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Damage Found at Islamic Faith Centers in St. Cloud


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Islamic leaders in St. Cloud are speaking out after saying their faith centers and worshipers’ property were targets of vandalism.

The latest case was discovered Wednesday morning by an imam, a religious leader, making his way into the Central Minnesota Islamic Center. The building is located just north of St. Cloud State University on Fourth Avenue South. Ten starburst cracks pepper a window about the size of a door frame.

Spokesperson for the center, Mohamoud Mohamed, said this is the third time the building has been vandalized over the last few weeks. Each case involved a damaged window. “At the beginning we were thinking it was isolated – a student or drunk person. But it isn’t,” he said. “It is some person or persons who are causing damage and targeting our faith facilities.”

It’s not just their building being targeted. Mohamed says vehicle windows are also being smashed as people attend morning prayer. This week, several worshipers reported damage done to vehicles outside the Islamic Center of St. Cloud, the mosque on Fifth Avenue South.

“(The vandals) know we pray before the sun rises and it is still dark,” he said. “They are coming to those parked cars and then disappearing,” he said.

Mohamed says they have reported each incident to the St. Cloud Police Department. Officers say they are investigating the crimes. Yet the damage is already done. Mohamed says repairs to just one of the center’s double-paned windows will cost nearly $1,000. He says the center also plans to install additional security cameras on the property.

“We are a part of the community and we don’t want to be singled out or targeted by a group of bad people,” Mohamed said. “We don’t want that kind of activity to divide us from the greater community.”

Mohamed says they will continue to work with police to stop the vandalism. He asks anyone who may see suspicious activity around their faith centers to contact police.

St Cloud Times, 3 December 2014

See also “CAIR-MN seeks federal hate crime probe of St. Cloud mosque vandalism”, CAIR press release, 4 December 2014

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  • HSkol

    I think the local police should place themselves on guard here – if only to show the greater community that all will be guarded while participating in their own peaceful practices. That would be a terrific outreach and would express sentiments of tolerance (if those sentiments exist in St. Cloud). If that were to not happen, I would think a private hired of security would be more than justified.

  • Your arrogance self-deludes you to the extent that it blocks your comprehension skills as well. I am sure that you have not understood what that line meant.

  • 1DrM

    No one really does…

  • I am not sure what you are talking about!

  • El Cid

    “No shisha – now that would be considered taqqiya. “

    Who needs Spenser-Geller et al to interpret the Qur’an for us…who needs enemies when we have friends to mock the Words of Allah…hunting, targeting Islam and Truth.

    Stupidity guised in camouflage. Hypocrisy and subterfuge concealed in the lies of Hijjab.

  • Shisha is a cultural thing in Arab culture, not in Pakistani culture. I referred to Shisha as taqqiya in the sense, that the Muslim household that would be holding the dinner, would be using the Shisha tactic to attract people while trying to hold the Quran teachings at the back 🙂

  • Beef Pulao, Tuna kebabs and chutney – served with water and a steady dose of the teachings of Quran, Insha’Allah! 🙂

    Edited to add: No shisha – now that would be considered taqqiya.

  • Yausari

    This is beginning to sound like a regular thing, isn’t it? And it’s totally unacceptable.

  • downwithpants

    What will you be making?I’ll make food…. pot luck it up! Laziza’s and shisha for the dudes!

  • mindy1

    *sigh* and this is how neighborhood tensions form ….

  • Sitting in KSA, I regret not doing something I should have done more often. I lived in an all-white neighborhood (with one black family) in Charlottesville. I felt so isolated being the only hijabi and Muslim family. Sometimes, when I would drop my son off at the bus stop, I felt such a misfit amongst all the white people. The hijab just separated me from them. There were a few families that were overtly friendly and we responded but mostly we kept to ourselves. If I go back now, every month I would be holding a dinner at my home and invite people to come over and find out who we are and what Islam is. I don’t need to wait for my mosque to do anything. Such times are now, the hatred is going to increase and I feel that its every Muslim’s job to tell people about Islam. I do wish, I go back to USA and Insha’Allah, change the way I lived post-hijab.

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