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Pig’s Remains Dumped At Mosque in Perth Suburb of Southern River


via. ABC, By Graeme Powell

Imam Shabir, a spokesman for the Masjid Ibrahim Islamic Mosque in Southern River, said the remains were thrown at the building some time this morning.

“I think it’s common knowledge that [a] pig is something that is not consumable under Islamic law, and so [it was thrown] seemingly as an expression of hatred from certain elements within the society,” he said.

“Within the community they seem to want to express a hatred by throwing this animal at the door of the mosque.”

Imam Shabir said dumping the remains was a despicable act.

“We want to give consideration to this fact, and I think the Australian people should take consideration of this, that pig, while it’s not consumable under Islamic law, brutality against any animal is something which is strictly forbidden in Islam,” he said.

“I think we have to take cognisance of this fact – that the brutality … whatever has happened to it, is certainly something despicable.

“It is something which is unacceptable. Normal human behaviour would not accept this.”

The mosque, on Leslie Street, was previously targeted by vandals during construction prior to its opening in June.

Imam Shabir said the mosque recently held an open day so members of the public could visit and learn more about the Islamic faith.

“There’s been an effort in this regard and it makes us feel disappointed that what we would consider to be an open day which was highly successful [is followed by this] a few weeks later. The consequence in this way it makes us feel disappointed,” he said.

“It doesn’t dampen our spirits and it doesn’t dampen our morale in the concerted efforts that we are making to open the doors of the mosque and to open the doors of Islam for the broader community. It hasn’t dampened our spirits in any way.”

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  • YesWeCan

    Only a small minority of Australians are prejudiced against Islam. Vast majority of Aussies are peace loving friendly people. The ones who are prejudiced are merely misinterpreting Australian values. So everyone can relax now 🙂

  • Peter Barsby

    The bins a great idea. This should just be laughed off and ignored. There is no telling who might have done this and for what reason. No one got hurt… Making an issue of it will only further help to divide communities.

  • Sure, if you want to poison them with the toxic meat of the dead carcass – we would call it charity taqqiya. Send them as a gift outwardly but the intention is to want our enemies dead.

    In all cases, that is bad humor, may Allah forgive me. We don’t want pigs – we don’t take them nor give them.

  • Maybe mosques should keep a bucket and a sign in front of them – Please dump pig remains here. Thank you!

  • El Cid

    “Imam Shabir said dumping the remains was a despicable act.”

    Give it a rest. Clean it up…get over it. Big deal. No one got hurt. Don’t provoke when you live as immigrants. Keep a low profile. Specially Muslim women who go out of their way to challenge, provoke, infringe…in your face.

    Muslims are being slaughtered all over the World. What if a pig got it. It is a message that you are not liked. Fix that. Don’t complain. You look, act and dress different. You as immigrants, aliens have no rights…only on books. Not in everyday life, not socially. Accept that truth, fact.

    Pigs are serious infringement in Judaism. Not so much in Islam.

  • Yausari

    They say that we should “criticize bad ideas”. But they’re not really doing that. They’re mocking, intentionally dividing people, disrupting the harmony. They say that “liberalism will fail” when they’re the ones getting in the way.

    They’re not even solving anything. If I remember correctly Harris said;

    If I could wave a magic wand and get rid of either rape or religion, I would not hesitate to get rid of religion.

    To me this sounds like he admitted that getting rid of religion is fairly close impossible. So what are they doing! ‘Criticizing bad ideas’ didn’t solve anything. In fact, by alienating theist, they’re making things worse. Obviously, this is just a hate speech to void their desire for cocaine.

  • JD

    Karen Armstrong on Sam Harris and Bill Maher: “It fills me with
    despair, because this is the sort of talk that led to the concentration

    S: When you hear, for example, Sam Harris and Bill Maher
    recently arguing that there’s something inherently violent about Islam —
    Sam Harris said something like “Islam is the motherlode of bad ideas” —
    when you hear something like that, how do you respond?

    KA: It fills me with despair, because this is the sort of talk that led to the
    concentration camps in Europe. This is the kind of thing people were
    saying about Jews in the 1930s and ’40s in Europe.

    This is how I
    got into this, not because I’m dying to apologize, as you say, for
    religion, or because I’m filled with love and sympathy and kindness for
    all beings including Muslims — no. I’m filled with a sense of dread. We
    pride ourselves so much on our fairness and our toleration, and yet
    we’ve been guilty of great wrongs. Germany was one of the most
    cultivated countries in Europe; it was one of the leading players in the
    Enlightenment, and yet we discovered that a concentration camp can
    exist within the same vicinity as a university.

    There has always
    been this hard edge in modernity. John Locke, apostle of toleration,
    said the liberal state could under no circumstances tolerate the
    presence of either Catholics or Muslims. Locke also said that a master
    had absolute and despotical power over a slave, which included the right
    to kill him at any time.

    That was the attitude that we British
    and French colonists took to the colonies, that these people didn’t have
    the same rights as us. I hear that same disdain in Sam Harris, and it
    fills me with a sense of dread and despair.

    Is Islamophobia today comparable to anti-Semitism?

    hope not. It’s deeply enshrined in Western culture. It goes right back
    to the Crusades, and the two victims of the crusaders were the Jews in
    Europe and the Muslims in the Middle East.

    S: Your new book is a history of religion and violence. You
    point out, though, that the concept of “religion” didn’t even exist
    before the early modern period. What exactly are we talking about, then,
    when we talk about religion and violence before modern times?

    KA: First
    of all, there is the whole business about religion before the modern
    period never having been considered a separate activity but infusing and
    cohering with all other activities, including state-building, politics
    and warfare. Religion was part of state-building, and a lot of the
    violence of our world is the violence of the state. Without this
    violence we wouldn’t have civilization. Agrarian civilization depended
    upon a massive structural violence. In every single culture or
    pre-modern state, a small aristocracy expropriated the serfs and
    peasants and kept them at subsistence level.

    This massive,
    iniquitous system is responsible for our finest achievements, and
    historians tell us that without this iniquitous system we probably
    wouldn’t have progressed beyond subsistence level. Therefore, we are all
    implicated in this violence. No state, however peace-loving it claims
    to be, can afford to disband its army, so when people say religion has
    been the cause of all the major wars in history this is a massive
    oversimplification. Violence is at the heart of our lives, in some form
    or another.

  • mindy1

    This pig dumping is getting old. It is a waste and an Immature expression of hate.

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