comments made by state Rep. John Bennett, R-Sallisaw, in which he called Islam a cancer in American society, and by Gov. Mary Fallin, who has made statements suggesting that same-sex marriage does not represent Oklahoma values.

“We do not believe the anti-Muslim and anti-gay statements made by some members of the Oklahoma Legislature represent the majority of Oklahomans’ beliefs. Nor do they reflect the true meaning behind ‘Oklahoma values,’ ” OCCJ president Jayme Cox said in the letter.

In an interview, Cox said: “When all the anti-Muslim rhetoric came out, we were concerned about the safety and well-being of our Muslim friends. We wanted to make sure our elected officials were paying attention. … We didn’t feel that enough was being done.”

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